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This page provides information on the "central notice administrators" ('centralnoticeadmin') group on Meta.

The Central Notice Administrator (CNA) group has rights to edit and activate banner campaigns. Because of the potentially huge impact of banners on the wikis, this should be granted carefully and sparingly. Previously, all administrators had access to these rights as well, but that was removed in November 2018.

For assistance from an admin, visit Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat.

Requests for CentralNotice banner campaigns should be placed at CentralNotice/Request.


Central notice administrators have the following rights:

  • Modificările proprii marcate ca patrulate (autopatrol)
  • Protect translatable messages handled by the Translate extension and included in CentralNotice banners (banner-protect)
  • Gestionați anunțurile centrale (centralnotice-admin)
  • Modifică interfața cu utilizatorul (editinterface)
  • Activează autentificarea cu doi factori (oathauth-enable)
  • Schimbă ajustările de protejare și modifică pagini protejate în cascadă (protect)

Meta-Wiki bureaucrats can appoint and remove central notice administrators.

The rights can be requested on Meta:Requests for adminship.

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