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Policies and guidelines Special global permissions

This page documents global permissions with global scope that are based on Wikimedia Foundation policies and logistical necessity.

With the advent of global permissions, some older permission assignments are both redundant and limiting to their membership. The following changes have so far been implemented:

Ombuds commission (Ombuds)

The Ombuds commission is a small, board-selected group directed to investigate allegations of CheckUser abuse.

This group has the checkuser-log right globally, in order to view CheckUser logs at any Foundation-hosted project.

System administrators (System administrators)

System administrators handle the technical management of the servers which host our projects. As these individuals have the technical ability and permission to effect changes, the Sysadmin global group was implemented to encourage them to do so more easily and in a more transparent manner.

Foundation Staff (Staff)

Wikimedia Foundation staff members are those employees of the Foundation with both the need for rights beyond those of normal users on a global scale and the technical ability to use them.


User right created 27 Şubat 2009 for User:Jimbo Wales.

Arayüz düzenleyicileri (Global interface editors)

Interface editors is a global group that allows its members to modify interface pages and protected templates on all Wikimedia projects. A user may be given this permission if they are a highly experienced js/css/template coder. It should be used only to perform non-controversial tasks. As a rule this permission is assigned for a finite duration—up to a year.


The Meta-Wiki hosts the global rights log, where any user (registered or not) may view the creation and deletion of global groups and the changes to their permissions. A detailed description of the various rights may be found on MediaWiki.org. Please note that some rights are detailed in the appropriate extension page there.

Two-factor authentication

The Wikimedia Foundation made two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory for selected global user roles in December 2018. The requirement is recorded at the top of various Meta-Wiki pages as imposed by "the Wikimedia Foundation"; the addition of that text was itself the announcement (by a Foundation employee). No broader announcement was made and the requirement will be enforced by manual audits.

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