Specijalne globalne dozvole

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Ovo je stranica sa specijalnim globalnim dozvolama sa globalnim opsegom koje se zasnivaju na politici Wikimedija fondacije.

Korisnička prava kreirana 27. februar 2009. for User:Jimbo Wales.

The global flow creator global group allows users to create Flow pages on any WMF wiki on which it is installed, as well as several miscellaneous rights. It contains only several WMF staff, and is not in active use since Flow is not being actively developed.

Ombudsman komisija je mala odborna grupa izabrana za istraživanje o zloupotrebi CheckUser prava.

Ova grupa ima pravo pristupa gledanja CheckUser loga globalno na svima projektima Wikimedija fondacije.

Recursive export is a global group that allows the user to export pages with linked pages beyond the limit applied to normal users. The right is only assigned to users who have a demonstrable need and can be trusted to use it correctly as it can apply a heavy load to the Wikimedia servers.

Before the creation of the group the right was only available to system administrators.

Osoblje Wikimedija fondacije su zaposleni u Fondaciji, obe potrebe za pravima onih koji su van normalnih korisnika na globalnom nivou i tehničke mogućnosti da ih koriste.

System administrators handle the technical management of the servers which host our projects. As these individuals have the technical ability and permission to effect changes, the Sysadmin global group was implemented to encourage them to do so more easily and in a more transparent manner.

The wmf-email-block-override global group includes only the sboverride right. Its sole member is Maryana Iskander, CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The WMF Researcher right was created by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal and Community Advocacy team to provide a temporary global right to some NDA'd staff and contractors assisting in specific legal research who do not require the full global Staff Rights package. Under the principle of least access and because the need has come up multiple times the group has been converted into a more permanent global group that can be given to WMF Staff or Contractors (permanent or temporary) when they need read-only access to deleted or suppressed text and logs but do not necessarily need other rights in the full Staff package. It is also used for NDA'd 3rd party Researchers who need API access to deleted content as part of their approved research.


The Meta-Wiki hosts the global rights log, where any user (registered or not) may view the creation and deletion of global groups and the changes to their permissions. A detailed description of the various rights may be found on MediaWiki.org. Please note that some rights are detailed in the appropriate extension page there.

Two-factor authentication

The Wikimedia Foundation made two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory for selected global user roles in December 2018. The requirement is recorded at the top of various Meta-Wiki pages as imposed by "the Wikimedia Foundation"; the addition of that text was itself the announcement (by a Foundation employee). No broader announcement was made and the requirement is enforced by manual audits.

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