This page is a translated version of the page Grants:IdeaLab/Inspire/Translation and the translation is 68% complete.
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번역 작업

All of the translation of the Inspire campaign is done via the translate extension. The main pages for translation are gathered in one translation group; a full list of pages can be seen on the right side of this page, and for supporting pages, below.


  • If you have never used the extension before, be sure the check out this help page explaining it.
  • Make sure your language here on Meta is set to your language (click the button next to your username on the top of the page).
  • Certain messages might be hard to translate; if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask at the talk page.

Main messages

Central Notice Mass Message

Main pages

대문 번역 Inspire FAQ

문서 지원

The main pages listed above are for the Inspire campaign itself. However, the Inspire campaign is based on the Grants:IdeaLab and Grants:IEG pages. Much of what is needed for those is already translated into a number of languages, but more translations are always welcome.

Grants:IdeaLab 번역

There are also configuration pages for several gadgets that are used for these pages that can be translated. They are: