Universal Code of Conduct/Functionary consultations/April 2021

Universal Code of Conduct



The Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) drafting committee is beginning the process of writing about how the UCoC can be enforced across Wikimedia projects. Arbitration Committees from across the projects, stewards, and global sysops need to have a preliminary understanding about their roles and responsibilities in the future with respect to the UCoC. There will be a meeting held online to discuss the future, taking place on 10 & 11 April 2021 using a platform to be determined. The goal of the meeting is to provide guidance for the UCoC drafting committee to use when discussing enforcement and the global community. This meeting will not be producing any actual process; work to implement any agreements that may be reached will begin at some point after the UCoC drafting is complete.

The meeting is being coordinated and hosted by Keegan Peterzell from the Wikimedia Foundation, a long-time community member, former checkuser and oversighter from the English Wikipedia. His role in this is to get the participation of the groups together, plan and run the sessions of the meeting, and provide whatever else is needed by the meeting attendees to help come up with a general consensus on how to move forward with the UCoC with regards to a global process.

Meeting information


Ideas and thoughts


There's an etherpad set up for writing down things that participants are thinking about and may want to talk about with others, but there may not be time during this weekend's sessions. These notes will be used to help for the agenda for the next meeting.

Dates and times

  • Date: 10 & 11 April
  • Time:
    • Saturday, 10 April, 15:00-17:10 UTC
    • Sunday, 11 April, 15:00-16:30 UTC

Agenda: the Future of Global Conduct Process


While this meeting will take place in English, live translation resources are available to allow multilingual participation.

Almost final agenda
Saturday, 10 April
14:30-15:00 Pre-meeting social time Join early if you'd like to introduce yourself and say hello
Saturday, 10 April 2 hours 10 mins
Start time (UTC) Session type Session topic Session length
15:00 Opening Keegan opens up the sessions with some housekeeping 5 minutes
15:05 Check-in Question for the group, written answers 5 minutes
15:10 Talk/Q&A The Landscape (with Maggie Dennis) 25 minutes
15:35 Break-out groups Discuss the first session's topic 10 minutes
15:45 Report back Present shared thoughts on the first topic 10 minutes
15:55 10 minute break
16:05 Talk/Q&A Presentation and discussion on the Croatian Wikipedia 30 minutes
16:35 Break-out groups Discuss the Croatian Wikipedia problem and potential solutions 15 minutes
16:50 Report back Present shared thoughts on the topic 10 minutes
17:00 Wrap up Write down thoughts on the day, tomorrow 10 minutes
Sunday, 11 April 90 minutes
Start time (UTC) Session type Session topic Session length
15:00 Check-in Question for the group, written answers 5 minutes
15:05 Discussion Talk about reflections from the previous day 10 minutes
15:15 Break-out groups Brainstorming: what do we see as solutions or processes going forward? 20 minutes
15:35 Report back Present shared thoughts 10 minutes
15:45 5 minute break
15:50 Group discussion Converge: what do we agree upon, then? 15-20 minutes
16:05/16:10 Group discussion Discuss what can be done in the areas agreed upon, assign owners 15-20 minutes
16:25 Wrap up Write down thoughts on how you're feeling about the next steps 5 minutes




  • Keegan (WMF), Community Relations, co-facilitating
  • Sally Hakim, Trust and Safety, co-facilitating
  • Patrick Early, Trust and Safety, co-facilitating
  • Nasma Ahmed, Trust and Safety, note-taker


  • Zoom, the meeting design necessitates quick transitions with breakout rooms. Future meeting designs with smaller groups may be able to use Wikimedia Meet.

Request assistance beforehand


Do you have a specific accommodation or need for this meeting? Please let Keegan know.