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"'Pengguna terdaftar"' adalah pengguna yang telah mendaftar untuk akun dan telah masuk ke proyek Wikimedia. Selain apa yang dapat dilakukan pengguna yang tidak terdaftar, pengguna terdaftar dapat:1W

  • Membuat halaman baru (yang bukan halaman pembicaraan)
  • Menyunting preferensi Anda sendiri
  • Sunting daftar pantau Anda sendiri (ingatlah bahwa beberapa tindakan tetap akan menambahkan halaman walaupun tanpa hak ini)
  • Memuat berkas
  • Menandai suntingan sebagai minor
  • Memindahkan halaman

Daftar hak lengkap tersedia pada Daftar hak kelompok.

All edits made as a registered user will show the user name in the history instead of an IP address.

Registered users (excepting administrators or Wikimedia Staff) cannot edit or move protected pages. Newly registered users cannot edit semi-protected pages or move any page. Several other minor restrictions, depending on the wiki, may apply to newly-registered users (per phabricator:T14556, media uploads are an autoconfirmed right on most wikis, Commons being a notable exception).

Registered users on Wikimedia Commons include trusted users. As Commons has many Flickr images and requires reviewers to ensure that claimed copyrighted licenses are valid, a registered user familiar with Commons licensing may apply to become a trusted user, which is a user sub-class on Commons. Current Commons administrators need not apply to become trusted users as they already have a higher user class than registered users.

=== Pengguna yang dikonfirmasi secara o0atomatis ===91a

On MediaWiki, there is a pseudo-group called "autoconfirmed" to prevent new accounts from flooding a wiki with low quality or vandalism edits. After an account is a number of days old, or has performed a certain number of edits, the account is given the "autoconfirmed" flag. The thresholds are different for different wikis, though the default configuration is four days delay, with no minimum edit count requirement.

Examples of custom configurations:

As of December 2022, the longest waiting periods are 7 days (in de.wikibooks,,,, and most zh.* wikis); and the highest edit count requirement is 50 edits (in,,, and wikidata), whereas the most common custom setting is 10 edits. For an up-to-date of the current settings, review the $wgAutoConfirmAge and $wgAutoConfirmCount arrays in WMF's InitializeSettings.php.

Some requests to increase such limits have been rejected in the past — see Limits to configuration changes.