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This is a (sortable!) list of all Wikimedia Summit participants that are members of a working group of the Movement Strategy process, provided solely for information purposes. To see the complete list of participants (including participants who are not members of a working group), please check the general participants' list.

Working groups edit

Working Group members edit

First name Family name registered via slot working group
Afifa Afrin Working Group Diversity
Alek Tarkowski Working Group Partnerships
Alice Wiegand Working Group Advocacy
Allison Davenport WMF-Staff Advocacy
Ana Torres Adell Affiliate ED Roles & Responsibilities
Anass Sedrati Working Group Advocacy
Anna Mazgal Working Group Advocacy
Anne Clin FDC Roles & Responsibilities
Astrid Carlsen Affiliate ED Diversity
Ben Vershbow WMF-Staff Partnerships
Biyanto Rebin Working Group Revenue Streams
user:Bodhisattwa Affiliate Roles & Responsibilities
Butch Bustria Working Group Roles & Responsibilities
Camelia Boban AffCom Diversity
user:Chinmayisk Simple APG Community Health
Chris Keating Working Group Roles & Responsibilities
Christian Humborg Working Group Resource Allocation
Christophe Henner WMF-Board of Trustees Product & Technology
Claudia Garád Affiliate ED Roles & Responsibilities
Corey Floyd WMF-Staff Product & Technology
Daria Cybulska Working Group Resource Allocation
Dariusz Jemielniak WMF-Board of Trustees Capacity Building
Esra’a Al Shafei WMF-Board of Trustees Diversity
Felix Nartey Working Group Resource Allocation
Franziska Heine Working Group Product & Technology
Galder Gonzalez Affiliate Diversity
Gayane Vardanyan Affiliate ED Revenue Streams
Georgina Fields WMF-Staff Roles & Responsibilities
Gergő Tisza Working Group Product & Technology
Guillaume Paumier WMF-Staff Revenue Streams
Ido Ivry Simple APG Revenue Streams
user:Islahaddow Simple APG Advocacy
Itzik Edri Affiliate Resource Allocation
Jackie Koerner Working Group Community Health
James Heilman WMF-Board of Trustees Community Health
Jan Eissfeldt WMF-Staff Community Health
Jeffrey Keefer Working Group Capacity Building
Jimmy Wales WMF-Board of Trustees Advocacy
John Cummings Working Group Partnerships
John Andersson Affiliate ED Resource Allocation
Jorge Vargas WMF-Staff Diversity
Josh Minor WMF-Staff Product & Technology
Kirill Lokshin AffCom Roles & Responsibilities
Liam Wyatt FDC Resource Allocation
Liang-chih ShangKuan Simple APG Capacity Building
Lukas Mezger Affiliate Roles & Responsibilities
Maor Malul AffCom Community Health
Margeigh Novotny WMF-Staff Roles & Responsibilities
María Sefidari WMF-Board of Trustees Resource Allocation
Matanya Moses Working Group Product & Technology
Megan Hernandez WMF-Staff Revenue Streams
Mervat Salam Working Group Community Health
Michal Lester Affiliate ED Capacity Building
Michal Buczyński FDC Resource Allocation
Mohsen Salek Working Group Advocacy
Natalia Tymkiv WMF-Board of Trustees Roles & Responsibilities
Nicola Zeuner Working Group Capacity Building
Olaniyan Olushola AffCom Partnerships
Oscar Costero Affiliate Capacity Building
Pavan Santhosh Affiliate Community Health
Philip Kopetzky Simple APG Community Health
Raju Narisetti WMF-Board of Trustees Partnerships
Rebecca O'Neill Affiliate Capacity Building
Rémy Gerbet Affiliate ED Partnerships
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight AffCom Community Health
user:Saileshpat Working Group Capacity Building
Sam Oyeyele Working Group Diversity
Sandra Rientjes Affiliate ED Community Health
Sati Houston WMF-Staff Resource Allocation
Shani Evenstein Affiliate Partnerships
Srishti Sethi WMF-Staff Product & Technology
Stephane Coillet-Matillon Working Group Product & Technology
Susun Wilkinson Affiliate Diversity
Tanya Capuano WMF-Board of Trustees Revenue Streams
Walaa AbdelKhalek Affiliate Diversity
Winifred Olliff WMF-Staff Capacity Building
Zeineb Takouti Working Group Roles & Responsiblities