Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Meeting rooms/Tensile structure

To accommodate the number of attendees at Wikimania an option is to install a tensile structure for 500 people. The tensile structure can be used for lunch and as a meeting space. This estimated cost can be used for 1 large tensile structure or 2 tensile structures. The location Ronchei has already been selected and checked by an experienced technician; this location allows trucks to deposit the equipment and it is located in a very convenient spot in between all venues. The tensile structure can be used to provide lunch for 500 people (catering), it can be a meeting space with coffee and in the evening it will work as bar. The tensile structure con be managed by Pro Loco and lunch will be prepared by a catering. If possible we will avoid renting a tensile structure (because of its ephemeral nature) and rather improve existing buildings.

Small tensile structures owned by Pro Loco Esino Lario.

It is important to mention that Pro Loco Esino Lario – a local association promoting events and partner of Wikimania Esino Lario – owns 3 tensile structures (3 x 4 meters) at our disposal for the event. Those are light structures which can be used in open space to create a repair from the sun and a light rain. Also other local Pro Loco (it is a network of associations supporting events in municipalities and they have a local group) do have small tensile structures and we ask if they can loan them to us the Wikimania.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Euro Notes
Structure € 6.000
Floor € 2.000
Doors € 500
Palk € 200
Technician who guarantees the security in the mounting phase 2 € 300 € 600 250 euro work, including food and accommodation.
Transport. Tracks for the round trip 6 € 400 € 2.400
Total without VAT € 11.700
VAT 22% € 2.574
Total with VAT € 14.274

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