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Wikimania 2021 Affiliate scholarshipsEdit

Apply here for Wikimania 2021 Affiliate Scholarships to support access to and participation in Wikimania 2021 in your community. Scholarships can be used to support a number of needs and activities to support access and participation in Wikimania 2021, such as covering data costs for participants, supporting childcare expenses, hosting meetups in relation to Wikimania, and more. A full list of eligible expenses can be found below. Scholarships are generally between 500 USD to 2000 USD. If your request exceeds this amount, please contact for support.

Please keep in mind that you must be a Wikimedia movement affiliate to be eligible to request funding. Affiliates who have a Simple Annual Plan Grant or Annual Plan Grant are eligible for these scholarships. Individuals and other organizations are ineligible for these scholarships.


The deadline to submit scholarship requests is the 31st of July 2021.

Applications after the 15th of July, might not able to receive the funds before Wikimania but they will be funded.

Eligible activities and expenses

  • Childcare services (or similar family services) to support Wikimania participation
  • Data packages to distribute to Wikimania participants
  • Administrative or operational costs to distribute funds to community members, such as transfer fees
  • Small hardware expenses to support access (such as webcams, microphones, head/earphones)
    Note: Requests for computers, laptops, tablets, and other personal devices are not eligible.
  • Translation services for a Wikimania session
  • Video production support for pre-recorded Wikimania sessions (such as equipment or space)
  • In-person meetups that coincide with Wikimania activities (food, beverage, meeting space)
  • Post-Wikimania meetups resulting from having attended Wikimania (food, beverage, meeting space)
In the application, you will be asked some of the following questions:
  • What Wikimedia movement affiliate do you represent?
  • What needs are you requesting funding for to support your community’s participation in Wikimania 2021?
  • Approximately how many Wikimania participants does the funding support?

Proposed applicationsEdit

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