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Project Goal of the Art and Feminism Philippines 2022


Art and Feminism Edit-a-thon in Wikipedia and Wikiquote

The aim is to recruit more volunteers to engage in the movement and inspire them to devote their skills to developing the Wiki projects. It is understandable that not all participants will be able to instantly acquire the skills of an editor, so we will provide adequate space and opportunities for learning to everyone. Those that were part of the previous edit-a-thons will serve as tutors and assist in the overall monitoring of edits, registration on event pages, and updating of target articles. The two target projects (Tagalog and Central Bikol Wikiquote) are still in incubator status and we aim to develop it into an official wiki project with its own domain.

#VisibleWomen on Wiki projects

The aim is to involve the local community of artists in contributing their works for the Wikimedia Commons while at the same time promoting feminism through their art pieces. The online exhibit was done during the previous A+F campaign in the Philippines however we intend to immerse more artists in the movement and give them an opportunity to explore the possibility of contributing their works as a free online resource. The theme for the artworks will be centered on women empowerment, feminism, and gender equality.

Conversations on Women Empowerment and Feminism

During the previous Art+Feminism Campaign in the Philippines, we were able to send out interview questions to 5 local artists and feminists however, there were only two of them who were able to accomplish the questions. These were originally written in Tagalog and Central Bikol but it was translated into English later on so many audiences can access the resource. We also intend to hear the voices of women in different professions and levels of society.

Over-all, the project aims to bridge the gender gap on Wikiprojects and involve more editors that are advocates of feminism.

Art and Feminism in the Philippines
Art and Feminism in the Philippines

How do we do this?


Edit-a-thons and Wiki tutorials

There will be a series of edit-a-thons but in-person events will be limited to twice every month. Remote editing will be prioritized due to unexpected changes in COVID protocols. The schedule of events will be posted to community portals and community members will be informed via their talk pages. Local campaign organizers Brazal.dang, MaroBos, and Daramlagon will be present during the programs or you may reach them on their social media accounts, but there will also be specific communication channel intended for the campaign. We also wanted to look back on the articles created during the previous campaigns and improve them more, thru adding relevant photos, updating information, connecting to existing pages, and adding references.

Art Exhibit

The exhibit will run for one month by which artworks will be exhibited to viewers not only at the event place but also on the social media page of the A+F Philippines. The local artist community will be receiving invitation letters to join the exhibit. Community members who are involved in the art movement have promised to provide logistics and manpower assistance. Participating artists will be required to create a Wikimedia Commons account and upload their own contributions. The aim of this is to connect the emerging artists to a wider community so they could also showcase their works to a much more diverse audience and at the same time be active contributors on Wiki projects because not all are into editing, some may consider just contributing their works for free use.

Conversations on Women Empowerment and Feminism

There will be a series of interviews, for now, we are thinking of interviewing 3 to 4 artists and feminists in the region. But if other opportunities arise, we may need to add these numbers. During the celebration of the International Women's Day, we were able to gather reactions and answers from women on the question "Sain nindo nahihiling an babayi bilang parte kan sarong banwaan?" or "Where do you see the woman as part of a society?" The artists being interviewed would be asked if they’d be willing to engage more in the wiki projects either through editing specific art-related articles or uploading their works in the Wikimedia Commons. We hope to boosts the Art and Feminism movement in the Philippines and I think it would be a big help to include the local artists, hear and learn from them, and document the actual status of the movement in the region.

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” - Gloria Steinem


Detail Target Result
Number of events 4 in-person events, 3 online events 5 in-person events as of June 8
Number of participants 10 to 15 participants 41 participants as of June 8 (This includes participants during the coffee painting workshop and teachers on Bislig Elem. School)
Number of new editors 5 new editors 6 new editors
Number of articles created or improved 100 articles created, 100 articles improved Wikimedia hashtag search / outreachdashboard
Number of repeat participants 6 repeat participants 8 repeat participants
Detail Target Result
Number of events 1-month art exhibit
Number of participants 10 to 15 artists
Number of artworks contributed on Wiki Commons 10 to 30 artworks
Detail Target Result
Number of interviews 3 to 5 interviews 22 interviews
Number of uploaded files in Wikimedia Commons 3 to 5 files 22 uploaded files on commons

Join the Campaign


For Edit-a-thons:

  1. Sign in if you already have a Wikimedia account. If you don't have an account yet, you may create one. The account may be used to both the target Wiki projects for this project.
  2. Register your name on the list of participants by typing ~~~~.
  3. On the list provided for target Wikiquote women entries, you may choose any for your contributions. Translations from English Wikiquote are accepted or you may start a new entry by scratch. Make sure to follow the quotability rules.
  4. On the edit summary include the #ArtandFeminism and #ArtandFeminismPH. Amplify the campaign by sharing your best entries on social medias.
  5. Be bold and always have fun!

For Exhibits:

  1. Create your account on Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Read the # VisibleWikiWomen blog and be guided on the procedures on how you may upload your own works.
  3. You may email the Network Organizer of Art and Feminism in the Philippines here: and submit your works.

For Interviews:

  1. Simply answer the question "Sain nindo nahihiling an babayi bilang parte kan sarong banwaan?" or "Where do you see the woman as part of a society?" and post it on the talk page. :)



This is the 3rd time the Philippines will be running the campaign. If you are curious about the 2020 and 2021 projects, please check here:

  1. Art and Feminism in the Philippines Edit-a-thon 2020
  2. Art + Feminism in the Philippines Campaign 2021

Resources from Art and Feminism Website

  1. Editing and Organizing Materials
  2. Virtual Event Resources
  3. Remote Learning
  4. Safety