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Vikidatumoj ( celas krei liberan scian bazon pri la mondo, kiu povas esti legebla kaj redaktebla de homoj kaj maŝinoj same. Ĝi liveras datumojn en ĉiuj lingvoj de la Vikimediaj projektoj kaj permesas centran aliron al datumoj, simile kiel Vikimedia Komunejo faras por mediaj dosieroj. Vikidatumoj estas projekto gastigata kaj tenata de Vikimedio.

It enables central management of interwiki links located in the sidebar, between projects' language versions and across projects covering given subjects, which was previously implemented through individual interwiki links at page bottoms.

The initial development of the project is funded with a generous donation by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence [ai]2, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Google, Inc.

Pliaj informoj

  • – this is the production website.
  • Wikidata test site
  • Introduction – offers a non-technical introduction to the goals of the Wikidata project proposal.
  • FAQ – answers some of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Development – offers an overview of the current development work.
  • Contribute – shows how you can help.
  • Glossary – is a list of terms used around Wikidata and their explanation.

Influo al Vikipedio

We are working on three major things:

  1. Centralizing language links
  2. Providing a central place for infobox data for all Wikipedias
  3. Creating and updating list articles based on data in Wikidata


We are posting regular summaries of the activities around Wikidata on Status updates.


Wikidata is currently the largest Wikimedia project, with over 100 million content pages.