Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Description

Wikimania Esino Lario is a site-specific event designed to bring together closely our community and to produce an impact beyond our event. In the small village of Esino Lario, Wikimania reconquers the strongly interactive nature of gatherings, where people meet, discuss and collaborate together during a three-days structured conference.

Slideshow: Have a quick look at the Bid Wikimania Esino Lario. Quicker on slideshare.
City proposed: Esino Lario, Lake Como area, Province of Lecco, Lombardy Region, Italy. Esino Lario on OpenStreetMap.
Proposed dates: Last week of June 2016. 21–28 June 2016.
Pre-conference wednesday 22 June - thursday 23 June 2016
Conference friday 24 June - sunday 26 June 2016
Post-conference monday 27 June 2016.
Number of participants: Event designed for 1’000 participants.
Request to Wikimedia Foundation: 250.000 $.
Contact person: the team, the institutions involved, Iolanda Pensa.
Wikimania Esino Lario on facebook (essentially in Italian but we appreciate "I like"s :)
@WikimaniaEsino (English)

Esino Lario

View of Lake Como
Core housing of Esino Lario. Its accommodation capacity goes far beyond its 780 inhabitants.

Esino Lario is a mountain village just above Lake Como, a renowned Italian tourist destination. Immersed in the Grigna mountains, Esino Lario has around 780 inhabitants, and it reaches around 4'000-6'000 presences during the summer. Esino Lario is located in the Province of Lecco, Lombardy Region in the north of Italy, facing Ticino in Switzerland; it is located 100 km from Milan, 40 km from Lecco and 12 km from Varenna. The municipality of Esino Lario, and the near-by municipalities of Perledo, Varenna and Lierna are one administrative unit, and they share commons services.



The major city near Esino Lario is Milan, and Esino Lario is served by Malpensa airport - the main Italian international airport - Milano Linate and Milano-Bergamo Orio al Serio, two relevant airport for Italian and European low cost flights. Esino Lario is located 12 km (800 m in altitude) above Varenna. To reach Esino Lario there are two provincial streets: one from Varenna and one from Bellano-Parlasco (Strada della Valsassina). The transport necessities of Wikimania Esino Lario are met by increasing transport between Varenna and Esino Lario and by organizing direct buses from the airports in the main days of arrivals and departures.

The most convenient airports to plan your trip to Esino Lario are Milano Malpensa (MXP), Milano Linate (LIN) and Milano-Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY). There are quite a few low cost flights in particular from Italy and Europe; have a look also at Mediana airlines for low cost flights from Africa.

During Wikimania Esino Lario a direct bus service between the airports and Esino Lario is organized. Please note that once you have arrived in Esino Lario everything is within walking distance: differently from big cities in which you need to take public transport to reach your accommodation or the venue, in Esino Lario accommodation and the venues are all there, located in the near surroundings. Direct buses from the airports take the Valsassina road and carry up to 50 people each. Other options to reach Esino Lario from the airports are public transport (please find below the directions) and car rental.


Airport Typology Directions with public transport Time with public transport Price public transport[1] Time by car/direct bus[2]
Milano Malpensa Terminal 1 (MXP) International airport, long distance-European and national flights.
  1. From Milano Malpensa Terminal 2 to Milano Centrale by train (43–52 minutes, every 37 minutes or every hour, 10 €[3]) by bus (50 minutes, buses every 20 minutes, €10 one-way, €16 return ticket[4]).
  2. From Milano Centrale to Varenna-Esino by train (1 hour, trains every hour, €6.45).
  3. From Varenna-Esino to Esino Lario by bus (40 minutes, €2.40).
2.5 hours €18.85 2h
Milano Malpensa Terminal 2 (MXP) International airport, European and national flights, low cost flights.
  1. From Milano Malpensa Terminal 1 to Milano Centrale by bus (50 minutes, buses every 20 minutes, €10 one-way, €16 return ticket[5]).
  2. From Milano Centrale to Varenna-Esino by train (1 hour, trains every hour, €6.45).
  3. From Varenna-Esino to Esino Lario by bus (40 minutes, €2.40).
2.5 hours €18.85 2h
Milano Linate (LIN) International airport, mainly European and national flights.
  1. From Milano Linate to Milano Centrale by bus (25 minutes, buses every 30 minutes, €5 one-way, €9 two ways ticket).
  2. From Milano Centrale to Varenna-Esino by train (1 hour, trains every hour, €6.45).
  3. From Varenna-Esino to Esino by bus (40 minutes, €2.40).
2 hours €13.85 1h30
Milano-Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) Mainly low cost flights.
  1. ATB bus form the airport to Bergamo railway station (10 minutes, €2[6]).
  2. Form Bergamo di Varenna-Esino by train - change in Lecco (Bergamo-Lecco 40 minutes, trains every hour; Lecco-Varenna-Esino, 21 or 37 minutes; trains every hour; total cost of the ticket €5.30).
  3. From Varenna-Esino to Esino by bus (40 minutes, €2,40).
2 hours €9.70 1h40

Estimated costs


To provide an idea of the costs, we report below fares referenced with a departure date in 20 June 2014 from the origin airport, with a return trip leaving Esino Lario on the 30 June 2014 (round trip ticket).

Esino Lario and Lake Como from the airplane.
Menaggio on the right side and Varenna with Esino Lario above on the left side.
The peninsula of Bellagio.
Lake Como from Agueglio in Esino Lario.
From Airline Airport Price (USD) Flight Time Stops Notes
  Zurich Swiss Airport $150 1hr 0
  Frankfurt Alitalia Airport $161 1hr15 0
  Paris (BVA) Ryanair Airport $100 1hr20 0
  Vienna Niki Airport $122 1hr20 0
  Prague Czech Airline Airport $115 1hr25 0
  Brussels (CRL) Ryanair Airport $95 1hr30 0
  Budapest Ryanair Airport $123 1hr30 0
  Paris (CDG) Easyjet Airport $105 1hr30 0
  Amsterdam Easyjet Airport $150 1hr40 0
  Berlin Easyjet Airport $105 1hr45 0
  Belgrade Easyjet Airport $90 1hr45 0
  Copenhagen Easyjet Airport $135 2hr 0
  London (STN) Ryanair Airport $20 2hr 0
  London (LGW) Easyjet Airport $150 2hr 0
  Barcelona Ryanair Airport $100 2hr 0
  Sofia Bulgaria Air Airport $240 2hr 0
  Warsaw Ryanair Airport $87 2hr10 0
  Bucarest Blue Air Airport $95 2hr15 0
  Madrid Ryanair Airport $112 2hr20 0
  Athens Ryanair Airport $149 2hr25 0
  Dublin Ryanair Airport $319 2hr30 0
  Lisbon Easyjet Airport $153 2hr30 0
  Stockholm Ryanair Airport $146 2hr50 0
  Moscow (SVO) Alitalia Airport $552 3hr45 0
  Skopje JAT Airport $414 4hr 1 via Belgrade
  Helsinki Finnair (AY)
Airport $388

via Amsterdam (AMS)
  Tallinn Lufthansa Airport $279 4hr45 1 via Frankfurt (FRA)
  Kiev Air France Airport $260 7hr 1 via Paris
  Moscow (DME) Air Berlin Airport $331 9hr 1 via Düsseldorf
  Oslo Air Baltic Airport $345 11hr 1 via Riga
  Tbilisi Alitalia
Ukraine International Airlines
Airport $442
via Rome
via Kiev
From Airline Price (USD) Flight Time Stops Notes
  Tokyo (Narita) Air China (CA) $880 17hr 1 via Beijing (PEK)
  Dubai Pegasus Airlines

via Istanbul(SAW)
  Singapore Swiss
Singapore (SQ)

via Zurigo(ZRH)
  Seoul (Incheon) Aeroflot $1183,98 17hr 1 via Moscow(SVO)
  Beijing Air China (CA)
via Moscow(SVO)
  Taipei Air China (CA)

via Placerville (PVG)
via Amsterdam (AMS)
  Kathmandu Turkish Airlines $737 12hr 1 via Istanbul (SAW)
  Kuala Lumpur Air France $1044 17hr 1 via Paris (CDG)
  Manila Emirates $1099 18hr 1 via Dubai (DXB)
  Jakarta KLM $1143 20hr 1 via Amsterdam (AMS)
  Mumbai (Bombay) Lufthansa $824 11hr 1 via Munich (MUC)
  Delhi Turkish $775 11hr 1 via Istanbul(SAW)
  Dhaka Turkish $1079 15hr 1 via Istanbul (SWA)
  Bangkok KLM $950 14hr 1 via Amsterdam(AMS)
  Doha Turkish
$842 14hr 1 via Istanbul(SAW)
  Yerevan Air France $425 7hr 1 via Paris (CDG)
  Tel Aviv Meridiana $256 3hr50 0
  Istanbul Turkish(TK)

via Rome (FCO)
  Riyadh Emirates (EK) $752 12hr50 1 via Dubai
  Amman Egyptair $622 11hr 1 via Cairo (CAI)
  Auckland Air New Zealand (NZ) $1,500 28hr 1 via Hong Kong
  Melbourne Air China $1,953 28hr 0 via Placerville
  Vladivostok Alitalia $1267 16hr 1 via Moscow (SVO)
From Airline Airport Price (USD) Flight Time Stops Notes
  Cairo EgyptAir Airport $437 4hr 0
  Johannesburg KLM Airport $652 14hr 1 via Amsterdam (AMS)
  Rabat Royal Air Airport $445 6hr 1 via Casablanca (CMN)
  Casablanca Ryanair Airport $- hr 1
  Fez Ryanair Airport $- hr 1
  Marrakesh Ryanair Airport $- hr 1
  Tangier Ryanair Airport $- hr 1
  Tunis Alitalia Airport $401 4hr 1 via Rome (FCO)
  Addis Ababa Turkish Airport $683 13hr 1 via Istanbul(IST)
  Lagos Iberia Airport $806 11hr 1 via Madrid
  Khartoum EgyptAir Airport $722 14hr 1 via Cairo (CAI)
Tripoli Tunis Air Airport $446 5hr40 1 via Tunis (TUN)
  Algiers Alitalia Airport $478 4hr 1 via Rome (FCO)
  Nairobi Ethiopian Airlines Airport $790 11hr 1 via Addis Abeba
From Airline Price (USD) Flight Time Stops Notes
  New York (JFK) Emirates $1082 8hr 0
  New York (Newark) Lufthansa

via Copenhagen
  Los Angeles Turkish $1712 18hr 1 via Istanbul
  San Francisco Delta $1351 16hr 1 via Atlanta; New York
  Washington Delta/Alitalia $1230 13hr 1 via Atlanta; New York
  Toronto Turkish $1228 17hr 1 via Istanbul
  Montreal Air Canada
Jet Airways India/Brussels Airways

via Bruxelles
  Mexico City Delta/Alitalia $1375 16hr 1 via Atlanta
  Bogota Iberia $1500 14hr 1 via Madrid
  Caracas Lufthansa $2920 14/26hr 1 via Frankfurt
  São Paulo TAM

via Atlanta
  Rio de Janeiro TAM $1699 16hr30 1 via São Paulo
  Santiago LAN $1699 16hr30 1 via São Paulo
  Buenos Aires Air Europa $1170 16hr 1 via Madrid
  Lima LAN $1555 16/30hr 1 via Madrid
  Montevideo TAM $1801 16/23hr 1 via São Paulo
  Asuncion TAM
via São Paulo
via São Paulo, Buenos Aires
  Panama Iberia $1030 14/27hr 1 via Madrid

Busses from the airport


Depending on the company, a bus from the airports to Esino Lario with 50 seats is around 450 (average cost), which means that if the bus is completely full it costs less than 10 euro per person. We will have to increase the cost per person to allow busses to travel also if they are not complexity full, but even if doubled the cost is very reasonable in particular for people arriving in Malpensa airport (public transport costs already €18.85). Managing transport for the airports will require to include the booking in the registration form. We will define as early as possible a timetable for the busses with maybe two main departure times, to allow people to consider it when booking their flights.


The Varanna-Esino railway station. Pietro Pensa Archive.

From Italy and Europe you can travel to Esino Lario by train through Milan, which is well-connected to Italian and to several European cities. The closes railway station to Esino is called Varenna-Esino (12 km from Esino); from the railway station you can take a bus or a taxi.

The railway station Varenna-Esino is at walking distance from the lake and from the port of Varenna; the building of the railway station is actually located in Perledo and it hosts the Perledo tourist office. There are trains from Milan approximately every hour; direct trains every 2 hours (and every hour at peak hours) leaving from Milan Central Station. The last train from Milan Central Station to Varenna is at 21:20 (arrival at 22:35); the next train is at 6:20 in the morning. The last train from Varenna to Milan Central Station is at 22:21 (arriving at 23:30); the next train is at 5:26 in the morning. Time and prices of trains on Trenitalia website.

From Itinerary Time Price Note
  • Direct trains from Milan (Milano Stazione Centrale) to the station of Varenna-Esino (direction Lecco, Morbegno, Sondrio, Tirano). Trains every 2 hours; h 1:03 ride with regional trains from Milano Stazione Centrale; 6,45 € ticket.
  • Bus from the station of Varenna-Esino to Esino Lario (the bus waits for the train, 2,40 €).
1h 40 minutes. 8,85 € Milano Stazione Centrale has direct trains from
  • Napoli (Rome, Bologna, Florence)
  • Paris
  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • Basel
  • ...



If you are traveling in particular from Italy, Switzerland and Austria, it can be convenient to travel also by car, rented car or rented busses. Please note that buses should not exceed 35 seats on the Varenna-Esino road whereas 50-seat buses can take the Valsassina road. It is possible to rent cars from Milan and from the airports. Among the main car rental companies AVIS, Europecar, Hertz.

From Directions Km Miles Time[7]
Milano SS36 + Provincial road 62 + Provincial road 65 (Strada della Valsassina) 99 61 1h39
Lecco SS36 + Provincial road 62 + Provincial road 65 (Strada della Valsassina) 43.2 26 51 minutes
Varenna Via per Esino 12,4 7 26 minutes
  1. By car+boat. Gandria-SS340-Porlezza-Menaggio (29 km, 44 minutes) + boat Menaggio-Varenna (€8.60-€14.40 for car and driver only according to the car size, 15 minutes; buses too can cross the lake by ferry-boat) + Varenna-Esino Lario (12,4 km, 26 minutes).
  2. By car. Gandria-SS340-Porlezza-Menaggio-Colico-Varenna-Esino Lario (93,4 km, 2h).
  1. By car+boat: 1h10 + boat ride
  2. By car 2h


Arrival of the boats in Varenna.
Boat for the transport of people on Lake Como-

From Varenna it is possible to navigate on Lake Como to many destinations, among which Abbadia Lariana, Argegno, Bellagio, Bellano, Careno, Cernobbio, Colico, Como, Gravedona, Isola Comacina, Lecco, Mandello, Menaggio, Piona, Pognana, Torno and Tremezzo. The ferry-boats between Varenna, Menaggio, Bellagio and Cadenabbia allow the transport of both cars and buses. Fast rides are more expensive than regular transport. Boat rides are also a beautiful and cheap way to enjoy sightseeing on Lake Como. Time and frequency of boats on Lake Como on navigazionelaghi website.

From Time Price
Menaggio* 15 minutes (7 minutes for passengers only - fast transport, more expensive) €4.60 one-way; €15 one day. Car+driver: €8.60-€14.40[8]
Bellagio* 15 minutes €4.60 one-way; €15 one day. Car+driver: €8.60-€14.40[9]

Busses (increased local transport)


Esino Lario is connected by bus to Varenna through the public line Bellano-Varenna-Perledo-Esino Lario. Time of the buses on LT Lecco Trasporti website (SAL Servizi Automobilistici Lecchesi S.r.l. - Linea Bellano-Esino Lario D21; info 800.011.840 / Tel. +39 0341.363148). The timetable of buses is organized to wait for the train to arrive (normally trains from Milan). During Wikimania Busses between Varenna and Esino Lario will be increased during Wikimania to meet the needs of the participants.

From To Time Price
Bellano Esino Lario €2.40
Varenna Esino Lario 40 minutes €2.10
Perledo Esino Lario €1.70

According to the local company managing the public transport, the cost of the ride Varenna-Perledo-Esino is 220 euro; the cost of the public service is below the actual cost because supported by the Province of Lecco.[10] The option which appears to be the most convent is to book a series of busses with 35 seats for the day to have them making round trips. Of course transport can also be managed managed by car/taxi and minibuses. For 35 seats busses a round trip takes approximately 100 minutes (40 minutes to go, 40 minutes to come back and an extra 20 minutes to included).

We expect different kind of flows:

  • a flow associated to arrivals and departures (people based in Italy, participants traveling by train and boat - in particular from Wikimania Takes Lake Como and some participants from Lugano)
  • a flow coming from the railway station (in particular people arriving with direct trains from Milan on Saturday and Sunday)
  • a regular flow of participants who have their accommodation in Varenna or organizers-volnteers based in the area.

The cost of local transport can be directly paid by users, or it can be fully or partially paid by our budget. We have also estimated the cost for a series of minibuses in case they can be useful during the event for runners or for short rides within Esino Lario. It is relevant to mention that some local city councils own minibuses used for the transport of students; we can ask if these busses can be made available for Wikimania at a reduced cost.

Travel Estimated time for a roundtrip in minutes Estimated roundtrips per day[11] Number of busses Number of people per bus Total displacement of people
Varenna-Esino 100[12] 4 5 35 700
Inside Esino Lario 30[13] 30 4 8 960
Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Buses to intensify the service between Varanna-Esino 5 7 € 450 €15.750 $21.616,72
Minubus 8 places 4 € 400 €1.600 $2.195,98
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €17.350 $23.812,70
Currency €1,00 $1,37

This hypothesis does not take into consideration normal flows (below 35 or 70 people) but it focuses on the exceptional peaks of Wikimania Esino Lario.

Varenna-Esino Lario Expected participants Wikimania Takes Lake Como Wikimania Takes Lake Como Wikimania Takes Lake Como Wikimania Takes Lake Como Pre-conference Pre-conference Conference Conference Conference Post-conference Post-conference
Organizers Wikimedia 100 50 50 50 25 25
Organizers Esino Lario 100
Organizers Extra 30 30 30
Organizers from the territory 50 25 50 50
Attendees from Italy 50 5 35 10 40 10
Occasional visitors (conference days) 100
Occasional visitors (conference days) 150 30 100 100
Hotel guests in Varenna 53 53 53 53
Expected travelers by train 29 37 24 36 6
Total extra flow Varenna-Esino Lario 633 114 72 168 203 347 71 31
Number of extra rids (considering no cars) 35 3 2 5 6 10 2 1
Number of extra rides (considering cars) 1 1 2 2 2 1 1



Parking need to be managed during the conference. There will be runners, vans, bus stops, busses and cars to park for visitors and attendees.

  • Runners and vans. Runners and vans will need parking specifically reserved for them.
  • Bus stops. Presumably we will have between 3 and 5 bus stops.
  • Private parking. In particular during the week-end visitors by car can increase (please refer to the hypothesis of number of participants). Some apartments we will use have private parking; parking is also available at Villa Rogo - Pime. There are some parking in the centre of Esino Lario but we will not encourage visitors to use them during the conference; we will rather ask permission to use the industrial area of Bigallo and streets managed by the city council; Cainallo and Ortanella can provide parking but transport inside Esino Lario needs to be managed (15 minutes van ride from and to). We didn't jet explored the possibility of parking cars on streets managed by the Province of Lecco.
  • Busses. If busses remain in Esino Lario they can be parked at night in the industrial area of Bigallo (we need to ask permission).

Please note that we have a partnership with the city council and we are in contact with the provincial administration. It is possible for Wikimania Esino Lario to close streets and squares to the traffic, and to discuss with the province about how to manage circulation on provincial streets during the event. Within Esino Lario streets are managed by the city council (i.e. via Montefiori, the street to Cainallo and Ortanella, the industrial area, and all the streets in the centre); the two streets coming from Varenna and Valsassina (and passing through Esino Lario) are provincial streets.

Info points


We plan to set an info point at the Varenna-Esino railway station. We still need to arrange it but the Varenna-Esino railway station is a building of the Perledo city council which already hosts the tourist office. According to the hypothesis of flaws it is reasonable to create an info point also at the Airport Malpensa in the two days of main arrivals. The reception in Esino Lario will also serve as info point.




Wikimania Haifa.

Optical fiber reaches Esino Lario and it is distributed using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) over existing local telephone network wires. In order to properly serve the conference with connectivity as per required by Wikimedia in the Wikimania Handbook, an ad hoc network has been designed. Such a network responds to Wikimedia core values (e.g. openness, freedom, neutrality). The network will furthermore partly represent the legacy to Esino Lario from Wikimania, thus providing a sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for the people living in the village.

  • We have started the discussion with Telecom Italia – the major Italian communication company – for the technical support to Esino Lario connectivity during Wikimania; presentation of the project to the head of the brand development projects (positive feedback), introduction of the project to the managers; the project will be evaluated in 2015 (according to the company fiscal year plan). Telecom Italia owns and manages the optical fiber reaching Esino Lario.
  • Under 100 meters, Optical fiber can be distributed using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) over existing local telephone network wires with good performance. we have identified the position of the buildings according to their distance to the arrival of the optical fiber and the presence of the local telephone network wires[14]
  • This backhaul link can provide Internet access to be shared via an open, free and neutral wireless mesh network. Such serverless network con provide Internet service on the whole territory of Esino Lario (open space, accommodation, restaurants and bars).
  • Single wired/wireless (up to 1Gb) point-to-point links can ensure high quality Internet service in the various venues where the main Wikimania events will be held and it can prevent contention/congestion issues during heavy user demand.

The presence of the optical fiber in Esino Lario is a reassuring asset. Further discussion with Telecom Italia will define the best technical implementation for the connectivity. Other options have been mentioned in the current discussion; the Telecom site-visit and check will allow to select the most appropriate and efficient solution.

It has been suggested to consider a backup plan in case the connectivity does not respond to the needs of the hackathon;[15] we have contacted the Politecnico di Milano – a university with very good ICT capacities and spaces; in the worst scenario the backup plan is feasible and it guarantees also the implementation of the hackathon, the Wikimania session with the highest connectivity needs.

Device Function Unit cost No. of units Total in euro Total in dollars Additional notes
RJ45 Cable (optimized for outdoor use) Distribute Internet connection via wired cables €50 / 100m 20 €1.000,00 $1.372,49
Cable channel Channels to isolate wired cables from outdoor €0.6 / 1m 2000 €1.200,00 $1.646,99
Ramped cable protector Protect ethernet cables temporarily installed on public roads 60 30 €1.800,00 $2.470,48
Cable connector Allow linking cables to cover distances > 100m 0,7 30 €21,00 $28,82
Direct access to Internet backhaul (via optical fiber) Provision of direct access to Internet for the duration of the event €4500 (estimate) 1 €4.500,00 $6.176,21 Estimated cost
UPS Provision of power backup in case of blackout for key devices 250 4 €1.000,00 $1.372,49
Server Small server for local operations (e.g. registration, network backup 2000 €2.000,00 $2.744,98 We can also not use it but we prefer to include it in the budget
Wireless mesh radios Nodes of the mesh network 100 30 €3.000,00 $4.117,47
Point to point 1Gb link among hotspots Provision of high bandwidth link among the main venues of the event €2'000 6 €12.000,00 $16.469,88 Links which are redundant with the cable links. Among those, 3 can be used from the main hub to the sport hall, collaborative space and former cinema; 2 can bue used to link Villa Rogo and the industrial area of Bigallo. It is also possible to not use cables for safety reasons (the cost is 2'000 euro per link, with a 10 km range).
Wireless Router (Wireless) Distribution of Internet service across computer networks 200 22 €4.400,00 $6.038,96 Included 6 for the sport hall, 4 for the collaborative space, 3 for the other venues (primary school, museum, city hall and former cinema).
Switch (24 port), unmanaged Connection of devices together on a computer network 100 18 €1.800,00 $2.470,48 Included 3 for the venue
Data center hosting rental Rental of space in a data center (e.g. Moresi) to facilitate the upload of video shot at Wikimania €4.000,00 $5.489,96 Estimated cost not based on pre-invoice
Total €36.721,00 $50.399,21
Contingencies €3.279,00 $4.500,39
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €40.000,00 $54.899,60
Currency €1,00 $1,37



We designed the event to have the majority of the attendees living and sleeping in Esino Lario. The hosting capacity of Esino Lario is far beyond its 800 inhabitants and it is linked to its touristic economy. The majority of the apartments belong to the people of Esino Lario who rent them; there are few hotels (one of them fully equipped for people with special needs), there are some accommodations structured as dorms and there is space for camping and caravans. All accommodation in Esino Lario is inexpensive and simple; there are no 4 stars hotels, which are available in Varenna (20–40 minutes ride from Esino Lario). The accommodation is managed by Catherine de Senarclens and the team of the Esino Lario tourist office (biographies of the team).

Apartments in Esino Lario

Accommodation in Esino Lario city centre. One of the building with apartments in Via Castagneto available for Wikimania Esino Lario.
Accommodation in Esino Lario in the woods. One of the houses available for Wikimania Esino Lario.
Last update Number of apartments Location Beds Typology Regular prize/person Number of owner
11 March 2014 Almost 70 apartments. Esino Lario 414 beds confirmed Private apartments and houses. Normally rented for the season or per year. Around 60 private owners (including B&B Rainbow House). At the moment we only asked owners of apartments living in Esino Lario.[16]

The apartments are quite diverse; the majority are flats and a large number are in Via Adamello, via Dante, via Castagneto and via alle Grigne. There are also some villas which has been made available and one apartment in Villaggio Riva with swimming pool.
Out of the current apartments, there are apartments normally rented to tourists and managed by the Tourist Office (kept vacant for the event); another flats are private homes made especially available for Wikimania international participants. The apartments normally rented to tourists and managed by the Tourist Office are in total 86 (according to the recorded numbers); at the moment around half of them have confirmed availability for Wikimania. Since they are normally rented those apartments do no present particular problems and the owners are used to manage them. The flats and houses made especially available for Wikimania international participants can present some specific situations; some of them have electricity disconnected and some owners provide the apartments but they can not manage the bedding (or - since they provide the apartments for free - we do not want to ask them to manage the beddings). The reimbursement is planned to cover the necessary expenses (i.e. necessary copies of the keys, reinstalling the electricity which is only 32 euro/44 $ - we already checked with the electricity company). For the apartments and houses for which is needed, we will use the reimbursement to cover in a centralized way the costs for bedding and cleaning; in particular we will do it for apartments which are provided to us for free.

In case the bid is successful we will proceed with a specific census of the apartments which will be done by a specific person, visiting the apartments and collecting the following information: address, geographic coordinates, photos to document the status, situation of electricity, situation of hot water (and amount of liters), situation of heating, availability of sheets, covers and towels, necessary to manage the cleaning, bathrooms, number of beds (single, double, condition of the beds), use of the kitchen, use of the laundry, amenities, available keys and necessary keys, emergency numbers, parking, estimated reimbursement and information about the management of the reimbursement.

Dorms in Esino Lario

Image Accommodation Distance from the venue Size Type Owner
  Scout centre / Ristoro 20 minutes walk from the centre. 55 beds, 4 bathrooms inside the building, 1 bathroom outside the building. The dorm is a simple and clean accommodation in building with kitchen, 2 large living rooms and a garden. To provide a comfortable accommodation we will reduce the number of guest per room (at the moment there are 5 rooms with 8 beds). In the summery of the accommodation we have already removed 20 beds (the list includes only 35 beds). Dorm Private rented by a non profit.
  Antropos/former-La Colonia 20 minutes walk, trails from the centre. 20 beds (old info online). We do not have confirmation of those beds and at the moment we do not know if this accommodation can be used during Wikimania. In the summery of the accommodation we have removed those 20 beds. Dorm Private
  Villa Rogo - Pime [1] 20 minutes walk, trails from the centre. 70 beds. Religious catholic structure. Dorm Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere (PIME). Costalevante Srl. A cura di c/o Guglie Viaggi Srl

Hotels in Esino Lario

Image Accommodation Distance from the venue Size Type Regular prize/person Owner
  Hotel La Montanina Centre 47 rooms, 75 beds 2 stars hotel 45 € COE Centro Orientamento Educativo, catholic non profit organization.
  Hotel Rosa delle Alpi Centre 15 rooms, 25 beds 3 stars hotel 50 € COE Centro Orientamento Educativo, catholic non profit organization.
  Hotel Centrale Centre (up) 16 rooms, 24 beds 2 stars hotel 35 € Private.
  Hotel La Lucciola 10 minutes ride, trails from the centre 13 rooms, 20 beds. 1 star hotel 38 € Private.
  Hotel Santa Maria 15 minutes ride, trails and street from the centre 7 rooms, 19 beds. 1 star hotel 35 € Private.
  Hotel Cacciatori 15 minutes ride (Ortanella). 5 rooms. 70 € Private.
  Hotel Rifugio Cainallo 15 minutes ride (Cainallo). 23 rooms, 39 beds. 30 € Private.

Accommodation in Perledo


Below a list of the accommodation available in Perledo; information are collected only on We did not jet contacted the villas and apartment owners in Perledo to discuss and negotiate prices and to book rooms.

Accommodation[17] Distance from the venue[18] Size Type Regular prize/person Owner
Castello di Vezio - Vezio s.r.l. [2] 15–30 minutes ride 9 houses, 43 beds, 26 sleeping rooms Farm holidays (9 houses) 95 euro per person Private.
I Tre Oleandri Varenna[19] 15–30 minutes ride 1 apartment with 5 beds, 1 sleeping room Apartment Private.
Residenza Luigina[20] 15–30 minutes ride 4 apartments with a total of 16 beds, 4 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
B&B La Cà Noeva[21] 15–30 minutes ride apartment with 6 beds, 3 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Crotto Di Gittana[22] 15–30 minutes ride 2 beds, 1 room Hotel Private.
Villa Michela - Guest House[23] 15–30 minutes ride 3 apartments with a total of 10 beds, 4 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Alla Vigna[24] 15–30 minutes ride 8 apartments with a total of 36 beds, 11 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Vista 180 House Halldis Apartment[25] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 6 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Apartments Rossini[26] 15–30 minutes ride 5 apartments with 22 beds, 9 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Vista Bella[27] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 6 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Monte Ulivo[28] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 7 beds, 3 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Casa Cristina[29] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 5 beds, 1 sleeping room (2 levels) Apartment Private.
Alto Perledo[30] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 4 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Lago Panoramica[31] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Villa Bianca[32] 15–30 minutes ride Villa with 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Villa Private.
Alto Perledo Terrazzo[33] 15–30 minutes ride Apartment with 4 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.

Accommodation in Varenna


Below a list of the accommodation available in Varenna. The prize is the maximum indicated on; in general it is the full prize for a double room; the information about villas and apartments come from and other data come from We did not jet contacted the hotels in Varenna to discuss and negotiate prices and to book rooms.

Accommodation[34] Distance from the venue[35] Size Type Regular prize/person Owner
Villa Monastero [3] 20–40 minutes ride 12 rooms, 20 beds; 4 conference venues, garden. Conference centre with accommodation. 121 euro; 2218 euro for the entire complex. Province of Lecco.
Villa Cipressi [4] 20–40 minutes ride 43 rooms, 97 beds Hotel 4 stars 220 euro. Mainly Varenna city council. Managed by a company.
Hotel Royal Varenna [5] 20–40 minutes ride 43 rooms; 97 beds Hotel 4 stars 220 euro. Private.
Hotel DuLac [6] 20–40 minutes ride 17 rooms; 35 beds Hotel 4 stars 240 euro. Private.
Eremo Gaudio [7] 20–40 minutes ride 11 rooms; 22 beds Hotel 4 stars 125 euro. Private.
Hotel Milano 20–40 minutes ride 8 rooms; 16 beds Hotel 3 stars 160 euro. Private.
Hotel Olivedo [8] 20–40 minutes ride 10 rooms; 20 beds Hotel 3 stars 150 euro. Private.
Hotel Del Sole 20–40 minutes ride 7 rooms; 15 beds Hotel 3 stars 170 euro. Private.
Hotel Montecodeno [9] 20–40 minutes ride 11 rooms; 18 beds Hotel 3 stars 100 euro. Private.
Milano dipendenza - Casa rossa e casa gialla 20–40 minutes ride 4 rooms; 8 beds Hotel 2 stars 185 euro (room in the home). Private.
Hotel Beretta 20–40 minutes ride 10 rooms; 20 beds Hotel 1 stars 80 euro (room in the home). Private.
Villa Torretta[36] 20–40 minutes ride 6 sleeping rooms. Villa Private.
Villa Gioconda[37] 20–40 minutes ride 5 beds, 3 sleeping rooms. Villa Private.
Divina Vita B&B[38] 20–40 minutes ride 2 beds, 1 room. Apartment Private.
Villa Central Varenna[39] 20–40 minutes ride 8 beds, 4 sleeping rooms. Apartment Private.
Casa Mary Varenna[40] 20–40 minutes ride 4 beds, 1 sleeping room. Apartment Private.
Maria's House[41] 20–40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Verdelago Halldis Apartment[42] 20–40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Appartamento Bellaggio[43] 20–40 minutes ride 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Villa Al Prato Apartment[44] 20–40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Pino Romantica 20–40 minutes ride 3 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Casa Varenna[45] 20–40 minutes ride 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms - from the photos 2 sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Residence Vista D'Oro 2[46] 20–40 minutes ride 8 apartments (looks like there are actually 14 apartments with a total of 24 sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Tosca House[47] 20–40 minutes ride 1 sleeping room. Apartment Private.
House Cristina[48] 20–40 minutes ride 5 beds, 1 sleeping room. Apartment Private.
Villa Dolce Fontana[49] 20–40 minutes ride 10 beds (no information about sleeping rooms - from the photos 2 sleeping rooms) Villa Private.
Primo del Lago[50] 20–40 minutes ride 6 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Della Fontana Penthouse[51] 20–40 minutes ride 6 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Bella Varenna[52] 20–40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Bella Fontana[53] 20–40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Casa Sofie e Charlotte[54] 20–40 minutes ride 2 apartments, 10 beds, 4 sleeping rooms. Apartment Private.
Casa Capanno[55] 20–40 minutes ride 3 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Villa Varenna[56] 20–40 minutes ride 5 sleeping rooms. Villa Private.

Crowd management for accommodation


Last update 12 November 2014.
We expect Esino Lario to be able to accommodate around 700 people. For the apartments, at the moment we asked only owners who live in Esino Lario; we didn't approach apartment owners who do not live in Esino Lario. We expect that - by further asking - the number increases, but after the visits, double check on the apartments, review of rooms (i.e. double beds for single use, reducing the number of beds to arrange convenient accommodation), we expect the total number to remain more or less around 700.
Accommodation in Varenna and Perledo is a relevant option for the event, not only because it can provide further beds but also because it offers a wider range of quality (also with charming 4 stars hotels; the best hotel in Esino Lario has 3 stars). Varenna is around 30 minutes car ride (40 minutes according to regular bus schedules; 20 minutes by car - 12 km) from Esino Lario; Perledo is slightly closer.

Accommodation (status 11 March 2014) Beds
Total beds in apartments in Esino confirmed 414
Total beds in hotels in Esino 219
Total beds in dorms 105[57]
Total beds in Esino Lario 738
Total beds in hotels in Varenna 360[58]
Total beds in villas and apartments in Varenna/Perledo 310[59]
Total beds Esino Lario, Varenna, Perledo 1408



Food makes an event. Wikimania Esino Lario relies first of all on all local restaurants, bars and food shops. The number of seats available is increased during Wikimania by using other buildings made available by different private owner. We have also considered the use of a tensile structure, a catering service, and the involvement of street food vendors (which is quite a big fashionable thing right now). Esino will allow to provide participants with varied and interesting culinary experiences. Tommaso Fara will be our food curator, checking and coordinating the menus (biographies of the team).



The Esino Lario traditional local cuisine is a simple mountain cuisine, based essentially on polenta, potatoes, dairy products, nuts and pork meat, with some specialities such as the ravioli called patole or the simple dessert called "paradell". More broadly the traditional cuisine of Lake Como, Valsassina and Valtellina includes specialities such as fish from the lake (i.e. lavarelli - whitefish, pesce persico - perch) on a white risotto, pizzoccheri and grilled pork (ribs and sausages). The local cuisine is today always mixed with Italian cuisine coming from different regions and which can satisfy also vegetarian (V) and vegan diets (VV) and include meat dishes which do not include pork. We will concentrate on Italian and mountain food for two reasons: because we are in Italy and in the mountain, and because this is the kind of food local providers are more accustomed to preparing.


Breakfast will be provided by hotels, restaurants and bars; we are considering the idea of providing apartments with a welcome box which includes our welcome kit, information about the apartment and the basics to have breakfast. Differently from the Italian tradition, lunch will be a lighter meal than dinner; in Italy we would say that it is mainly focussed on the "primo" (what in Italy is the first course); there will mainly be pasta, pasta and rice salads, salads, vegetables, cheese and bread, and of course fresh fruits. Dinner will be on the "secondo" (what in Italy is the second course or main course); there will be mainly traditional cuisine, meat, soups with beans, stuffed vegetables and of course vegetables and bread, and of course a dessert. Pizza will be available in two restaurants and sandwiches in bars. We will discuss with restaurants and the catering about the menus to make sure there is variety.

We are aware that non-Italians get a little tired of pasta after few days (even if it has different shapes and sauces, people just see it as a lot of pasta pasta pasta), so we would like to allow them to taste some specialties – also vegetarian (V) and vegan (VV), which will be selected according to seasonal-local-available ingredients and the weather – they might not know or they might have experienced differently: for example polenta (VV), pizzoccheri (V), panzanella (VV), zuppe di legumi (VV), minestrone (VV), caprese (V), prosciutto e melone, panettone gastronomico, bluefish (such as sardines, anchovies and mullet) pollo alla cacciatora, vitello tonnato, bruschetta (VV), risotto (V), farinata (VV), focaccia (VV), piadine, tramezzini, gnocchi (VV), ravioli (V), parmigiana (V), fiori di zucca ripeni (V), peperonata (VV), caponata (VV), carciofi alla zudìa (VV), cheese with honey and jams (V), verdure sott'olio (VV), pasta al forno (V); and desserts (of course all vegetarian, and some of them also vegan) such as sorbetti (VV) e gelati, panettone and pandoro, cantucci con il vin santo, panna cotta, tiramisù, gelatine di mele cotogne (VV), semifreddo, granita (VV), torrone, affogato al caffè, zabaione, bunet, panforte, confetti (VV), salame al cioccolato, pesche al vino, gianduiotti, croccante (VV), frutta di pasta di mandorle (VV).

Special diets

To satisfy different tastes and diet, during Wikimania we will focus broadly on Italian cuisine with a specific attention for vegetarian and vegan food. We will not ask all restaurants to use vegan dairy or to cook specialities from other countries because they are not necessarily accustomed to those menus and ingredients; vegetarian and vegan food is already part of our Mediterranean cuisine and we will focus on it. The restaurants in Esino Lario – and the available food market - is not equipped to produce a properly Kosher food (we are also unable to manage two kitchens for the tensile structure and the catering), but we hope vegan food can maybe provide an adequate compromise. Food will be labelled and one restaurant will focus on specific dietary needs. We can organize without specific problems to have soya milk available. Local cuisine will be served in particular in two specific restaurants.

Restaurants and bars

Image Restaurant/shop Location Typology Seats Bar Restaurant Pizza Sandwiches Ice cream Drinks Prize range Note
  Ristorante La Montanina and Rosa delle Alpi Centre, square area. Restaurant and bar. Around 150. X X box X
  Ristorante pizzeria Centrale Centre, garden area. Restaurant and bar. Around 150. X X X X box X
  Ristorante pizzeria Oasi Centre, square area. Restaurant and bar. Around 120. X X X X box X
  Bar ristorante 58 Villa Clotilde area Restaurant and bar. Around 100 X X X X box X
  Ristorante La Lucciola Uphill. Restaurant and bar. Around 100. X X X box X
  Ristorante Santa Maria Uphill. Restaurant and bar. 30 (+ large outdoor). X X X box X
  Ristorante Cacciatori Ortanella Restaurant and bar. Around 120. X X X box X
  Ristorante agriturismo Ortanella Ortanella Restaurant and bar. Around 50. X box X
  Ristorante Cainallo Cainallo Restaurant and bar. Around 100. X X X box X
  Bar La Sosta Centre, square area. Bar. Around 50. X X box X
  Bar Tabaccheria Lisa Centre, square area. Bar. Around 20. X box X
  Gelateria da Eli Centre, garden area. Food shop with artisanal ice cream. 2 benches outside. X
  Alimentari Virginia Centre, garden area. Food shop. None X X box X
  Mini Market Chicco & Nadia Centre, square area. Food shop. None X X box X
  Panificio Pietro Pensa Centre, garden area. Food shop with bakery. None X X box X
  Catering service. Centre, square area in the tensile structure. Temporary service. 500 seats.
  Street Food Centre, church area. Temporary service. None X X X X X
  Accommodation with kitchen Esino Lario. DIY solution From 4 to 50 people (a dorm has an equipped kitchen from groups)
Restaurants outside Esino Lario
Restaurant/shop[60] Location Seats Prize range[61] Note
Al Terrazzo Eremo Gaudio Perledo 40 25 euro
Crotto del Meo Perledo 60 22 euro
Ristorante Del Sole Varenna 120 27,50 euro
Ristorante Il Cavatappi Varenna 20 27,50 euro
Ristorante La Contrada Villa Cipressi Varenna 70 25 euro
Ristorante Cavallino Varenna 40 25 euro
Ristorante Crotto di Pino Varenna 50 35 ero
Ristorante Gourmet Royal Victoria Varenna 300 40 euro
Ristorante Nuova Isola Varenna 30 30 euro
Ristorante La vista Milano Varenna 55 -
Ristorante Olivedo Varenna 40 30 euro
Ristorante Quatro Pass Varenna - 30 euro
Ristorante Victoria Grill Varenna 100 25 euro
Ristorante Varennamonamour Varenna 45 30 euro
Ristorante Moncodeno Varenna 55 22 euro

Crowd management for the food


The tensile structure with the catering is necessary to manage lunch (this assures that lunch is provided very closed to the location of the venues), but we envision to avoid catering for the evening to provide variety, to limit the costs for participants and to take advantage of the existing restaurants.
We expect to use tickets to manage lunch and dinner. At the moment the hypothesis is to assign lunch seats randomly (except for special diets) and to implement a reservation system for the evening with also thematic dinners planned before the event.

Site Breakfast Lunch Coffee break (always open) Dinner without catering (2 shifts)
Bar Ristorante Centrale 160 150 250
Ristorante albergo La Montanina e Rosa delle Alpi 160 150 250
Bar Oasi 150 120 200
Bar La Ruota 50 50
Bar La Sosta 100 50
Bar Lisa 60 30
Catering in the tensile structure 500 1000 no catering
La Lucciola (also accommodation) 100 100
Santa Maria (also accommodation) 30 30
Villa Rogo-Pime - has kitchen 70
Ristoro - has kitchen 50
Cacciatori 10 70
Cainallo 39 70
Varenna 30 70
Total 1009 1050 1000 1040

Please note that for breakfast there are also some B&B (which are not included above) and we are also considering to use welcome box (managed by the local food shops).

Management of the lunch and coffee breaks
Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
coffee breaks preconference 500 3 € 5 €7.500 $10.293,67
coffee breaks conference 1.000 3 € 5 €15.000 $20.587,35
catering lunch 500 3 € 22 €33.000 $45.292,17
restaurant lunch (conference and preconference) 500 5 € 10 €25.000 $34.312,25
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €80.500 $110.485,45
Currency €1,00 $1,37

Safety and Accessibility


Esino Lario is a very safe location with extremely low criminality rate, and with an already organized system to manage medical assistance and emergencies. Due to the exceptional number of attendees expected during Wikimania, we are however putting in place a series of step to assure full safety and risk management.

  • An experienced and specialized person in charge of safety regulations (please refer to team). Venues and the tensile structure need to be managed and equipped according to safety regulations, which in Italy are restrictive.
  • The presence of an ambulance during the entire event and the pharmacy opening hours increased during the event. The ambulance will be an additional presence; there is already in Esino Lario a medical clinic, a pharmacy, an association with trained volunteers (Soccorso Val d'Esino) and an airstrip for helicopters). We already discussed with the City Council about the pharmacy opening hours (the pharmacy is owned by the City Council) and the open hours will be notified in May according to the procedure.
  • Notification of the event at the three nearby hospitals (Lecco, Gravedona, Morbegno), at the provincial Protezione Civile, firefighters and local police station.
  • Insurance for the participants.
  • Excursions in the mountains in collaboration with the Regional Grigne Park. This assures that the excursions in the mountains are accompanied by experienced guides.
  • Guidelines for the participants. A little booklet available before coming to Wikimania Esino Lario, with practical information about cloths, equipment for excursions in the mountains and contacts in case of emergency.
  • A reference person for each venue who can manage the key.
  • Storage space locked and managed by specific teams (in particular the technical team for the equipment).

Health and medical service

The pharmacy of Esino Lario next to the medical clinic.
Airstrip for helicopters in Bigallo in Esino Lario.

For general medical necessities in Esino Lario there is a pharmacy owned and managed by the City Council, a medical clinic and a medical car equipped for wheelchair transport and managed by a team of trained volunteers members of the association Soccorso Val d'Esino. The nearest ambulance comes from Bellano and it provides transport to the nearest or most suitable hospital.
In case of a medical emergency, during the day transport is managed by helicopter. In Esino Lario there is an airstrip for helicopters near the city centre (Bigallo) and there are suitable locations for helicopter landing in the territory (notably Ortanella and Cainallo). During Wikimania there will be an ambulance 24/24 available.

  • Pharmacy, Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario. The pharmacy is located next door to the medical clinic, in the middle of Esino Lario just below the city council building.
  • Medical clinic (ambulatorio medico), Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario. The medical clinic is located next door to the pharmacy, in the middle of Esino Lario just below the city council building.
  • Doctor on call (servizio di continuità assistenziale - ex-guardia medica). A local phone number which provides assistance when the Medical clinic (ambulatorio medico) is closed.
  • Soccorso Val d'Esino. It is an association of volunteers who intervenes in case of emergencies in Esino Lario or for medical related transport necessities. The association involves trained volunteers in first aid; some of the volunteers are also active in the Red Cross service of Bellano.
  • General medical emergency number 118. This phone number manages the Italian medical emergency centralized system. It provides first advice, it connect to specialized assistance and it manages according to the situation the requests for an ambulance or helicopter.
  • Airstrip for helicopters, Bigallo.
  • Nearest hospitals: Lecco, Gravedona, Morbegno.
  • Specialized structures: Milano. Also the above hospitals have specialized medical assistance in specific areas.



Esino Lario is a mountain village with streets and paths characterized by slopes. Slopes are certainly not the best situation for wheelchairs and for people with difficulties in walking.

  • Transport. The Association Soccorso Val d'Esino has a medical car equipped for the transport of wheelchairs; this car can be used during Wikimania and transport for people with specific needs can be assured using this car from the airport or from Varenna railway station. We also planned to rent 4 small vans (8 seats) which can facilitate displacements.
  • Facilities. The Hotel Rosa delle Alpi is equipped to allow access with wheelchairs, and we will provide accommodation here to guests with specific needs (15 rooms, 25 beds); there are in particular two bathrooms in two main locations of the conference designed to allow access with wheelchairs.
  • Venues. Not all venues are fully accessible. The sport hall is at the moment only accessible to wheelchairs in the gallery area; 4 rooms of the Primary School out of 7 can be reached though a staircase and the collaborative space (former museum) have few steps to be accessed. Other venues – Villa Clotilde, the multimedia space of the new museum, Theatre of the kindergarten – do not seem to present problems.

Attendees with specific needs will be invited to provide information on their registration form. Assistance can be organized and we expect that the concentration of people in Esino Lario during Wikimania will also facilitate support.

Insurance and SIAE


Initially we planned to provide by default a personal insurance to all participants. Due to the different kind of venues (owners and management), we expected a personal insurance to be the most suitable solution, but according to further discussions we are now considering an extension of the Regional Park of Northern Grigna insurance (all the territory of Esino Lario is included in the park and they already have an insurance), or the Esino Lario city council insurance plan, or an extension of insurance of Wikimedia Foundation for events, or a combination and integrations of the two. We will recommend a personal insurance to participants but we have been advised to leave participants to manage their own personal insurance. We estimated the insurance costs based on the individual costs of insurance.

  • The Esino Lario city council has an insurance for theft, fire and liability;[62] the insurance is managed by a company which identifies the best deals with different insurance companies (one contract with several insurance companies). The annual insurance of the Esino Lario city council is around 11'000 euro for all buildings, vehicles and so on. The existing insurance can be extended and we can commission the company to define the best deal; we expect that the amount planned in the budget is largely sufficient to cover our insurance needs.
  • Personal insurance costs (around 10 euro per person) - Europeassistance (contract
Expense Number Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Personal insurance 1.000 € 10 €10.000,00 $13.724,90
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €10.000,00 $13.724,90
Currency €1,00 $1,37

We include in this general estimated budget also the costs for licenses (SIAE); we can manage the cost with Pro Loco Esino Lario (they have national agreement with SIAE) and it is 200 euro per 5 days (€1.000 - $1.372,49)

Cleaning and environmental impact


The number of people using the meeting rooms during Wikimania Esino Lario go beyond the normal use of these spaces. In general the cleaning of public buildings is managed by a cleaning company hired by the city council or by the local associations in charge of the buildings; private buildings (owned by private owners or associations) are directly managed by them. The cleaning of public spaces and the management of the outdoor bins is operated by the staff of the city council. The municipal waste collection is managed by a company and the waste disposal by a landfill in Valmadrera.[63]

To meet the necessities of Wikimania Esino Lario we planned to increase the cleaning of the meeting rooms by hiring a cleaning company. The number of participants to the event is not expected to produce a particularly relevant increase of the municipal waste collection, compared to annual management of the 4'000-6'000 tourists in Esino Lario during July and August. We have also collected a preinvoice for the installation of chemical toilets (and their specific cleaning) in case it happened to be necessary.

We have already contacted the landfill in Valmadrera SILEA to get information regarding the most suitable disposable materials to be used in particular for meals such as plates, glasses, bottles (the possibility of recycling materials depends on the landfill), and how to properly differentiate them and collect them.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Euro Dollars
Cleaning service 3 7 €200 €4.200,00 5241,6
Chemical toilets 4 7 €610 €610,00 761,28
Cleaning of the chemical toilets 4 €336 €1.344,00 1677,312

Meeting rooms

The venue is the entire village of Esino Lario.

The conference takes place in the entire territory of Esino Lario. The meeting rooms are all located in the core housing area of the municipality within walking distance from each other. The majority of the accommodation is located in the same area and it allows Wikimania participates to enjoy proximity and walking distance from the accommodation to the meeting rooms.

The different kind of spaces used for the Wikimania programme allow a variety of gatherings and discussions. Smaller and larger rooms are available for large session, small groups discussions, formal and informal meetups, exhibition and posters, training and workshops, working spaces and hack sessions. The use of open space, parks, green areas, streets closed to the traffic and squares contribute to the extension of the sessions and to the general atmosphere of the event.

The choice of locating Wikimania within a small natural location uses and potentiates existing spaces, it involves local institutions and operators in contributing to the conference organization, and it sets the collaborative style of the event.

Buildings and Rooms


Below we provide an overview of the buildings and meeting rooms which can be used for Wikimania Esino Lario. The number of people is indicative because it depends on how the space will be used (size of the seats, if we arrange seats around tables, if it is a presentation, if we add a stage or we use the space for discussions...). In general we kept the number of people below the actual capacity of the rooms (Manuel and Deror who visited the site can also provide their feedback) and you can check the links for further details (further images and plans are also available on Wikimedia Commons).

Image Venue Expected use People
  Sport hall and multifunctional space Presentations. 600 seats
  Tensile structure Presentations or Meetups. 500 seats
  Former cinema - Hall Presentations, possible space for the registration. 300 seats
  Theatre of the kindergarten Presentations. 100 seats
  Meeting Presentations. 100 seats
  Primary school
  • Hackathon
  • Training or discussions
25 x 6 + 50 = 200
  Former museum - Collaborative space Collaborative space, training, or possible space for the registration (downstairs). 15 x 6 + 24 = 120
  Multimedia room - New museum Presentations. 40
  Villa Clotilde Office, press office, space for small meetings and interviews. 15 x 3 = 45
  Esino Lario town hall Information desk and a small meeting room. 20
  Ex-Albergo Italia Space for the volunteers, storage of luggage, possible space for the registration.
  Bar Restaurant 58 Meetups. Around 100
  Ristorante albergo La Montanina Meetups. Around 150
  Bar Oasi Meetups. Around 120
  Ortanella Meetups, thematic dinners, excursions. 4'000
  Cainallo Meetups, thematic dinners, excursions. 4'000
  Villa Monastero in Varenna
  • Event involving cultural institutions.
  • Board meetings or other meetings of commissions.
Several rooms. Max 88 in the largest, garden
  Montecodeno Storage and backup.
  Ex-Albergo Grigna Storage and backup.
Ex-Fioravanti Storage and backup.

We have included in the budget two expenses necessary to host Wikimania in Esino Lario to assure safety in the buildings.

  • Two staircases to increase the number of emergency exits in the sport hall. This allows to host a big number of people in this meeting rooms and staircases can be rented.
  • The electrical system in the collaborative space. The current electric system is not cabled and for safety reasons it is necessary to upgrade it.

We are actually including these expenses in the fundraising with local grant-makers we are currently implementing, but – since these adjustments are necessary for Wikimania – we included them in the budget to make sure the event is feasible in case we do not receive any further funding.


Meeting space in Esino Lario

The Esino Lario city council is the major stakeholder of the venues and it has already expressed its support to the event. The other owners have already been approached; we have the confirmation for Meeting, Montecodeno and Ex-Albergo Italia. We have approached and involved one of the primary school teacher who supports the event and in case of confirmation of the event we will make an official request to the Istituto Comprensivo Bellano (which manages the building) to book and confirm the use (we do not expect specific problems; there are normally no problems in using the building of the Primary School for activities and the event will take place not during the school year[64]).

Meeting space in Varenna: Villa Monastero

We have booked Villa Monastero in Varenna; we made a pre-booking confirmed by email by the managers because Villa Monastero is a venue also for a major annual conference in physics and we need to negotiate as easy as possible the availability for Wikimania Esino Lario; Villa Monastero is available for Wikimania Esino Lario: conference rooms 21–26 June 2016, plus 7 double rooms and 4 single rooms arrival between June 21 and June 25 with departure Sunday June 26 (it is not possible to sleep in Villa Monastero Sunday 26 June because of the other event); 1 double room is also available but with departure Saturday June 24.


Wikimania Haifa.

Esino Lario is connected by two electricity lines (one from Varenna, the other from Valsassina). There are 3 transformation cabins within the village. In case a transformer burns (an unlikely situation), it takes 4–5 hours to substitute it. The buildings used for the conference have electricity but not necessary receive the power needed need during the event, as most electrical supply per building can distribute up to 3 KW. Because of the free market, the Esino Lario city council has several electricity suppliers (Enel Energia, Multiutility) for the different building. The public space electricity (street illumination is owned and managed by Enel Sole); there are a series of other outdoor locations (i.e. old centres, industrial area, street via della Chiesa, Villa Clotilde garden) where lamps are owned by the city council and the energy is managed with several energy suppliers, similar to how buildings are managed.

  • We didn't check every single building for the current energy supply but we collected some sampling for Sport hall (largest space), Primary school (probably site for the hackathon) and Hall - former cinema (currently with a limited use). According to the information collected tension (tensione) is 380 volt everywhere, the available power is between 6 kW and 11 kW.
  • We are already in contact with the regional manager of Enel Distribuzione Spa, the company managing electricity distribution in Esino Lario and in the region. We have informed him about the event, he has provided information about the current situation and he is supporting us in planning the necessary steps to upgrade the system for the event.
  • Electricity distribution systems will be upgraded in a selection of buildings according to their use during Wikimania. Please refer below for the estimate upgrade.
  • An UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) system can be rented to provide electricity for the servers and/or for the main site (in case of a big storm). As an alternative, servers and the main sites can be connected to two different electricity lines for ensuring full service continuity. Such a decision will be planned jointly with the regional manager of Enel Distribuzione Spa (according to a cost/benefit analysis).

Upgrade Cost kw w Units Total w kw (per hour) Hours kw for day Total cost per day Days Total cost conference (7 days) in euro Total cost conference (7 days) in dollars
Upgrade to 100 kW €800,00 100 kW 2 €1.600,00 $2.195,98
Upgrade to 50 kW €500,00 50 kW 4 €2.000,00 $2.744,98
Upgrade to 20 kW €180,00 20 kW 1 €180,00 $247,05
The upgrade includes fixed costs and electricity Total cost upgrade €3.780,00 $5.188,01
It includes an amount of electricity
Fixed cost for each upgrade €150,00 7 €1.050,00 $1.441,11
Estimated consume and cost for computers €0,30 per kw 50 2000 100000 100 10 1000 € 300 7 €2.100,00 $2.882,23
Consume for the tensile structure 150 5 750 € 225 3 €675,00 $926,43
Total expected expenditures €3.825,00 $5.249,77
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €4.000,00 $5.489,96
Currency €1,00 $1,37

Equipment rental/A-V expense

Wikimania Haifa.

All rooms used for presentations will be equipped with LCD Projector, screen, microphones, power sockets/strips for the expected number of people and all room will of course equipped with large sheets, pens and paper. The theatre of the kindergarten is already equipped (projector, screen, stage, microphone), and the Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne con provide 4 projectors and an audio system for free. We have also contacted an art and media centre in Milan to check if it is possible to borrow from them some equipment (5 projectors); we do not have confirmation jet.

If meeting rooms are not used for presentations but for meetings and discussions we will equip them accordingly. Two installations are a bit more complex of the others (and therefore more expensive): the sport hall (projector, screen, audio, power sockets/strips) and the tensile structure or the former cinema. For the installation of the audio in the sport hall we will have the support and advice of Alberto Pinto who is specialized in audio systems. We are deciding how to equip the smaller rooms (up to 35); the audio system doesn't seem to be necessary and eventually a monitor appears to be more appropriate.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Rented equipment (projector, audio, screen) - Tensile structure and sport hall 2 5 €2.500,00 €5.000,00 $6.862,45
Stationery, computer rentals, printer, electronics & others 8 €4.000 $5.489,96
Already available projectors 4
Already available audio system 1
Already equipped Theatre Kindergarten (projector, audio, screen) 1
Permanent equipment (projector, audio, screen) - Primary school and multimedia room of the new museum 2 €3.600,00 €7.200,00 $9.881,93
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €16.200,00 $22.234,34
Currency €1,00 $1,37


Wikimania Washington DC.

Presentations are video recorded during the event. Workshops and discussions are documented with photos and short interviews with participants. Uploads will not be managed in Esino Lario during the event to avoid overcharging the network. The uploads are managed outside Esino Lario by renting space in a data center. We are not planning the streaming.

The video recording will be made with 1 camera frontal and fixed. To provide already formatted videos, the title will be filmed and recording will be stopped at the end of the presentation. Discussions and trainings will not be video recorded; we will document the event with photos, we will have the moderator recording general data about the event (number of attendees, and comments on questions, discussions and the general atmosphere), and a short interview with a participant can be video recorded.

Below how we estimated the cost. We are also considering of involving a school focussed on video making based in Lecco; eventually it would be useful to plan some training for the students during the preconference.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Video recording 4 3 € 200 €2.400 $3.293,98
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €2400 $3.293,98
Currency €1,00 $1,37



We have requested a pre invoice for forniture: for chairs (to eventually be used for the meeting rooms), and for tables and benches (for outdoor spaces or for the tensile structure). The quantity exceeds our needs and we can probably borrow forniture from local associations, but we thought it can be useful to know how much it costs in an early stage and in case we need them.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Euro Notes
Chairs 1000 €1.500 Estimated to make sure we have enough chairs
Palk € 200
Tables with benches 63 € 12 € 756 Each table for 8 people
Transport. Tracks for the round trip 2 € 400 € 800
Total without VAT €3.256
VAT 22% € 716
Total with VAT €3.972



Esino Lario is a small village and the attendees of Wikimania will benefit from proximity, walking distances, open space, formal and informal gatherings. Beyond the working sessions, an evening program is proposed with different activities, places to gather and special events; the program also includes activities for children. Our proposal highlights some excursions attendees might be interested in and the possibility to arrive before the pre-conference in Como for the Wikimania Takes Lake Como soft program. A broader calendar of initiatives is organized in North of Italy and in the Italian-speaking Switzerland to take full advantage of the preparation and visibility of Wikimania.



Wikimania Esino Lario has 3 main target groups involved in different ways and with different timing.

  • The participants of the conference Wikimania Esino Lario (involved for the conference). The 3-5-1 days pre-conference, conference and postconference focused on Wikimedians, and people active in ICT, online communities, communication, open licenses, OER Open Educational Resources, and culture. The conference is in English (since exchanges and discussions are at the centre of the event, it would not be efficient in this location to invest in interpreters and simultaneous translations). To involve the participants the program includes working sessions, special events, excursions, a program for children, and of course a collaborative space and a lot of informal meeting space.
    • Newbies. People who want to know something about a "topic", discover it or get introduced to it. These people can be new to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects, or they can know very well a specific Wikimedia project but do not necessarily other projects and initiatives (i.e. Wikidata, Wikisource, data available for research, WMF fundings, outreach projects related to GLAMs, education, medicine, the activities of chapters...). Formats such as "user digest" presentations, posters, the chapter village, and brochures are meant for them.
    • Advanced. People who want to move forward on a "topic": discuss it, challenge it, brainstorm about it, take a decision/position related to it, or learn how to develop the skills to do something more; they already know the background (or they can get an overview about it at Wikimania). Format such as "critical issues" presentations, discussions, meetups, the hackathon, and training are meant for them.
    • Journalists. Of course communication takes into consideration the needs of journalists (press information, press kit, reference contact, support in arranging interviews).
    • Cultural institutions. Wikimania can be a chance to invite cultural institutions and key stakeholders to discover the relevance of contributing to the Wikimedia projects and the use of open licenses. We have already booked Villa Monastero which is an extremely charming location for a gathering specifically designed for cultural institutions which could be organized during the preconferece.
    • Volunteers. Contributing to Wikimania is not only something we are grateful to volunteers for, but it should be a chance to enhance personal skills. We are browsing possibilities to link the event to existing volunteer programs (Italian and European, for volunteers <26 years old) and in the pre-conference we plan training for volunteers (i.e. how Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects work, video recording, how to facilitate a session, how to make interviews with participants and collect data about discussions). Please note that the program for children is specifically meant to allow volunteers to volunteer (i.e. people in Esino Lario and organizers); priority will be given to volunteers with children, but there are going to be some available places for participants with children.
    • Special guests and partners. We are involving guests and partners in the event (in the planning and for the sessions) and we are informing like-mind and relevant organizations about Wikimania. "Special guests" can contribute to the presentations and discussions and can bring specific skills to the event. Since they are not only involved in the presentations we are not calling them keynotes.
  • The Esino Lario community (involved for the conference, and before and afte the conference). The conference deeply involves the Esino Lario community.
  • People in Italy and Switzerland, with a specific focus on the Province of Lecco, Como, Varese and Sondrio, and the Canton of Ticino and Grisons in Switzerland (involved before and after the conference). Wikimania Esino Lario is a chance to trigger communication and participation among a larger audience. Beyond the participants at the conference we target a larger community with a specific focus on our territorial local area, the Italian language and three specific groups:
    • People working in associations and cultural institutions, and public administrations. During the planning phase we have already contacted and exchanged with many associations, cultural institutions, public institutions. We plan to reinforce in particular with communication (and fundraising) the current program of meetings, presentations and activities of Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH.
    • Young people (reached through schools and universities). During this planning phase, we have already organized a training-game in Esino Lario primary school and we have set contacts with two high schools in Lecco. We plan to involve local schools (1 secondary school and 2 high schools) with presentations and training and to support with communication the program Wikimedia Italia has already with schools in Italy.
    • Female entrepreneurship and the Internet. We are planning to support a series of presentations and training for women in the Province of Lecco and Ticino in collaboration with a newly born association interested in developing and managing this program. The topic is the internet and female entrepreneurship; Wikipedia and open licenses are presented as a component of the Internet and to provide an understanding of online dynamics, but they are not the centre of the program because they do not appear in this phase as the best entrance point to enhance female online participation and use of the Internet and digital tools.



Wikipedia as a driver for change is the theme suggested for Wikimania Esino Lario. This theme taps on the specific characteristics of Wikimania Esino Lario, it relates to the classic thematic tracks which have already structured past Wikimanias, and it allows to slightly change the general perspective of the event and its sessions. We plan to involve the community in the discussions by using a call for proposal, asking people in which ways they think Wikipedia is a driver for change. Using Wikipedia as a reference in the title is not meant to reduce the importance of other Wikimedia projects, but to refer to Wikipedia as the initial project and as the current largest and most well-known one. We assume that some of Wikipedia features (open license, editable content, collaborative work, community, work in progress, neutral point of view, no distinctions between editors based on academic titles, be bold...) have been relevant for the establishment of other projects and we assume that by focusing on Wikipedia features we can also consider links with other initiatives, groups and approaches online and offline.

Rather than a topic, the general theme guides the way sessions are structured. We would like to ask presentations to include in their proposals and talks visions for the future, or observations related to what has changed from the past (positively and negatively).

Working sessions


The working sessions we propose for Wikimania Esino Lario are based on the analysis of the different sessions which has already being organized in previous editions of Wikimania and other relevant conferences, and they relay on the observation of the targets we want to address (their relevance for the movement, their expectations and the way their expectations can be met).



Presentations are speeches meant to inform, persuade, or rise issues. According to the discussions on past Wikimanias we highlighted the need of two kind of presentations: presentations meant for newbies which provide an overview of a topic (user digest presentations) and presentations which are more in-depth which assume the public have already a certain degree of knowledge on a topic (critical issues). To introduce topics and to provide an overview to what is going on in the moment also posters, the chapter village and brochures are valuable tools.

User digest
A presentation at Wikimania Hong Kong.
Presentation at Wikimania London.

A "user digest presentation" is a presentation which provides an overview of a topic. It is a sort of extended "State of the Wiki" which can browse all sort of more specific topics: status of the organization (i.e. Wikimedia Foundation, chapters-affiliates-groups around the world), strategies related to territories (i.e. Iberocoop, Africa, Wikipedia offline and on mobile phone), specific projects (i.e. Wikidata, Wikisource), projects in the field of education (i.e. schools, high schools, universities, outreach targeting specific groups), partnerships with GLAMs, dynamics of the online community, research related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects, software development, events, legislation...

The idea behind general presentation is that people can be extremely informed in a specific field, but they can be newbies in another. The "user digest presentations" are conceived to provide an overview of a topic, and they do not expect people to have background knowledge on it. This kind of presentation can be conceived collaboratively by groups (i.e. people working in education and partnerships with GLAMs) or they can be proposed by individuals. The evaluation of the user digest presentations should take into consideration the preparatory work of the applicant and the capacity of the presentation to acknowledge not only what is going on in one country or one linguistic projects but around the world and in different linguistic projects.

Critical issues
A presentation at Wikimania Haifa.
A presentation at Wikimania London.

Presentations around critical issues are meant to present a topic more in-depth (problem, possible solution, critical analysis). Those presentations do not target newbies, and they can assume attendees have already a background knowledge on the topic. Those presentations are also meant to nourish discussions. In the call proposals, applicants will be asked to specify who is the target of the presentation and what they would like the presentation to produce (i.e. decision, beta test, creation of a new specific project, collaboration with specific groups, application to the IEG or other grant). Those presentations can be also further discussed during meetups.

Presentations on critical issues will be selected for Wikimania Esino Lario using a call for proposals and a selection process managed by the Program Committee. We will invite proposals to choose between two formats: user digest and critical issues. Participants will also be invited to contribute to Wikimania by preparing posters. Presentations will be video recorded and uploaded online after Wikimania and not in Esino Lario.[65]

Posters, chapter village and brochures

Posters can be a why to provide an overview of topics and of what is going on in the movement in different countries and locations. The chapter village has been organized during the last Wikimania as a space to allow participants to meet the chapters and who works and collaborates with chapters. Brochures are normally distributed in the chapter village and in London they have been produced specifically to allow people interested in a topic to get an idea of what was going on related to that topic during Wikimania (introduction and events which might interest). During Wikimania Esino Lario posters, the chapter village and brochures focus on Newbies (in the different projects and initiatives); these formats provide space for a variety of information and they increase the number of topics covered by the conference. The posters are also a tool to prepare the "user digest" presentations and to provide the community with online documentation during and after the event.


Thematic discussions
A discussion at Wikimania Haifa.
The room used for discussions at Wikimania London.

Thematic discussions are discussions with an objective; the objective is what determines their structure. Among the objectives there can be for example taking a decision, browsing possible solutions for a problem, making latent problems and issues emerging, considering a topic from different perspectives.

It could be interesting to browse the possibility of transforming the Q&A with Wikimedia Foundation board into a discussion; also the presentation of Wikimedia Foundation could be structured differently: with a "user digest presentation" of the executive director and a discussion involving the executive director and representatives of the different areas of the foundation.

We estimated the price to have two facilitators involved in supporting the planning of those session (selection and definition of the structure, i.e. plenary and group discussions, simulations, different technique of brainstorming...) and contributing in facilitating their implementation.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Facilitators 2 €3.000 $4.117,47
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €3000 $4.117,47
Currency €1,00 $1,37
A meeting at Wikimania London.

Meetups are informal meetings. We expect the proximity which characterizes Wikimania Esino Lario to facilitate meetups. We expect them to take place in bars, restaurants and in the tensile structure. Time for meetups will be included in the schedule and not simply planned after the working sessions or at lunch.

Technical and training

Hackathon/DevCamp (preconference)
Hackathon at Wikimania London.

The Wikimania hackathon is a classic Wikimania pre-conference event during which computer programmers are invited to collaborate insensibly on Wikimedia software projects. The connectivity of Wikimania Esino Lario is planned to provide the technical requirement to host such event.

  The primary school is located closed to the arrival of the optical fiber and it can accommodate conveniently 200 people (one large hall and 6 other rooms surrounding it); it is adjacent to Villa Clotilde with its garden and the new museum with its multimedia room; it is near by the theatre of the Kindergarten.

Grantmaking learning day at Wikimania Hong Kong.

A training is a session meant to enhance skills. The idea of the training is that you come out of it with a new or reinforced competence (or at worst you come out it knowing who can answer your questions). A call will be made to ask people what kind of training they want or need. Training can be on all sort of topics: how to contribute to a project (i.e. Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikidata), how to get your group recognized by Wikimedia Foundation, how to organized an educational event in a high school, how to request a grant to Wikimedia Foundation, how to evaluate a project, how to take photos for the Wikimedia Projects, how to organize a contest, how to download and install kiwix, how to involve a museum, how to use QRpedia in a museum, how to adopt on open licenses or how to make others using them...

  • The collaborative space is also designed to have a help desk where people can ask questions, in particular short technical ones (i.e. how do I make a table using a wiki, how I convert my video, how I do become an admin...).
  • Workshops will also be organized in the evening as a sort of hands-on training.
Collaborative space

The collaborative space is a building which will be 24/24 open and equipped with working stations. We would like to create in this space also a sort of help desk where people can ask questions, in particular short technical ones (i.e. how do I make a table using a wiki, how I convert my video, how I do become an admin...). The collaborative space will remain a collaborative space also after Wikimania and it will host Esino Lario associations.

Evening program

The game Esino è un paese in discesa (Downhill Esino Lario) by TooA Francesca Cogni and Donatello De Mattia

Always according to our site-specific approach, instead of organizing one big event per evening, we propose a series of initiatives taking place during the week of the conference. This allows attendees to have a broader choice of activities and it reduces the complexity of managing them. The eventing program is organized in collaboration with local associations and artists, and it takes advantage of the network Esino Lario and Wikimedia Italia has established through time. The curator of the special events is Domenico Barardinelli (biographies of the team). Please note that we included in the estimated costs the payment of the siae license for the days of the conference.

Collaborative space

The collaborative working space will be open 24/24.

Free as free beer

We will set a gathering space for the evening. In the estimated budget we included 15'000 euro ($20.587,35) for the welcome event; this budget can also be used as following:

Expense liters euro per liter people days Total in euro Total in dollars
Beer evening preconference 30 €89,06 €2,97 500 4 €5.937,33 $8.148,93
Beer evening conference 30 €89,06 €2,97 1000 3 €8.906,00 $12.223,40
Total €14.843,33 $20.372,33
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €15.000 $20.587,35
Currency €1,00 $1,37

The workshops in the evening are organized as sort of hands-on training, they are sort of games and they take advantage also of the skills of our keynote speakers and "special guests". Among the possible workshops:

  • Simply in a Box, organized by ImpossibleSites dans la rue (and Giuditta Nelli). A workshop to build and use a pinhole cameras. Giuditta Nelli has already gave her availability.
  • Open Street Map. This is a classic event at Wikimania which it would be nice to organize in collaboration with the Italian Open Street Map group (which is currently associated to Wikimedia Italia).
  • According to the interest, it is possible to ask Massimo Banzi co-founder of Arduino if he can lead a workshop on Arduino.

Some of the possibilities for performances are:

  • Performance with a concert and music by Roberto Paci Dalò. Roberto Paci Dalò has already gave his availability.
  • Performance by Invernomuto. Invernomuto has being commissioned the artwork Culiarsi which belongs to the Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne in Esino Lario. The artwork is composed of a 6-meters theremin; in 2011 the theremin was activated by a falcon, and it included in the performance the meal prepared by the Alpini, a presentation of two Italian champions of bike and motocross and video. Invernomuto also works with music (very broad international interest in music) and it will dj the evening. Invernomuto have already gave their availability.
  • Spot-Concerts. It is a format that has been already organized in other places in Italy. It is quite charming. Little orchestras and musician play one after the other in different spots. The programme tells when the concert starts and ends, but not the locations. People need to listen and follow the music, and by following the music the discover a place.
Video projections

The theatre of the Kindergarten can be used in the evening for video projections (videos of artists, open license videos, documentaries or films).

Thematic dinners with short evening excursions

Thematic dinners can be planned before the event and organized in particular in the restaurants of Cainallo and Ortanella (please refer to the session food). With a nice weather Cainallo and Ortanella are particularly enjoyable locations; Cainallo with an impressive view of the Grigna mountains and Ortanella with a beautiful view of Lake Como (in particular from San Pietro in Ortanella, a short 10 minutes walk from the restaurant)



Esino Lario is located in North of Italy, in the Alps above Lake Como. It is a charming mountain village immerse in a 18,66 kmq green area and in the Northern Grigna Regional Park. Esino Lario is the starting point for excursions in the mountains and visits to naturalistic, panoramic and historical sites in its territory and on Lake Como, Valsassina, Valchiavenna, Valtellina, Brianza, Milano, Ticino in Switzerland.

Wikimania Takes Lake Como


Wikimania Takes Lake Como is four-days soft program of gatherings and site-seeing designed for early arrivals and for people who want to take advantage of the event to visit and discover Lake Como. Participants will be accommodate in the city of Como, the program will include excursions on the lake, in the Como and Varese area and in Ticino in Switzerland.[66] Como is a relevant location for this pre-conference event for its charme, its convenient distance from Malpensa airport, for its strategic position in between Lake Como, Milan, Province of Como, Province of Lecco, Province of Monza and Brianza, and Ticino. Transport from Como to Esino Lario will be organized by boat and bus. The format of the event relies on the Wikimania Takes Manhattan model and it responds to the need of enlarging the geography of the event and take advantage of Esino Lario location to allow attendees to enjoy and experience other sites and cities.[67]

For Wikimania Takes Lake Como we will provide:

  • Information related to accommodation in Como; participants will manage directly their reservation.
  • A soft program of gatherings and site-seeing; participants will be free to join the program and they will have the chance to meet for those gatherings and excursions.
  • The presence of two volunteers organizing and facilitating Wikimania Takes Lake Como.
  • An organized travel by boat and bus to Esino Lario on time for the pre-conference.
Expense Number Days Price Total in euro Total in dollars
Reimbursment for Wikimania Takes Lake Como 2 4 € 100 € 800 $1.097,99
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €800 $1.097,99
Currency €1,00 $1,37249

Esino Lario, excursions and panoramic sites (walking around)


Lake Como, its villas, botanical gardens and Romanesque architecture


30 minutes from Esino Lario by bus or car. From Varenna trains to move on the oriental side of the lake and boats to cross the lake.

Moving around: Milan area (moving south), Valchiavenna and Valtellina area (moving north), Ticino and Switzerland


Program for children

The sound installation Animagus by Roberto Paci Dalò in Villa Clotilde

To meet the necessities of the volunteers involved in the organization and to offer a relevant program for all the attendees, children-care and activities for children are planned in collaboration with local institutions. The cost of the child-care will be cover meals, insurance and staff.

Age Description # places available Where Who
2–5 years old Playing space for children. 20 children. Only Saturday and Sunday. Kindergarten Scuola dell'infanzia di Esino Lario (non profit organization supported by the city council). Coordinator Giusy Nasazzi.
6–10 years old Green week (settimana del verde). Workshops, excursions and activities tp discover the nature and culture of the Grigna Park. 40 children. Space next to the kindergarten (sala dell'oratorio) and outdoor. Parco regionale della Grigna Settentionale (organizing the week in Esino Lario since 2012). Coordinator Tecla Barindelli.

Esino Lario was awarded in 2010 the Prize FamilyWork for its project Esino Lario child-friendly (Esino Lario a misura di bambino), which included activities, workshops, artworks and a simple communication system with logos which identify available services for children. The prize is promoted by Lombardy Region and ALTIS, a research unit at the Catholic University of Milan.

Dates and schedule

Wikimania Haifa.

Wikimania Esino Lario takes place the last week of June 2016 (21-28 June 2016).

  • Pre-conference Wednesday 22 June - Thursday 23 June 2016
  • Conference Friday 24 June - Sunday 26 June 2016
  • Post-conference Monday 27 June 2016.

Reasons for the selected dates. The last week of June has been selected for a series of important advantages it can assure: school is over in Italy so we can take advantage of transport and venues, tourism is heavy in the region in July–August, and normally it is the best weather. The availability of restaurants and accommodation would be critical in July and August, and – because of the main tourist season – we would have problems to have the support of local volunteers fully working in the area in July and August, or away for holidays. We can of course take care of everything which can facilitate the participation of attendees during the Ramadan and we can assure meals and food at the needed time.

When What
Just before the event * Wikimania Takes Lake Como.
Pre-conference The pre-conference lasts two days and it includes
  • Hackathon and/or DevCamp.
  • Training. The pre-conference also includes the training for the volunteers, meant to prepare volunteers to fully contribute to Wikimania and to make sure the event is also a chance to share and enhance skills.
  • Discussions and meetings for specific groups (chapters, GLAMs)
  • Main arrivals.
Conference The conference lasts three days and it includes the full program.
Post-conference The post-conference lasts one day and allows meetups and the use of the collaborative space. During the post-conference the Wikimania meeting is organized.
Before and beyond Wikimania Esino Lario To reach a wide public Wikimania is surely the right event. It highlights Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects, it can generate media coverage and it is a chance to meet people engaged in it. But to have an efficient impact on a territory (in particular in a non-English speaking country with a conference in English) the conference needs to be framed on a wider program of activities.
  • Activities related to the Wikimedia projects in Esino Lario: presentations, meetings and training. We have already implemented three public presentations, around ten meetings, and a very cool training-game in the primary school (Wikipedia game 2013).
  • Wikimedia Italia outreach activities.
  • Wikimedia CH outreach act ivies.
  • Project Alps thematic program (already involving Esino Lario, Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia CH and institutions in the Province of Lecco, Valsassina and Ticino), which focuses in particular on North of Italy and in the Italian-speaking Switzerland and it includes.
    • Networking with GLAMs and establishment of partnerships.
    • Presentations about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects.
    • Training sessions
    • Activities in libraries and schools.



Expected number of participants

Group photo at Wikimania Haifa.
Group photo at Wikimania Hong Kong.

We expect 700 participants at Wikimania Esino Lario and the event is designed for 1'000. At the moment, the events which have reached a larger number of participants have been Wikimania in English-speaking cities, including also daily registrations and occasional attendees. Having an event in English in a non English speaking countries has a specific impact on daily registrations and occasional attendees; we expect some people to pass-by (around 100 people who have a house in Esino Lario and 100 people for Milan area coming for the day), but Esino Lario is not a large city and – for how our event is conceived – the emphasis is on the people staying for the entire event and we are not focusing on occasional pass-by attendees.

A larger outreach program is designed through communication and with a specific series of presentations, meetings and training in Italian before and after the event; Wikimania is a great chance to provide visibility to the Wikimedia projects, but not all events and initaitves needs to take place during the conference week. Our plan is to take advantage of the Wikimania momentum to involve the territory and to reinforce the activities of Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH.

It can be relevant to note that the planning of Wikimania Esino Lario has already allowed to establish links with Expo Milan 2015 (in the first months of planning we were considering organizing the event in 2015), and we had already meetings with provincial and regional public administrators, and with institutions and companies. We expect the implementation of the event to take full advantage of these contacts to foster communication of the Wikimedia projects and the implementation of the "before and after the event" program.

Hypothesis participants


See also Wikimania/Target.

Hypothesis number of participants
Estimated participants Number Lunch Accommodation in Esino Lario Accommodation Varenna (higher level 4 and 5 stars) Pendular Number of rides by bus if nobody among the pendular has a car Possible car (and parking spots)
Organizers Wikimedia 100 100 100 Possible car 20
Organizers Esino Lario 100 50 House in Esino Possible car 20
Organizers Extra 30 30 30 Possible car 6
Organizers from the territory 50 50 House in the area 50 Possible car 10
Attendees from Italy 50 50 40 10 10 Possible car 10
Wikimedia Chapters (board and staff) 100 100 100
Wikimedia Foundation (board, committee and staff) 100 100 77 23 23
Scholarships 250 250 250
Attendees from abroad (Europe + North America and Oceania). Including journalists. 80 80 70 10 10 Possible car
Researchers from Europe and US 40 40 30 10 10
Occasional visitors from Esino (conference days) 100 House in Esino Possible car 20
Occasional visitors (conference days) - Including journalists from Milan and the territory, stakeholders 150 150 For the day 150 Possible car 30
Total 1.150 1.000 697 53 253 7 116
Hypothesis main interest of the participants

This hypothesis is only meant to have some references to plan flows (in participants possible numbers for pre-conference, conference and post-conference).

Estimated interests Description Number Percentage
Organizers (not included international) Wikimedia, Esino Lario, Extra and from the territory 280 24%
Politics (board, staff, committee) Wikimedia Foundation, chapters and 30% of the scholarships 275 24%
Active contributors Half of the attendees from Italy and from Europe and US; half of the scholarships 190 17%
General - potential newbies Half of the attendees from Italy and from Europe and US; 20% of the scholarships; occasional visitors 365 32%
Researchers 40 3%
Total 1.150 100%
Hypothesis provenance of the participants

This hypothesis is only meant to have some references to plan transport, visa and flows (in participants possible numbers for pre-conference, conference and post-conference). This hypothesis is based on the numbers above (with the assumption that participants in an event in Italy might be more numerous from Italy and Europe) and it is based on the estimates below (related to Wikimedia Chapters and scholarships).

Estimated location of arrival and departure Number Percentage
Varenna (probably trains from CH, DE) 61 11%
Airport Orio al Serio 61 11%
Airport Linate 61 11%
Airport Malpensa 388 68%
Total 570 100%
Estimated provenance (necessary to plan transport) Number Percentage Total of non local Percentage of non local
Local 580 50%
Europe 242,5 21% 242,5 43%
North America and Oceania 190 17% 190 33%
South America 47,5 4% 47,5 8%
Africa 30 3% 30 5%
Asia 60 5% 60 11%
Total 1150 100% 570 100%
Visa requirements 137,5 11,96%
Wikimedia Chapters (board, staff, further scholarships) - Excluding Italy Number Percentage
Europe 70 70%
North America and Oceania 5 5%
South America 10 10%
Africa 5 5%
Asia 10 10%
Total 100 100%
Scholarships Number Percentage
Europe 112,5 45%
North America 25 10%
South America 37,5 15%
Africa 25 10%
Asia 50 20%
Total 250 100%


The shared schedule at Wikimania 2007.
The shared schedule at Wikimania 2009.

All participants need to be registered. Registrations allows us to collect information about the participants before the event, to manage special needs (food, accommodation), to provide all participants with a personal insurance and to count the participants.
Through the registration process we can manage also the accommodation; we have been advised to rely on the registration system already used in Haifa (which already included the accommodation).

For the on-site registration we will have the support of Wikimedia Italia staff and maybe Wikimedia CH staff. There are several buildings in a very convenient location which can be used for the on-site registration. Initially we expected Villa Clotilde to be the most suitable space, but it appears new that it is a more appropriate space as an office, press office and space for small meetings and interviews. We will further discuss which is the most suitable space, when further details of the program are defined.


dark blue - no visa required, Schengen area; light blue - no visa required, special territories of Schengen member states; dark green - no visa required (annex II), red - visa required (annex I); brown - visa required (annex I), transit visa required; pink - passport not recognized; gray - no information.
See also the official visa map

Italy is part of the Schengen area, which has a uniform visa policy:[68] requirements can be strict but most Wikimania attendees will need no visa, or enjoy visa facilitation. Rejection rate for Schengen short-stay visa is less than 5% and as little as 1% for many countries:[69] EU and Italy have good relations with almost all the countries in the world; in particular for Italy Middle East, Northern Africa and the Balcans, all countries quite poorly "served" by Wikimanias after Alexandria 2008.[70]

Citizens of 73 countries will not need to worry about visa, making Wikimania Esino Lario the second most internationals-friendly Wikimania ever![71] You can easily check the requirements for your country, if any, with the Ministry's Do you need a visa? tool.

Free access (Schengen area)

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Czech republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Estonia
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Hungary
  11. Iceland
  12. Italy
  13. Latvia
  14. Lithuania
  15. Luxembourg
  16. Malta
  17. Netherlands
  18. Norway
  19. Poland
  20. Portugal
  21. Slovakia
  22. Slovenia
  23. Spain
  24. Sweden
  25. Switzerland
  26. Liechtenstein

European Union free movement (non-Schengen countries)

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Croatia
  3. Cyprus
  4. French territories of French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin
  5. Ireland
  6. Romania
  7. United Kingdom

Visa free

  1. Albania (+visa facilitations)
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Bahamas
  5. Barbados
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina (+visa facilitations)
  7. Brazil
  8. Brunei Darussalam
  9. Canada
  10. Chile
  11. Costa Rica
  12. Colombia
  13. El Salvador
  14. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (+visa facilitations)
  15. Guatemala
  16. Honduras
  17. Hong Kong SAR
  18. Israel
  19. Japan
  20. Mexico
  21. Macao SAR
  22. Malaysia
  23. Nicaragua
  24. New Zealand
  25. Panama
  26. Paraguay
  27. Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  28. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  29. Serbia (+visa facilitations)
  30. Seychelles
  31. Singapore
  32. Taiwan
  33. United Arab Emirates
  34. United States of America
  35. Venezuela

Visa facilitations

  1. Armenia
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Georgia
  4. Moldova
  5. Montenegro
  6. Russia
  7. Ukraine

Managing visa

Visa is managed in Italy, and/or eventually in Switzerland if needed.

Visa procedures for Wikimania Esino Lario attendees will be managed by the staff of Wikimedia Italia. The staff has previous experience in managing visa requests for the Wikimedia Conference organized in 2013 in Milan; for this event the majority of the visa procedures were successfully managed; difficulties emerged for participants coming from the Philippines and Indonesia.[72] To make sure all participants can apply for visa with the necessary support we set a proper timeline and the partnerships with Wikimedia CH will allow us to relay also on another country' procedures for visa requests, in case Italy present a more difficult situation.

Excursions in Switzerland


For participants coming from outside the Schengen area, to be able to make an excursion in Switzerland it is necessary that the visa is "Valid for Schengen area" (not a visa valid only for Italy).[73] Please make sure to specify it when you make the visa request.

Cost for participants


Through scholarships, support of institutions (i.e. Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia chapters, university fund) or directly, participants will pay for:

  1. Registration cost. The registration cost is the cost of lunch (10 € / 13,37 $ during pre-conference and post-conference, and 16 € / 22 $ during the conference[74]) and the cost of insurance (10 € / 13.70 $).
  2. Dinner. The cost of dinners is from 10 €.
  3. Accommodation. The cost of a shared room in Esino Lario with breakfast will be 20 € in apartments and dorms.
  4. Transport to Esino Lario. For the costs for traveling to Esino Lario (by airplane, train and car/caravan) please refer to Esino Lario/Location#Travelling to Esino Lario. We expect direct cost of transport from airports to Esino Lario to be below 25 € / 34,37 $ one way (the regular cost of public transport from Malpensa is 18,85 € / 25,92 $; we estimated the cost of direct transport by planing the cost of 50 people busses - 500 euro / 687,48 $ - divided by only 20 people, to manage the risk).

The estimated costs below include direct transport from the airports and provide an idea to calculate costs for participants and scholarships. Those estimated costs do not include the costs for visa.

Estimated cost to attend conference Cost Days Total in euro Total in dollars
Cost lunch during the conference €16,00 3 €48,00 $66,00
Cost dinner (avaradge) €15,00 4 €60,00 $82,50
Cost bed in a shared room €20,00 4 €80,00 $110,00
Insurance €10,00 €10,00 $13,75
Roundtrip from the airport €50,00 €50,00 $68,75
Total estimated cost to attend conference €248,00 $340,99
Plus travel costs to Milan Plus travel costs to Milan
Currency €1,00 $1,37
Estimated cost to attend preconference+conference Cost Days Total in euro Total in dollars
Cost lunch during the preconference €10,00 2 €20,00 $27,50
Cost lunch during the conference €16,00 3 €48,00 $66,00
Cost dinner €15,00 6 €90,00 $123,75
Cost bed in a shared room €20,00 6 €120,00 $164,99
Insurance €10,00 €10,00 $13,75
Roundtrip from the airport €50,00 €50,00 $68,75
Total estimated cost to attend preconference+conference €338,00 $464,73
Plus travel costs to Milan Plus travel costs to Milan
Currency €1,00 $1,37

Scholarships and guests


International scholarships


International scholarships will be managed as usual by the Scholarship Committee. We have drafted a proposal to contribute to the brainstorming on how to improve the scholarship system for Wikimania.

Italian volunteers and guests

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Insurance for the volunteers 200 €10,00 €2.000,00 $2.744,98
Travel expenses volunteers 50 €50,00 €2.500,00 $3.431,23
Travel expenses volunteers 50 €100,00 €5.000,00 $6.862,45
Accommodation and food 50 9 €50,00 €22.500,00 $30.881,03
Accommodation and food 50 5 €50,00 €12.500,00 $17.156,13
Lunch for volunteer resident 50 8 €10,00 €4.000,00 $5.489,96
Lunch for guests (companies, workers, stakeholders) 150 €16,00 €166,00 $227,83
Insurance for guests (companies, workers, stakeholders) 150 €10,00 €1.500,00 $2.058,74
Welcome bag and thank you t-shirt for volunteers 200 €5,00 €1.000,00 $1.372,49
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €51.166,00 $70.224,82
Currency €1,00 $1,37

Volunteers will be invited to support the event through their associations, among those: Wikimedia chapters (in particular Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH), associations in Esino Lario (Pro Loco, Alpini, Soccorso Val d'Esino, CAI, group of teachers, Amici del Museo delle Grigne), networks of local associations (in particular Pro Loco and Alpini), like-minded associations and groups (Creative Commons, Open Street Map - which in Italy is already linked to Wikimedia Italia, Linux groups and other open software and open knowledge groups and associations). We are also exploring the possibility of involving the association STS Italia - Società Italiana di Studi su Scienza e Tecnologia (Italian society of studies on science and technology), which is an association of researchers which could also contribute to the evaluation of Wikimania Esino Lario.


The four main working areas of Wikimania Esino Lario.

The organization of Wikimania in Esino Lario presents a specific complexity. For this reason we have been working on an executive plan in collaboration and with a strong involvement of the local community, institutions, operators and experts in specific fields. The executive plan is guarantees that all the different challenges are addressed and managed, and that the proposal is ready to be implemented.



The fundamental principles by which Wikimania Esino Lario operates can be summarized in five "pillars":

  1. Collaboration. The team is one team, which includes all the people involved, who are already Wikimedians or not. The edit button exists also offline, and Wikimedians are all the people who want to modify things to share their knowledge and to support the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content. We include all the project contributors in the organizing team, we attribute work, we design a program meant for different kind of participants, we include in a transversal way the interests and needs of different people, we make sure participants are in the best conditions to obtain a visa, we select for scholarships dedicated members which need economic support to participate (through a transparent process which provides full - really full - or partial scholarships, according to the needs), and we plan an inclusive and collaborative event.
  2. Scalability. We are not planning one event, we are planning a format which can be replicated in other places. We document what we are doing and how we do it, we produce guidelines for the future and to involve people who can contribute further to other events; we look for solutions which can be relevant for other contexts.
  3. What already exists. Priority is given to local suppliers and to tap on existing resources. We look at previous experiences and we build on it.
  4. What can last. Priority is given to invest in what lasts beyond the event. We reduce to the minimum all the expenses related to the ephemeral and we invest time, energy and budget in what is useful and relevant beyond the event.
  5. Experimenting and having fun. We gather for the pleasure of it.


Cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly! Skipper, Madagascar, 2005.
A limited overview of what the four main working areas of Wikimania Esino Lario imply.

Wikimania Esino Lario is a conference promoted by Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH in partnership with Esino Lario city council, Ecomuseo delle Grigne, Pro Loco Esino Lario, Parco Regionale della Grigna Settentionale and the Esino Lario local associations and community. Please refer to the support of institutions. Wikimania Esino Lario team is composed mainly of volunteers, it will have a specific staff and it will be implemented also with the support of some of the staff of Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH.


Wikimania London.

The group promoting Wikimania Esino Lario is composed by volunteers. We had the support of the project manager Giulia Sepe at the begging of 2014, managed and financed by Wikimedia Italia. The majority of the people involved in Wikimania Esino Lario are volunteers and the event is lead by volunteers.

  • Group of promoter. The group of promoter is composed of Wikimedians, and other volunteers. We have involved in the team a series of people who have the specific skills to help us in the planning and who can advice with their expertise. Among the team there are volunteers with experience in attending Wikimania and engaged in the Wikimedia movement, there are representatives of associations of Esino Lario and people managing the buildings we will be using, two former mayors of Esino Lario, an engineer with an expertise in infrastructures and safety (the Italian regulation is pretty precise and complex), and – just to provide some examples – an expert in ICT for development with experience in connectivity in rural areas of Sierra Leone in Sub-Saharian Africa, other experts in ICT (servers, hardware, systems), an expert in audio systems, experts in art, cultural events and tourism, a consultant for catering who will be working for our event as food curator. We are also benefitting from the advice of a large group of people: we have informed and met representatives of public administrations at a provincial and regional level, we received a lot of help from the staff of the Esino Lario city council providing us with information and the urban plans to update OpenSteetMap, we received advice from the executive director of the Comunità Montana della Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera and really a large number of people in Esino Lario has not only supported us by confirming apartments and private meeting rooms but also by suggesting solutions, spaces and contacts. Really a long list of people we need to thank and we hope we can work with further. At the moment people met in Esino Lario during site-visits, meetings and presentations, we have a mailing list in Italian created by Wikimedia Italia and we exchanged by email; for the implementation of the project we will organize the group of promoter in smaller teams to allow people to collaborate and exchange more closely.
  • Volunteers during the event. During the event we expect 300 volunteers to contribute to Wikimania Esino Lario
    • 100-150 volunteers based in Esino Lario.
    • 100 Wikimedians mainly from Italy and Switzerland and some international volunteers involved in particular in the program.
    • 50-100 volunteers from Italy not necessarily linked to Wikimedia (i.e. volunteers recruited in local high schools and universities).
  • Volunteer service (before-after the event). We are browsing the possibility of supporting further the involvement of volunteers by creating links with existing volunteer programs (essentially Italian and European). We have contacted two youth organizations who have experience in this field; we don't have jet a conformation of their involvement. Existing volunteer programs can allow us to involve volunteers longer than during the event. this would be an interesting option to have some people contributing to the preparation of the event; we already have accommodation which can be used to host them.



We expect the management of the project to require the involvement of some staff; staff can guarantee continuity and it can take care of a more regular work which will be needed before the event (coordination, management of the participants and administrative work). Another task which might require support from staff is transport management. At an early stage of the planning, we expected a series of tasks to require staff; during the planning process we have produced an executive project, we have involved a series of partners and we have started and tested the collaboration with a group of volunteers; some of the tasks we expected to need staff appear to be manageable by volunteers or partners.

At the moment we already benefit from the involvement of some staff of the partner institutions (in-kind contribution[75]):

  • Wikimedia Italia staff. Through partnerships we have already secured the contribution of Wikimedia Italia for the communication of the event (newsletter and other media used by Wikimedia Italia) and during the conference (on-site registration with 3 people for 7 days); this contribution is in-kind (it involves staff already collaborating with Wikimedia Italia). We are discussing with Wikimedia Italia board the possibility of increasing the contribution of their staff with a co-funding from a grantmaker.
  • Wikimedia CH staff. We have asked Wikimedia CH an in-kind contribution of 4 staff members to work with us during the event; Wikimedia CH can also contribute to facilitate the visa process for specific countries.
  • Esino Lario city council. We can benefit for Wikimania Esino Lario of the collaboration of two people involved in the Esino Lario tourist office as in-kind contribution, and the staff of the city council has already supported us during the planning process. Another interesting asset of the collaboration with the city council is the possibility to extend the collaboration with some of their suppliers.
  • Wikimedia Foundation. If selected Wikimania Esino Lario can take the advantage of having the involvement and support of the event coordinator of Wikimedia Foundation.

We have requested an estimated cost to an event company for the management of the transports (5'000 euro + VAT) and the coordination of the event (20'000 euro + VAT). We include in the budget a general amount for staff.

Wikimania Haifa.
Wikimania London.

The coordination of the event requires:

  • checking the project status with meetings and calls
  • checking apartments, hotels, dorms, food providers, venues, transport and equipment. This is a task which can be implements directly or with the team in Esino Lario; it is important thought to check that all information is collected and updated.
  • checking the budget and updating it with the administration
  • managing problems
  • updating the websites with the information (to allow all people involved to be aware of the status - on or on meta if information can be publicly shared)
  • producing the necessary reports
  • contributing to the management of the event during Wikimania week.

The management of the participants includes:

  • managing the online registration system
  • supporting the visa process
  • providing support to the participants (accommodation, transport, problems, help desk)
  • contributing to the management of the event during Wikimania week.

The administrative work includes:

  • verifying bills, checking pre-invoices and contracts before the payment and eventually the necessary authorizations, processing payments
  • updating and checking with the management the budget
  • updating the calendar of payments and income (checking and monitoring the cash flow)
  • regularly checking the account (checking and monitoring the cash flow)
  • archiving bills
  • making the financial reports

Compared to other events, Wikimania Esino Lario is organized with many suppliers. Below an estimation of the suppliers and payments.

Estimated providers for area Number
Food 15
Accommodation apartments 70
Accommodation hotels 13
Bills per year for the staff 60
Transport 10
Communication 5
Equipment 12
Venues 12
Total 197

Accounting and bookkeeping


At the moment Wikimania Esino Lario is involving a series of institutions. The Ecomuseo delle Grigne (managed by the Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus and civic institution of the Esino Lario City Council) and the Esino Lario City Council are currently promoting the event among Italian grantmakers. The Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus as manager of the Ecomuseo delle Grigne – in partnerships with Wikimedia Italia – is applying for a grant to the Cariplo Foundation (including management costs for a 2-years project) and it can assure to manage grants and budget in a transparent and accountable way.

Biographies of the team

Image Name Last name Involvement Based Skills / biography Wikimania experience Team Contacts
  Andyrom75 Andyrom75 Volunteer Italy, Florence area Member of Wikimedia Italia, very active on wikivoyage in Italian. Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong. Documentation, wikivoyage User:Andyrom75
  Ilenia Atzori Volunteer Italy, Sardinia Active member of Wikimedia Italia. Involved in Wiki Loves Monuments. Bachelor in Operator for cultural tourism and experience as a tourist guide. [it], [en]. Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong. Program, wikiexcursions.
  Fabio Baioni Volunteer Italy, Milan area Active member of Wikimedia Italia. Work in ICT and he has experience in Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Technical, equipment User:Fabexplosive
  Piercarlo Barindelli Volunteer Italy, Esino Member of associations and groups in Esino Lario (Soccorso Val d'Esino, Esino 2000, CAI). Works in a studio of an architect. / Location
  Domenico Berardinelli Volunteer Barcellona, Spain Experience in designing and coordinating public programmes both for cultural and educational organizations. In addition, works in the sector of communication 2.0, specifically dealing with social media management for arts & design. [it], [en], [es]. / Program, special events, art curator. linkedin
  Elvezia Bertarini Volunteer Italy, Esino Teacher at Esino Lario primary school; involvement in off school activities and workshops. / Location
  Tecla Bertarini Volunteer Italy, Esino Student in Natural Sciences (Master), collaboration with the city council of Esino Lario (tourist office) and Comunità Montana della Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera (excursions, activities for children, workshops). [it], [en]. / Location
  Roberta Bonetti Volunteer Italy, Florence area Anthropologist, Ph.D. with a specialization in education and intercultural learning. Professor in Bologna and Bolzano, cofounder and board member of the Italian society of applied anthropology (SIAA Società Italiana di Antropologia Applicata), and member of the scientific committee of the association Associazione Mani Altri Sguardi. [it], [en], [fr]. / Evaluation CV in Italian
  Carlo Borgia Volunteer Italy, Esino Former member of Esino Lario city council, hear of tourism and coordinator of the program of events in Esino Lario. / Location
  Niccolò Caranti Volunteer Italy Photographer and active member of Wikimedia Italia. [it], [en]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong. Documentation, Photos of the event. user:Jaqen
  Mauro Cassina Volunteer Switzerland, Ticino Wikimedia CH board member. Wikimedian, Wikipedian and photographer. He has worked in the field of events and catering and he currently works in the field of renewable and alternative energy. Documentation, Photos of the event. User:Cassinam
  Marco Chemello Volunteer Italy, Vicenza area Architect with experience in working in innovative projects involving both communication and technology. Co-promoter the Festival delle libertà digitali (Festival of digital freedom). Active member of Wikimedia Italia. / Program, chair of the sessions user:Marcok
  Cristian Consonni Volunteer Italy, Trento and Milan area Wikimedia Italia board member - treasurer, Wikipedian, Wikimedian. Researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation. [it], [en], [fr] Wikimania 2010 Gdansk, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Wikimedia Italia board User:CristianCantoro
  Roberto Corda Volunteer Italy, Milan Wikipedian and Wikimedian. Works in ICT. Wikimania 2005 Frankfurt.
  Ornella Costanzo Volunteer Italy, Turin area Project and content manager in the field of culture and video, with experience in multimedia museum design, production of documentaries, audience and crossmedia design. Executive Producer at Studio Azzurro Produzioni s.r.l. / Program, special events, art curator. [ linkedin]
  Dario Crespi Volunteer Italy, Milan area Active member of Wikimedia Italia. Involved in Wiki Loves Monuments, Archeowiki and BustopediA. Wikipedian and OSM user. [it], [en]. Wikimania 2014 London. Open Street Map User:Yiyi
  Elisa Dell'Era Volunteer Italy, Esino / Lecco Former member of Esino Lario city council. University degree in economics, she has been working for several years in event planning on Lake Como. She has also experience in managing a 1'000 participants conference. / Location
  Giovanni Dell'Era Volunteer Italy, Esino Former major of Esino Lario. Quantitative surveyor (geometra) and municipal engineer (tecnico comunale). / Location, chair
  Simona Dell'Era Volunteer Italy, Esino [it], [en]. / Location
  Shani Evenstein Volunteer Israel Involved in Wikimedia projects related to GLAMs, education and outreach. Teaching experience. She works at Tel-Aviv University [TAU], at the Sackler School of Medicine. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Program User:Esh77
  Tommaso Fara Volunteer Italy, Milan Consultant and collaborator for an organization of catering; he is specialized in proposing menus, organizing thematic lunches and dinners, and experimenting new recopies and traditional and innovative cooking techniques. He is the author of radio programs about cuisine and of the books “Il cucchiaino caramellato” (DeAgostini, 2005), “La cucina a impatto [quasi] zero” (in collaboration with Lisa Casali, Edizioni Gribaudo, 2010) and “Diversamente cotto: Metodi di cottura e strumenti tra tradizione e innovazione” (Edizioni Gribaudo, 2012); he is the curator of eight volumes on Italian cuisine for DeAgostini (2007-2008). He also works as restorer of antiquities. / Location, food curator
  Susanna Giaccai volunteer Italy, Firenze Wikimedia Italia member. Librarian. / Program User:Giaccai
  Isla Haddow Volunteer South Africa, Cape Town Project manager WikiAfrica, board member Wikimedia ZA [en]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Program User:Islahaddow
  Michele Lavazza Volunteer Italy, Milan Wikipedian, Wikimedian. Student in philosophy. [it], [en], [fr]. Wikimania 2014 London. Program MLWatts
  Federico Leva Volunteer Italy, Milan
  • Wikimedian since 2006 in several areas, did stuff.
  • WMIT: treasurer 2008–2009, wrote first reimbursement policy; helped a bit setting up WMIT Wikimania scholarships program 2011–, evaluator in 2013.
  • University of Milan: board of directors 2009-2012 overseeing 750 M€ budget, contracts up to ~10 M€; committee dividing ~170 k€ / y among students orgs; co-organised students event with thousands participants, 2009–2012.
Attended 2010 and 2011 kickstarting a renewed Italian delegation; into Wikimania discussions since then; watched since 2007. Scholarship working group, chair User:Nemo bis
  Lorenzo Losa Volunteer Italy, Milan area and Pisa Former Wikimedia Italia board member, Wikipedian, Wikimedian. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Wikimedia Italia board User:Laurentius
  Ester Maglia Volunteer Italy, Esino Manages Esino Lario tourist office and she is involved with Pro Loco in the organization of events. Student in pharmacy. / Location
  Luca Martinelli Volunteer Italy, Rome area Wikimedia Italia board member. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Evaluation, chair user:sannita
  Lara Marziali Volunteer Italy, Bologna Wikimedian and Wikipedian Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2014 London. Social network User:.laramar.
  Giusy Nasazzi Volunteer Italy, Esino Teacher in Esino Lario Kindergarten. / Location
  Nicola Nasazzi Volunteer Italy, Esino Former member of Esino Lario city council. / Location
  Serena Nasazzi Volunteer Italy, Esino Treasurer of the association Pro Loco in Esino Lario. She has been organizing and managing events in Esino. / Location
  Giuditta Nelli Volunteer Italy, Genova area Artist. / Program, special events
  Alberto Nogara Volunteer Italy, Taceno Architect, former architect for Comunità Montana Valsassina Valvarrone Val d'Esino e Riviera, competence and experience on the territory and public administrations. / Location
  Giammario Ortelli Volunteer Italy, Esino Lario Former Esino Lario city council, vice-mayor. / Location
  Roberto Paci Dalò Volunteer Italy, Rimini Artist and composer. [it], [en], [fr]. / Documentation, technical and Special events Roberto Paci Dalò
  Iolanda Pensa Volunteer Italy, Milan / Esino Experience in directing and managing international projects, and in fundraising, research and communication. Interdisciplinary academic studies (university degree in medieval art history, thesis in contemporary art, Ph.D. in anthropology and territorial government and planning). Experience in problem-solving, international youth exchanges and social work. Coordinator of the Ecomuseo delle Grigne. Wikipedian and Wikimedian, volunteer in Esino Lario. [it], [en], [fr]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Promoter iopensa
  Carlo Maria Pensa Pensa Volunteer Italy, Lake Como / Esino Engineer and businessman. As a volunteer - among other activities - mayor of Esino Lario for 10 years, involved in the Comunità Montana, president of Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne. Deep knowledge of the territory. / Location and promoter
  Pietro Pensa Volunteer Italy, Milan area / Esino Architect and engineer. He is specialized in safety and security issues. He is one of the professional experts in-charge of safety and security for Expo Milan 2015 buildings. / Location, security and infrastructural upgrades [10]
  Alberto Pinto Volunteer Italy, Milan area / Switzerland, Ticino Expertise in sound and acoustics (BS-MS in pure mathematics, MS in applied physics focusing on digital signal processing perceptual audio coding and music information and Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Milan and visiting scholar at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University; he is the director of the CESMA, a European Centre for Studies in Music and Acoustics based in Lugano). He is also plays the organ (conservatory of Milan, Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, organist of San Bartolomeo church in Milan, Prize of the National Organ Competition of Viterbo - CariVit and the "Pierre Segond" Prize - City of Geneva) / Technical, sound [11]
  Vincent Plisson Volunteer France / UK / South Africa Graphic designer. He has been working in Great Britain, France and South Africa. / Communication [12]
  Remulazz Remulazz Volunteer Italy, Milan area Wikipedian. / Documentation, geography User:Remulazz
  Simone Sala Volunteer Italy, Milan; Switzerland, Lugano 9-year experience in a wide range of cross-sectorial applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Sustainable Development in emerging regions. Proven ability to design and deliver tailored ICT-related projects and programmes to both non-governmental organizations and governmental institutions in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Senegal, United States of America. [it], [en], [fr], [es]. / Technical, chair linkedin
  Ginevra Sanvitale Volunteer Italy, Bologna area / South Corea Wikimedia Italia board member. Specific interest in gender activities and projects (in Italy and at large), collaboration in WLM communication. [it], [en], [es]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong. Program, general coordinator User:Atropine
  Catherine de Senarclens Volunteer Italy, Lake Como / Esino Experience in organizing events (school exchanges, trips of the Associazione Amici del Museo), volunteer coordinator, editor of books and excellent organizational and relational skills. Former English teacher and vice-headmaster of a linguistic high school. [it], [fr], [en], [de]. / Location, accommodation
  Giulia Sepe Wikimedia Italia staff Italy, Milan Project manager, experience in organizing and implement large-scale events, project manager of the Wikimedia Conference 2013 in Milan. [it], [en], [es], [fr]. / Wikimania Esino Lario bid project manager, start-up phase December 2013 - March 2014.
  Chiara Somajni Volunteer Germany, Berlin Independent journalist, formerly employed at Il Sole 24 Ore (major Italian financial newspaper), writing, editing, focus on culture and technology. Board member of ActionAid International. [it], [en], [de]. Participated in Wikimania 2005 Frankfurt. Program, relationships with keynotes. linkedin
  Francesco Tarantini Volunteer Italy, Milan area Experience in coordinating nursing and health medical services, former member of Wikimedia Italia board, member of Wikimedia Italia active on Wikipedia medical content. Former board member of Italian Red Cross volunteers of Milan committee. Nursing degree's adjunct professor at University of Milan. Participated in the Wikimedia Conference in Milan. Safety, coordinator nursing and health medical services and accessibility linkedin - User:Franciaio
  Leigh Thelmadatter Coordinator-Wiki Borregos Tec de Monterrey Mexico Language professor in Mexico's largest private university system. I have worked with Wikipedia in English-as-a-foreign-language classes since 2007. Since 2011, I have coordinated efforts to develop a Wikipedia Education program at the school with projects in classrooms, to fulfill community service requirements and organize events such as photo contests related to Mexico's culture. These efforts have been recently re-organized under the name of "Wiki Borregos" (name of school mascot), accepted by the school system but still in process to be recognized as a user group by the Foundation. [en], [es] Wikimania 2012 Washington DC speaker. Program
  Ilario Valdelli Wikimedia CH staff Switzerland, Lugano Excellent knowledge of the territory of Wikimania Esino Lario, network in Italy and Switzerland, experience of organizing and contributing to Wikimedia events, strong engagement in the movement. Community manager in Ticino Switzerland for Wikimedia CH, he also works in ICT. [it], [en], [fr]. Member of the jury of previous Wikimania. Wikimania 2014 London. Program, Wikimania Takes Lake Como, activities in Ticino Switzerland. User:ilario, linkedin
  Fabio Vanin Volunteer Italy, Venice Architect and urban designer, Ph.D. in Urbanism. He worked as project leader for several strategic plans in Europe (Antwerp, Gent, Gorzow, Poznan) and Africa (Nairobi), and as research assistant at TU Eindhoven and at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He is the co-founder of Latitude: Platform for Urban Research and Design. / Location Linkedin, site
  Fiorenzo Viglienghi Volunteer Italy, Esino Former bus driver of the local company, knowledge and network of the local transport and bus companies, extensive experience in driving busses in the area (also very large vehicles) / Transport (local reference person)
  Giovanni Viglienghi Volunteer Italy, Esino Entrepreneur in Esino Lario, president of the Alpini, former member of Esino Lario city council. / Location


Instant book. One of the communication template of TOI Things of Internet designed by Antonio Scarponi for Esino Lario to create 8-pages small books georeferenciated and made of simple recycled A4 paper.
Making instant books.
WikiTV at Wikimania Washington DC.
Wikimania London.
Wikimania London.

Target and communication tools

Target Objective Tools
Working team
  • Coordinating the work to plan and implement Wikimania Esino Lario.
  • Making sure that people can access information both in Italian (national team) and English (international team).
  • Making sure every person involved is welcomed and knows how he/she can contribute to.

Please note that the working team is made of all people working on the organization of Wikimania, regardless of where they are based.

  • Wikimania Esino Lario bid - working and coordination pages on meta (English and Italian)
  • Wikimania Team wiki,
  • Mailing list for the group and for specific working groups: wikimania-l (general), wikimania-planning-l, wikimania-program, wikimania-scholarships, wikimania-core, internal-l for collaboration with various Wikimedia insiders
  • Description of the team, objectives and tasks of each group
  • Contacts with Ellie Young and the Committees
  • Planning meetings
  • Mailing list in Italian esinolario at
  • Visits to Esino Lario
  • Documentation shared and updated (management tools, road book)
  • Specific registration for the working team
People involved in Wikimania at an international level
  • Making sure we take full advantage of the experience of people linked to Wikimania-Wikimedia.
  • Making sure the working team is open to the contribution of all people interested in supporting the organization of Wikimania.
  • Communicating broad issues related to Wikimania to the community interested in the event and in the future of the event.
  • Please refer also to the working team.
  • wikimania-l
  • Wikimania Esino Lario bid - presentation of the proposal
  • Exchange with the jury and answers to their comments
Wikimedia community in Italy and like-minded organizations
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Providing information about the Wikimedia movement and in which ways they can contribute to it (online and offline).
  • CentralNotice
  • Media (local, national and international)
  • Scholarships
Wikimedia community in Switzerland and like-minded organizations
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Providing information about the Wikimedia movement and in which ways they can contribute to it (online and offline).
Members of Wikimedia Italia
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Wikimedia Italia mailing list
  • Wikimedia Italia newsletter
  • Wikimedia Italia website and social networks
  • Decision of the board and of the general assembly
  • Scholarships
  • General assembly of Wikimedia Italia (to inform, update and collect feedback)
Members of Wikimedia Switzerland
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Wikimedia CH mailing list
  • Wikimedia CH website and social networks
  • Wikimedia CH member wiki (internal website)
  • Decision of the board
  • Scholarships
  • General assembly of Wikimedia CH (to inform, update and collect feedback)
  • Scholarships
Potential attendees from all-over the world
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Providing information about the Wikimedia movement and in which ways they can contribute to it (online and offline).
  • Specific website (presentation of the event and overview)
  • Replies to comments on the website.
  • CentralNotice
  • OTRS
  • Media
  • Scholarships
Attendees (communication before, during and after the event).
  • Providing practical information about the event and support to attend and enjoying it (before and during the event).
  • Providing information and documentation about the event (videos, photos, feedback).
  • Collecting feedback.
  • Specific website (practical information)
  • Replies to comments on the website.
  • OTRS
  • Scholarships
  • Support for the visa procedures
  • email to the attendees before arrival (to remind them where to find everything)
  • Emergency number
  • People involved in the organization who both know Italian and English (and other languages)
  • Information desk
  • Welcome begs
  • Paper booklet
  • Badge
  • Announcements during the conference
  • Signs on rooms and around the locations (urban signage)
  • Moderators for each session
  • Recording or video recording short description of the results of working sessions (trainings, workshops, discussions).
Media and press
  • Providing a presentation of the event (texts, information, images, news and updates).
  • Supporting the participation of media and press in the event (practical information, a specific space for interviews, registration, support in organizing interviews).
  • Press kit
  • Press contacts (local, national - Italy and Switzerland - and international)
  • Answers to media requests
  • Press conference
  • Specific registration for the press
  • Press office (news, updates, information, images, texts, support in organizing interviews) - Documentation in Italian and English
  • Space for interviews
  • Providing reports and documentation which allows to evaluate the project (correspondence between the project and the results, definition of outcomes and metrics, documentation with data and photos)
  • Supporting stakeholders in attending the event.
  • Crediting correctly the support and engagement of stakeholders.
  • Sponsor kit
  • Credits and logos (according to trademarks and stakeholders-partners requests)
  • Request of support letters
  • Application forms and communication specifically designed for each stakeholder
  • Reports (narrative and financial) according to the guidelines of each stakeholders
  • Contact person for stakeholders.
  • Specific registration for the stakeholders
  • Press coverage (local, national and international)
  • Evaluation
  • Making sure the event is documented and its documentation to people who attended it or didn't.
  • Making sure guidelines and documentation related to the experience is documented to allow others to replicate or build upon the experience.
  • Documentation about the process.
  • Press coverage
  • Recording or video recording short description of the results of working sessions (trainings, workshops, discussions).
  • Video recording of presentations.
  • Photos of the events.
  • Upload of the video recordings
  • Upload of photos of the event
  • Conference "post-mortem"
  • Collecting attendees feedback
  • A representative of the team will join the Wikimedia team the year after.
Local media

Relationships with local media are important to inform about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects, to provide people of the territory a calendar of events and presentations related to Wikipedia/Wikimedia and to involve volunteers in contributing to the Wikimedia projects and in supporting the organization of Wikimania. Local media are also essential to involve potential local sponsors: Lake Como area and Valsassina are not only touristic area, but they also have a lively industrial production and some national-size companies.

Name Type Language Level of Wikipedia-issues Coverage Website
La Provincia di Lecco local newspaper Italian almost none
Giornale di Lecco local newspaper Italian almost none
La Provincia di Sondrio local newspaper Italian almost none
Giornale del Popolo (Ticino) local newspaper Italian almost none
Il Giornale del Ticino local newspaper Italian almost none
Il Corriere del Ticino local newspaper Italian almost none
Lago di Como - Online information website Italian and English almost none
Terra di laghi (Italy and Ticino) Online information website Italian none
Il Lago di Como Orientale (Oriental side of Lake Como) Online information website Italian, English, German none
VAOL.IT - Quotidiano online della Valtellina, Valchiavenna, Lago di Lecco e Como Online information website Italian almost none
Valsassina News Online information website Italian almost none
National media

National media have been already involved in the communication of Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy. Relationships with national media are important to inform the Italian bid and eventually Wikimania in Italy, to recruit volunteers in contributing to the Wikimedia projects and in supporting the organization of Wikimania, and to target national sponsors.

Name Type Language Level of Wikipedia-issues Coverage Website
ANSA Press information / news Italian
Corriere della Sera national newspaper Italian
La Repubblica national newspaper Italian
Il Sole 24 Ore (with Nova - technological focussed paper and Cultura - cultural pages on Sunday) national newspaper Italian
La Stampa national newspaper Italian
Radio 3 (cultural programmes; in particular Fahrenheit does direct recordings/interviews during events; Radio 3 Mondo) radio Italian
Radio 2 (entertainment programs; in particular Caterpillar) radio Italian
RSI Radio Svizzera Italiana radio Italian
International media

For local and national media relationships the focus is both on Italy and Switzerland. Other international media are involved in collaboration with Wikimedia Foundation (review press kits and contact management). The relationship with international media taps on current links and contacts and it focuses on the theme of Wikimania which in Esino Lario goes green and sustainable.

Communication materials

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Promotional materials €5.000 $6.862,45
Participants package 1.000 € 5 €5.000 $6.862,45
Total amount planned in the estimated costs €10.000 $13.724,90
Currency €1,00 $1,37


Objective Activities Expected results Indicators
1. Organizing a pleasant and affordable conference designed for 1'000 participants. Wikimania in Esino Lario
  • Organization and general management of the event (Wikimania checklist).
  • Providing support for visa, local transport, accommodation and meals.
  • Programme (including leisures and activities for children).
  • Independent evaluation team: 5 qualitative evaluations from 5 people; the group manages an online questionnaire and collects statistics related to the scholarships.
  • 700 participants.
  • 80% of the feedback is positive from participants, volunteers and organizations involved.
  • Availability of scholarships.
  • Cost per participants.
  • Number of requests of scholarships, number of scholarships, number of donors supporting the scholarships.
  • Number of participants (registrations online and check-in at the conference).
  • Feedback from the participants (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from the volunteers and organizations involved (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from 5 evaluators (qualitative <2 pages report).
  • Scholarships reports.
  • The criteria to collect feedback will be...
2. Testing a new collaborative format for Wikimania.
  • Enlarging the structure of Wikimania working team, with no separation between Wikimedians and "the others".
  • Involving Wikimedians, people living in the territory, and people with specific expertise in the event planning and implementation.
  • A site site-specific programme, designed specifically for the locations and the different available spaces. This is meant to associate each space with a different experience (a different way of collaborating).
  • A user-centered programme, designed for the different interests/needs of Wikimania participants. At the moment the call for participation asks people what they want to present, it does not ask people what they want to attend (there are hints in the feedback pages of the different Wikimania).
  • New ideas collected during the conference.
  • Compared to other Wikimania, Wikimania Esino Lario is perceived as something developed in a more collaborative way, and people feel more engaged and targeted. Is it ok to compare it with other Wikimania?
  • Documentation about the process used to design Wikimania: timeline.
  • Documentation of people involved in the project plan and implementation: timeline and team.
  • Feedback from the participants (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from the volunteers and organizations involved (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from 5 evaluators (qualitative <2 pages report).
  • The criteria to collect feedback will be...
3. Develop a sustainable Wikimania, which generates a long-term impact on the territory where it is organized (scalable experience).
  • Implementing a local fundraising focussed on territorial development and the improvement of existing structures (access and spaces for collaborative work and associations).
  • Implementation of specific projects.
  • Organization of a programme of events and meetings before Wikimania to present the Wikimedia projects, to support synergies with local GLAMs/data and to involve people in contributing.
  • Upload and edit of content on the Wikimedia projects while developing Wikimania (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, WikiVoyage in English and Italian).
  • Setting a system to collect information on the use of spaces and feedback.
  • Should we measure the knowledge about the Wikimedia projects before and after the conference?
  • Public Internet wifi in Esino Lario (centre).
  • Transformation of the former museum in a collaborative space and space for associations.
  • Improvement of the accessibility of the Sport hall/multifunctional space (access and security).
  • Improvement of the accessibility of the Primary school (access).
  • In the preparation of Wikimania, people living in Esino Lario and in the territory of Lake Como (Lario), Valsassina and Ticino have acquired an improved knowledge of the Wikimedia projects.
  • Increased number of content on the Wikimedia projects related to Esino Lario and the territory of Lake Como (Lario), Valsassina and Ticino.
  • The structures improved for the conference are used after the conference.
  • Feedback from the organizations and local organizers.
  • Budget collected from local grant-makers for territorial development activities.
  • Number of people and institutions involved in Wikimania (letters of supports, people volunteering for the preparation of the event and volunteers active during the event).




Expense Unit Number Days Euro Dollars
Coffee breaks preconference Food €5 700 2 €7.000 $8.736
Coffee breaks conference Food €5 1000 3 €15.000 $18.720
Lunch preconference Food €10 700 2 €14.000 $17.472
Lunch conference Food €10 1000 3 €30.000 $37.440
Welcome reception/party and closing party Food €13 1000 2 €26.000 $32.448
Accommodation+breakfast for organizers, volunteers, guests Participants €15 200 5 €15.000 $18.720
Transport for organizers, volunteers, guests Participants € 50 200 €10.000 $12.480
Busses from the airports Participants € 450 8 3 €10.800 $13.478[76]
Insurance + SIAE Venue €10.000 $12.480
Tensile structure Venue €15.000 $18.720
Meeting rooms (staircases for security, electrical system check, rented forniture, cleaning) Venue €30.000 $37.440
Equipment rental/A-V expense Technical €13.000 $16.224
Electricity Technical €4.000 $4.992
Connectivity Technical €40.000 $49.920
Audio visual, recording and uploads (no streaming planned) Communication €4.000 $4.992
Registration packet (lanyards, badge holders, bag, t-shirts, conference brochure) Communication €10 1000 €10.000 $12.480
Registration (charges for the system, rental of equipment for the on-site registration and badges) Organization €3.205 $4.000
Staff (management, communication consultant) Organization €16.026 $20.000
Contingency/Misc. Expenses Organization €8.090 $10.096
Total expenses €281.121 $350.838

Currency exchange 1 euro = $1,248

Financial plan


Fundraising for Wikimania Esino Lario 2016 has started. Until now we have:

  • Secured a technical support for communication materials of a value of 3'000-5'000 euro by the company A+E Milano srl.
  • Secured a support from Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus of 10'000 euro in the frame of the project "Villa Clotilde Expo 2015".
  • Secured a support from the Esino Lario City Council of 10'000 euro in the frame of the project "Villa Clotilde Expo 2015" (3'000 euro in-kind staff of the tourist office).
  • Secured a support from ODL company of 5'000 euro.
  • Secured support in-kind staff Wikimedia Italia during the event (not included in the budget).
  • Secured support in-kind staff Comunità Montana for excursions during the event (not included in the budget).
  • Requested a support from Lombardy Region of 37'000 euro in the frame of the project "Villa Clotilde Expo 2015" (pending).
  • Requested a support from Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia for 80'000 euro for the renovation of the former cinema which will be used during Wikimania (decision around March 2015).
  • Requested support in-kind staff Wikimedia CH during the event.
  • Presented the pre-project to Cariplo Foundation with a request of 200'000 euro (pending).
  • Started the discussion with Telecom Italia – a major Italian communication company - for the technical support to Esino Lario connectivity during Wikimania.
  • Started the discussion with a major international lightening company for a technical support to Esino Lario lightening (buildings and outdoor).

It is also important to mention that we are already benefitting from the support of a lot of people. We took advantage of a lot of volunteer work, we had the contribution of Wikimedia Italia to cover the cost of a dedicated person to help us with the planning, we had reduced prices from restaurants, bars, hotels and dorms; people are providing their apartments for a reimbursement; the Esino Lario city council and private owners are providing meeting rooms for free and some apartments owners are also giving us their flats and houses for free. A nice story is a lady that at the very beginning of the planning immediately signed the support to the event, gave her entire beautiful villa in Esino Lario for free, and she also offered to give us 1'000 € / 1'371 $ to support the event.[77]

Documentation about the fundraising

Request to Wikimedia Foundation

We are making a request to Wikimedia Foundation of 250'000 $ (190'000 euro).
Wikimedia Foundation grant will cover the specific costs of the event. Even if not directly associated to territorial development, the grant from Wikimedia Foundation is supporting grant-seeking as a co-funding, with a multiplier effect which creates benefits for a broader audience. Furthermore, the expenses associated to territorial development relate to connectivity, accessibility and collaborative work.

Planned income from registrations

Attending Wikimania sessions and events is free of charge. Registration is necessary to properly plan and implement the event, and the registration fee covers lunch. This approach have the advantage that scholarships, institutions supporting specific participants (i.e. Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia chapters, university fund) and participants will pay for a cost associated directly to their participation. Differently from other venues in which catering is basically a fixed cost, at Wikimania Esino Lario we can take advantage of restaurants and bars, which allows the cost to be reduced if the number of participants is less. The estimated cost of lunch in the budget corresponds to the planned income from registrations (and it can decrease accordingly).

Income Status Unit Number Days Euro Dollars
Wikimedia Foundation Request €200.321 $250.000
Communication materials sponsor AE Milano Confirmed €5.000 $6.240
Contribution associazione amici del museo grigne (permanent equipment) Confirmed €10.000 $12.480
Contribution sponsor ODL Confirmed €5.000 $6.240
Participants registration fee Reasonable € 50 1000 €50.000 $62.400
Transport from the airport to the venue paid by participants when they register Reasonable €450 8 3 €10.800 $13.478[78]
Total income €281.121 $350.838

Currency exchange 1 euro = $1,248

Confirmed support

Support by Role
Wikimedia Italia With general assembly vote in October 2013 (further specified in April 2014), Wikimedia Italia is promoter of Wikimania Esino Lario.
  1. Promotes Wikimania Esino Lario.
  2. Makes sure the event is properly communicated to its community (Wikimedia Italia communication tools: website, social networks, newsletters, mailing lists, meetings, general assembly).
  3. Involves its volunteers in attending the event and in contributing to the planning and organization of the event.
  4. Contributes to the event with the involvement of its staff during the week of Wikimania Esino Lario (in-kind contribution).
Wikimedia CH With the board resolution in February 2014, Wikimedia CH supports and co-promotes Wikimania Esino Lario.
  1. Promotes Wikimania Esino Lario
  2. Make sure the event is properly communicated to its community (Wikimedia CH communication tools: website, social networks, newsletters, mailing lists, meetings, general assembly)
  3. Involves its volunteers in attending the event and in contributing to the planning and organization of the event
  4. Contributes to the event with the involvement of its staff during Wikimania Esino Lario (in-kind contribution).
  5. Supports the organization of special events and excursions in Switzerland
  6. Decides its eventual in-kind and financial support to Wikimania Esino Lario in its next budget and financial plan.

Wikimedia CH could be the institution applying to Swiss grant-makers.

Esino Lario city council It has expressed its support September 2013; the city council has also produced a board resolution which officially supports the bid.
  1. Free use to city council infrastructures: Villa Clotilde, multimedia room of the Museo delle Grigne, former Museum della Grigne, Primary School, Sport hall/multifunctional space.
  2. Volunteer commitment of different former members of the city council to contribute to the organization of the event.
  3. Access to information necessary to plan and organize the event.
  4. The city council manages the interventions on public infrastructures.
  5. The city council – as legal responsible of the Ecomuseo delle Grigne – is currently lead organization in presenting applications to grant-makers.
Ecomuseo delle Grigne and Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus (managing non profit association of the ecomuseum) It has expressed its support September 2013. The Ecomuseo delle Grigne is an Esino Lario civic institution managed by the Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus.
  1. Ecomuseo delle Grigne is a promoter of the event.
  2. The ecomuseo contributes to the event by involving its community and network of associations
  3. Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus has confirmed a support of 10'000 euro.
  4. Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus – as organization managing the Ecomuseo delle Grigne – is currently lead organization in presenting applications to grant-makers.
Pro Loco Esino Lario It has expressed its support September 2013. Pro Loco will be partner of the event and it will directly promote activities and initiatives in Esino Lario. It will have a key role in managing volunteers and in taking care of some of the tasks necessary to implement the event in Esino Lario. Pro Loco are local associations meant to manage events. The involvement of Pro Loco Esino Lario is a great advantage for the event because of its experience and because of the specific legislative advantages local Pro Loco have. A meeting between Pro Loco and Wikimedia Italia is necessary to define a partnership agreement, but in general we already envision the role of Pro Loco Esino Lario as following
  • being the organizer of the event in Esino Lario
  • managing the smaller reimbursements for the accommodation
  • managing the tensile structure and the coffee breaks
  • managing the necessary licenses (siae); Pro Loco have a specific less expensive fee.
  • facilitating the involvement of volunteers.
Comunità montana della Valsassina Valvarrone Val d'Esino e Riviera and Regional Grigne Park Support letter received February 2014 and renovated in December 2014 by the new president.
  1. Support of the event.
  2. Involvement of the Comunità Montana della Valsassina Valvarrone Val d'Esino e Riviera and Regional Grigne Park in the organization of excursions and in the program of workshops and activities for children.
Company ODL Confirmation of financial support of 5'000 euro received November 2014. ODL is a local company which expresses with its contribution the support to Esino Lario, its territory and community.
Company A+E Milano srl Confirmation of in-kind support (correspondent to a value of 3'000-5'000 euro) received November 2014. The company is a communication company producing graphics, prints, leaflets, brochures, and other communication materials. Its support will be used for the communication materials of Wikimania (welcome beds, program)


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  13. 15 minutes to go and 15 minutes to come back.
  14. Suggestion by Manuel Schneider during the site-visit in Esino Lario, July 2014.
  15. Wikimania Esino Lario meeting at Wikimania London, August 2014.
  16. The project has been illustrated on several occasions during the summer and winter. Leaflets and forms have been given out to all families with a door to door distribution. A contest with small prizes has been organized for the 10 to 15-year-old children of the village with the help of a Wikipedia volunteer to explain what Wikipedia is about; the children were successfully taught the principles of Wikipedia, how to use the encyclopedia and how to modify items. We targeted children as a way to reach and engage families.
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  57. This number only includes 35 beds of the Scout centre / Ristoro (which will make the accommodation more comfortable) and it does not include the 20 beds of Antropos/former-La Colonia (since we have no confirmation).
  58. This is the number of beds of hotels in Varenna and Perledo from tourism websites. This accommodation has not been reserved, it does not include apartments and we didn't contacted the owners.
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  65. This is due to the necessity of not overcharging the connectivity during the event; please refer to Esino Lario/Technical.
  66. Please note that excursions in Switzerland might require specific visa.
  67. This specific need emerged in several discussions and during Wikimedia Italia general assembly.
  68. Legislation summary.
  69. Visa statistics (2012) for the 2023 Schengen consulates of the world: in one third of cases rejection is less than 1 % and in half of cases less than 3 %.
  70. Wikimania London was out of reach even for some Europeans who enjoy visa free access to Italy: contrary to popular belief, citizens of Europe were not necessarily favoured by nearby locations. For instance, 60 % of Serbian attendees had visa rejected by UK; while in 2012 Italian consulates were (together with Switzerland's) the consulates with lower percentage of rejected short-stay visa for Iranians among the countries with over 5 thousands visas issued in Iran; and granted 100 % short-stay visas asked in Serbia.
  71. Based on the visa information pages of previous editions, which however didn't provide stats for visa rejection. The 170 visa countries record of Hong Kong is hard to match. The United Kingdom is not part of Schengen; Frankfurt and Gdańsk of course were, but EU negotiators have not stopped working since then!
  72. Please note that the difficulties were not related to a mismanagement of the procedure but to a refusal of the requests.
  73. Ilario Valdelli has checked by calling the offices of the Swiss customs.
  74. The increase of the prize for lunch is due to the average cost between 10 € / 13,37 $ which is the cost of lunch in restaurants and 22 € / 30,25 $ for the cost of the meal provided by the catering.
  75. With in-kind contribution we mean that an institution allows that a percentage or a number of days of their staff members is devoted to Wikimania Esino Lario; they do not hire new collaborators, they do not provide us funds for staff, but they involve their team.
  76. 8 busses for 450€ each.
  77. We didn't include it in the budget because we are cautious and we do not have a written confirmation or the money.
  78. 8 busses for 450€ each (50 people per bus). If the bus is full it means around 10 euro per person; we will set the price once we decide precisely how to manage the rides.