Wikimedia LGBT/2021-04-27

This online meetup is open to all members of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 27 at 1:00 pm EDT / 17:00 UTC
  • See your local time here
  • Location: Zoom here

Please help us take rolling notes - Wikimedia LGBT etherpad (it will be transferred to wiki (below) after every meeting)

The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.


Please add your agenda item and who will lead its discussion:

  1. Welcome, Reminder of Friendly Space and UCoC, Introductions, and Agenda Review (FULBERT)
  2. QW 2021 User Group Working Days gathering (April 23-25, 2021 online) (FULBERT)
    1. Here is the Meta page
  3. UCoC Phase 2 representative

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