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Wikimedia Indonesia
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Indonesia on the globe
LocationIndonesia Icons-flag-id.png
Country codeID
Legal statusvoluntary and non-profit organization
Founding date5 września 2008
Approval date15 listopada 2011
Main officeJakarta
Membership93 people (incl. founders)
Staff± 15 FTE
Official language(s)Bahasa Indonesia
Other language(s)English
Chair of Board of ExecutiveBiyanto Rebin
Key peopleRachmat Wahidi (Secretary)
Djohan S. Hasibuan (Treasurer)
BudgetPer project
AffiliationsWikimedia Foundation, ESEAP
Phone number+62 821-1172-4732
E-mail addressinfo(_AT_)
YoutubeWikimedia Indonesia
Mailing addressJalan Danau Toba No. 104, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat 10210
MottoBebaskan Pengetahuan!

Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID, Perkumpulan Wikimedia Indonesia) is a Wikimedia Affiliate in Indonesia.


A discussion to establish Wikimedia Indonesia was initiated in 2006 as the need arose to have a formal body ready to establish connections with the media and cooperation with other official entity such as government, businesses, and academies. In 2008 it was agreed that it took form as a not for profit association under the law of Republic of Indonesia, with the members through their General Meetings of Members holding the highest authority.

Wikimedia Indonesia first bylaw drafted and registered to the notary to become The Association's legal establishment on 5 May 2008, signing the document are Wikimedia Indonesia's 19 founders. Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees approval as Wikimedia Chapter was gained on 07 October 2008.

Wikimedia Indonesia's Board of Trustees then drafted and approved bylaw revision on 31 October 2008, however this bylaw never went through a legal administration process. In the end of 2010, Wikimedia Indonesia's legal establishment paper review received a more detailed feedback from Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and after several meetings and revisions in the notary office, the Wikimedia Indonesia bylaw was finally approved by Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Right on November 15, 2011.

The Indonesian language Wikipedia is the Wikimedia Foundation's first project in a language of Indonesia and was started in 2003. Other projects like Wikisource, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, and other Wikipedias in local languages were founded and continue to grow to this day.



Board of Trustees (Dewan Pengawas) is representative elected by Wikimedia Indonesia's members during the Annual General Meeting of Member to supervise the work by Board of Executives in accordance to organizational goals as stated in bylaw. Board of Trustees decision is a collective voice and not an individual one, in which any decisions in their account are discussed thoroughly in an Board of Trustees' Meeting. The meeting may resulted in a Memorandum and/or Resolution if needed. The 2019–2021 Board of Trustees, which terms end on 31 December 2021, are comprised of:

  • Rinto Jio (chair)
  • Fachria Marasabessy (trustee)
  • Fajarwati (trustee)

Board of Executives (Dewan Pengurus) is in charge for financial and organizational management of Wikimedia Indonesia's daily operational activities. The Chair of Board of Executives owns prerogative rights to choose the professional members of the Board of Executive. The 2019–2021 Board of Executives which terms end on 31 December 2021, are comprised of:

  • Biyanto Rebin (chair)
  • Ivonne Kristiani (deputy chair)
  • Rachmat Wahidi (general secretary)
  • Hillun Villayl Napis (deputy general secretary)
  • Djohan Satria Hasibuan (treasurer)
  • Thirza Ria Vandari (deputy treasurer)

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Wikimedia Indonesia provides various report, including annual report, grant report, and project report.

Annual report and financial statements

The financial statements are bilingual (Indonesian-English).

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