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ipblock-exemptフラグ('ipblock-exempt'ユーザーグループ)権限が付与されているユーザーは自動ブロックやIPアドレスおよび範囲ブロックの影響を受けません。またproxy blocksならびにTorブロックも除外されます。この権限は 管理者に自動的に付与されますが、IPブロックまたは広域ブロックを受けたIPアドレスで編集する管理者でない利用者には編集できるように個別にフラグを個別に追加する必要があります。アカウントのない利用者には付与できません。


Historically, administrators would "softblock" IP's allowing named editors to continue to edit, while disallowing any anonymous editing and user registrations. With this flag, this is no longer required.


To get this flag and become IP block exempt on a specific project one must ask an administrator of that project. The information on who should or should not get this userright can be found on the no open proxies page. However every project may have its own IP block exemption policy.

To get a global exemption from global blocks one must make a request to stewards at Steward requests/Global permissions.

Note: that an exemption granted by a steward will only circumvent a global block placed by stewards. An global exemption will not circumvent a local block placed at a wiki by a local administrator. Blocks at wikis (local blocks and local exemptions) override global actions for that wiki.

Interactions of local and global block exemptions

Blocks and exemptions work differently depending on where they are imposed, and by whom they are imposed.

Local blocks

  • A local block only works at the one wiki.
  • Local blocks are applied by local administrators.
  • A local block exemption only overrides the block at the one wiki, and it exempts all blocks placed.

Global blocks

  • A global block works on all centralised wikis, with the exception of metawiki (this wiki)
  • Global blocks are typically only placed by stewards.
  • Global IP block exemptions override global blocks only, it has no impact on local blocks.
  • Local administrators can override (whitelist) for their wiki a steward's global block through that wiki's Special:GlobalBlockWhitelist page
Comparison of local/global blocks and local/global exemptions.
Block imposed by Local administrator
Type of exemption
Local IP block exemption unblocked unblocked
Global IP block exemption blocked unblocked
No exemption blocked blocked