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Emergency Board Members Meeting

Place: Conference Room, WAP Office, San Cirilo, Pasacao, Camarines Sur
Time Started: 13:00 PM
Time Ended: 15:00 PM


  1. Angelica
  2. Trisha
  3. Imelda
  4. Bianca


  1. Resolution on Anthony Diaz's decision to step-down as Chairman of the Board.
  2. Resolution to Alvin Longoria's decision to resign as Vice-President.
  3. Next steps on the vacancy of the vice-president and new board member positions.


  • Anthony sent a letter of intent to resign as chair in preparation for an upcoming project. This decision was based from the recommendations of the MSIG team from the last meeting with board members dated November 28, 2023. The board decided to accept this but will put Anthony on the advisory position.
  • Alvin Longoria sent a letter of resignation to his roles within the User Group, specifying the intention to remain as an active regular member. Exact purpose of this intention is yet to be known by the board through the final interview. The board will schedule a meeting with him as soon as possible. Angelica and Trisha will facilitate the exit interview of Alvin Longoria. Imelda will send the acceptance letter after the interview.
  • Due to the vacancy of vital leadership roles within the User Group, we will conduct an emergency virtual election. Imelda will facilitate this election. The election should be conducted as soon as possible. Since no one from the current members of the Board want to accept the Chair position, the Chairman role and responsibilities will be divided into 5 members. Bianca will serve as acting Chair until the Board decides to permanently appoint a new Chair. The 5 board members will handle the following committees: Administrative, Diversity, Education, Human and Environment, and Language and Culture Preservation.
  • We will add two new seats for the board member. One seat will be through appointment, and another is through election.
  • The board appointed Erica Pesino to be one of the new board members to handle Diversity. We will inform Erica and wait for her acceptance.
  • All letters and documents are saved on the team's Google Drive.
  • All communication to the public will be handled by Imelda after the virtual election.
  • All pages and sites owned by the team should be updated accordingly.

Prepared by:

Imelda Brazal
Executive Director