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Members Training edit

Hatch-A-Wikimedian Training Sessions edit

Hatch-A-Wikimedian is a project of Wiki Advocates Philippines that aims to train new and existing editors to be ambassadors and community outreach organizers of different wikiprojects. Wiki Advocates Philippines is a group of Bicolano editors that organized the Hatch-A-Wikiproject, a series of editathons and meet-ups that developed Wiksyunaryo, Wikisambit and Wikikawikaan out of Incubator.

Matthew, Jheck, and Meriam (Left to right) Members of Wiki Advocates PH UG discussion on Wiktionary project

Wikimania 2021 edit

Anthony at Wikimania 2021

Wikimania is an annual conference centered on the Wikimedia projects. It features presentations on Wikimedia projects, other wikis, free/open-source software, free knowledge, and free content, and the social and technical aspects which relate to these topics. The most recent, Wikimania 2021, was held completely online, from 13 to 17 August 2021. Some of the member volunteers of the Wiki Advocates Philippines were able to attend this event with financial support from the Wikimania Scholarships granted through Art and Feminism.

This was my first time attending Wikimania and I am glad that the A+F community has provided support for their volunteers and members. There were a lot of learnings and take-aways all throughout the sessions and it is really hard to absorb them in one sitting, lucky enough that they’re also uploaded on youtube. It gives me a boost having to partake in an international event as a volunteer situated here in a far-flung area in the Philippines, with limited resources, fluctuating data connections, and unstable electric supply. I felt that no one was left out within the movement.
- An excerpt from the Wikimania reflections of one of the volunteers.

Identifying and Addressing Harassment Online edit

The Identifying and Addressing Online Harassment course (part of the Community Development Online Learning Pilot) was hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. This course supports administrators and volunteers with advanced user rights to build practices to respond to on and off-wiki harassment. Participants were trained on how to identify types of harassment and follow work processes to address harassment in a way that reduces harm and encourages empathy. Anthony was one of the 40 participants to be able to attend this training course. The entire program was held from February to May 2021 completing a 48-hour training cycle.

Wikidata Query Service edit

On March 28, 2021 members of the Wiki Advocates Philippines joined the first capacity building of the Wiki World Heritage User Group held via Zoom platform with Andrew Lih as the resource trainer. The session focused on the use of the Wikidata Query Service and was attended by 12 participants, all members of the user group. Wikidata Query Service was the top choice of the members in terms of tools and techniques they want to learn based on the recently conducted skills assessment of the members. View more about the Wiki World Heritage User Group Capacity Building.

Lingua Libre edit

In celebration of Wikipedia's 20th birthday and the approval of the Central Bikol Wiktionary, volunteers were trained how to add audio files in Wiktionary entries using Lingua Libre. Lingua Libre is a tool that allows recording a large number of words in a few hours (up to 1,000 words/hour with a clean word list and an experienced user). It automatizes the classic procedure for recording and adding audio-visual pronunciation files onto Wikimedia projects. Once the recording is done, the platform automatically uploads clean, well cut, well named, and apps-friendly audio files, directly to Wikimedia Commons.

Wikipedia 20 bag