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Wiki Pendukung Filipina atau Wiki Advocates Philippines merupakan komunitas sukarelawan Wikimedia yang mendukung pengetahuan bebas melalui berbagai proyek Wikimedia; mempromosikan penggunaan proyek tersebut secara utama dan tidak terbatas melalui program pendidikan dan mempromosikan keterwakilan gender yang setara. Memberdayakan komunitas melalui pengembangan proyek, mendukung advokasi HAM dunia, dan mengadakan program kampanye untuk mempromosikan ekosistem pengetahuan bebas.


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This user group plans to conduct the following activities to achieve its objectives:

Main objectives

Minor objectives

Meet-ups. The group will be organizing meet-ups for its members in order to exchange ideas and to find ways to support them to continue editing the projects in areas where they would need help.

Translate-a-thons. The group will be helping new Wikimedians learn editing techniques, and translate and improve the content in Wikimedia projects using the content translation tool.

Trainings. The group will be conducting online and offline training on how to effectively contribute to the different Wikimedia Projects and how to participate in the different global campaigns.

Resource Sharing. The group will develop open-access materials related to accessing the different Wiki projects and develop an offline Wikipedia suitable for the Philippine communities and share it among the remote communities here in the country.

Community Office Hours. The group will be conducting online tutorials, talks, Q&A sessions, and Wikiprojects on-boarding for newbies experienced Wikimedians or anyone who is up for open knowledge and Wikimedia-based projects.

Plan of Events

WAP Timeline 2022

Recent Activities

Wikimania 2022

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Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island

The community members of the Wiki Advocates Philippines have looked forward to the Open Access Learning Portal installation in places in the Philippines with low to no data connections. After a year of preparation, the group was able to initially launch the project on one of the public schools situated on Catanduanes Island. Four hours of land travel from Pasacao, Camarines Sur to Tabaco City port, and another three hours of sea travel boarding the Calixta VI ferry to reach the San Andres, Catanduanes port, and finally the group was able to get to the island. A Kiwix device was donated to Bislig Elementary School, composed of ten school teachers and a population of 200-plus students. Eleven volunteers have conducted teachers' training on Wikimedia projects and Offline Wikipedia along with the donation of the device. The teachers, even with the absence of data connection, were able to try the editing experience through the Wikifundi software which was installed on the device. There was also a brief discussion on how Art and Feminism initiatives bridge the gender gap in Wiki projects. The possibility of creating the Catangduanon Wiktionary project was also considered to be part of future initiatives and collaboration.

Imelda Brazal talks about the Wikiprojects in general.jpg Anthony discussing Wikimedia projects.jpg Teachers and Wiki volunteers at Bislig Elementary School during the Wiki Advocates PH Outreach Activity.jpg A teacher trying Kiwix.jpg Nap Arcilla III receives the Kiwix Device.jpg

Wiki Para sa Karapatang Pantawo 2022

Wiki For Human Rights PH - May 25 Meetup and Photowalk 00.jpg Wiki For Human Rights PH - May 28 Meetup 03.jpg Wiki For Human Rights PH - May 29 Meetup 01.jpg

Earth Day 2022 Celebration

In celebration of Earth Day, the team has come up with a hybrid workshop and information awareness on environmental awareness, feminism, and concluding the event with a fun coffee painting session. A total of 21 female participants have attended the event, and 12 members of Wiki Advocates Philippines were also present.

Earth Day Celebration in the Philippines Art and Feminism x Wiki For Human Rights Back to Back Second Batch 13.jpg Earth Day Celebration in the Philippines Art and Feminism x Wiki For Human Rights Back to Back 34.jpg Earth Day Celebration in the Philippines Art and Feminism x Wiki For Human Rights Back to Back 31.jpg Earth Day Celebration in the Philippines Art and Feminism x Wiki For Human Rights Back to Back 26.jpgEarth Day Celebration in the Philippines Art and Feminism x Wiki For Human Rights Back to Back 27.jpg

Wiki For Human Rights PH - Let the Earth Breathe Talk 19.jpg Wiki For Human Rights PH - Let the Earth Breathe Talk 10.jpg Wiki For Human Rights PH - Let the Earth Breathe Talk 17.jpg

Coffee Painting Workshop

As part of the Art and Feminism campaign in the Philippines this year, the Wiki Advocates PH conducted a Coffee Painting Workshop on March 25, 2022 led by visual artist/editor Bianca Brazal. Participants are all active contributors in wiki projects, Wikiquote, Wikimedia Incubator, Wiktionary, to name a few. Artworks will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons for free use as part of the open knowledge advocacy of the group.

Art and Feminism PH 2022 Coffee Painting Workshop 09.jpg Art and Feminism PH 2022 Coffee Painting Workshop 12.jpg Art and Feminism PH 2022 Coffee Painting Workshop 01.jpg Art and Feminism PH 2022 Coffee Painting Workshop 03.jpg

Art and Feminism Capacity Building

The team's capacity building took place last April 1-2, 2022. Sessions include discussion on Wiki projects, involvement of females in the volunteer works, the possibility of offline edit-a-thon through the Wikifundi, and other future plans of the group. This was attended by 13 participants, some of them have already been part of the first Art and Feminism campaign in the Philippines, and two artists who were commissioned to do the last year's portraits of feminists and artists were also present.

Art and Feminism Capacity Building 2022 Philippines 13.jpg Art and Feminism Capacity Building 2022 Philippines 12.jpg Art and Feminism Capacity Building 2022 Philippines 03.jpg Art and Feminism Capacity Building 2022 Philippines 01.jpg


  • Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos: This is in participation in the international campaign of Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2021. Our local Wikipedia projects will benefit from these edits through uploading appropriate photos for existing articles. The main objective of this project is for our local Wikipedia Projects to be involved in this international campaign. Articles will certainly be improved since it will be provided with the right photos supporting the article itself. The accumulated photos that are all available on Wikimedia Commons will find their place in articles located in Wikipedia. A stub article is common in our local Wikipedia, then adding a photo for it is another step of improving those stub articles.
  • Art & Feminism: This project is focused on continuing the objectives of the previous year's Art & Feminism in the Philippines by adding and improving contents in Wikipedia, Wiki Commons, and other Wiki projects with regards the Art and Feminism, not only limited in the Philippines but throughout the world.
  • #WikiForHumanRights:This series of edit-a-thons will be part of the #WikiForHumanRights 2021. This is to increase content with regards to human rights, environmental health, and diverse communities impacted by environmental issues around the world and provide awareness through a simple lecture on how to protect and maintain healthy ecosystems. One of the project goals is to invite new editors with the same advocacy on preserving a healthy environment and prospect editors coming from different civic organizations for human rights.
  • Philippines Climate Change Translate-a-thon:This is a series of in-person events that focuses on translating articles on climate change events especially in the Philippines using the content translation tool of the Central Bikol Wikipedia. This project will give more focus on the typhoons that heavily impacted the country's history and economic development. This will both help promote awareness of the climate history of the country as a guide for disaster preparedness and will also provide a good avenue of recruiting new editors and promoting Wikipedia to college and senior high school students.
  • Bikol Wiktionary Edit-a-thon:This project focuses on adding new entries in the Bikol Wiktionary, improving the previous content, and inviting editors to do vocabulary contributions. This project aims to recruit new editors, will encourage mostly local Bikolano writers since they have advanced skills in language usage, increase skills for existing editors and fix word orthography, and add new word meaning based on reliable Bikol language references. View more programs

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