Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Meeting rooms/Collaborative space

Address: Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario.
Map: OSM
Owner: Esino Lario City Council
Cost: The collaborative space is provided for free by the Esino Lario City Council.
Distance from Villa Clotilde (information desk and registration site): 3 minutes walk.
Hosts: Community Village
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This is the building currently hosting the local museum Museo delle Grigne. It is a two floors building with a long balcony on the first floor. On the ground floor there is a small meeting room. On the first floor there is a long row of 7 rooms (separated by few steps but without separation wall), all with a large window and independent entrance towards the balcony.

  • The room ground floor is 4,15 x 5,10 meters (plus the space occupied by the staircase); dimension suitable for around 24 people.


Ground floor and first floor are accessible from the stair inside the building and from the outside (from Piazza Pietro Pensa and from a side access to the balcony). The side access to the balcony has a step; this obstacle appears to be manageable with wheelchairs. Inside the first floor there are steps between each room; those steps can be avoided by using the balcony and the entrance door of each room. The bathroom is on the group floor with external indepedent access.

Wikimania Esino Lario venueEdit

During Wikimania this space will be used as a collaborative working space open 24/24 or it can host thematic discussions.


To use the Collaborative space as meeting rooms we need a new electrical system for safety reasons.

Symbol wait.svg In progress... Update December 2015. The collections of the museum have been transferred to the new location and the space is now empty.

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