Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Meeting rooms/Primary school

Address: via alle Scuole, Esino Lario.
Map: OSM
Owner: Esino Lario City Council.
Manager: Bellano School District.
Cost: Provided for free by Esino Lario City Council.
Distance from Villa Clotilde (information desk and registration site): 10 meters.

Esino Lario Primary School is a venue adjacent to Villa Clotilde. It has a main hall and 6 rooms. It is located closed to the arrival of the the optical fiber (less than 100 meters).

  • Electricity: tension (tensione) 380 volt, available power (potenza disponibile) 8,8 kw, used power (potenzia impegnata) 8 kw. The use of energy for the months of July-August 2014 is 189 kw.
  • Furniture and equipment. Tables and chairs, black board in all the rooms and a room with an interactive whiteboard.
Position of the primary school on Esino Lario map.

Description edit

Accessibility edit

The main all and 2 rooms are accessible without steps. 4 rooms can be reached with steps and they are not easily accessible to wheelchairs. The main hall and all rooms have exit doors towards the outside. There are male and female bathrooms in the buildings. The closest bar and restaurant is Bar restaurant 58.

Done All rooms are accessible with wheelchairs through a external paths built in 2015-2016 to make the entire building accessible during Wikimania and beyond.

Wikimania Esino Lario venue edit

The Primary School can be a space used for the hackathon, for thematic discussions, for poster presentations. The structure of the building allows to have plenary discussions and discussions in smaller groups. A suggestion[1] was to use the space during the conference to focus for half a day on specific topics (i.e. education, GLAMs, technology, chapters...) and to have simultaneously smaller presentations in the different rooms, to allow people interested a topic to move around the space.

Further documentation edit

Esino Lario Primary School on Wikimedia Commons

  1. Deror Avi, site-visit to Esino Lario, July 2014.