Wikipedia Asiatisk Måned/Spørgsmål og svar

This page is a translated version of the page Wikipedia Asian Month/QA and the translation is 30% complete.


  • Q: Hvor mange postkort kan en person få?
    A: Each Wikipedian who accomplishes the requirements on one Wikipedia will receive one. If the user attends the event on Wikipedias of two languages and accomplishes the requirement on both, the user will receive two postcards. The local organizer will receive one postcard for each Wikipedia the user is organizing (we need contributors to make efforts rather than just have the names on the page; maximum five each Wikipedia).
  • Q: Does it mean if I create 10 articles on one Wikipedia, I will receive two postcards?
    A: No. Four articles are the requirement to be accomplished. Additional articles are appreciated but do not increase your postcards.
  • Q: Hvad er det højeste antal postkort en bruger kan få?
    A: Syv.
  • Q: Hvilke postkort fra hvilke lande vil jeg modtage?
    A: The addresses will be randomly distributed, so no one knows until you receive it.
  • Q Jeg er bekymret for mit privatliv.
    A: We will only collect address information, your real name, and username, and only the address and real name will be given to the affiliate who will be sending postcards; your username will not be given. All information will be deleted immediately once the addresses have been distributed.
  • Q: Hvornår vil postkortene blive sendt?
    A: Based on the records of previous years, January of next year at fastest, May at latest. Usually March to April. It may vary on which affiliate will write to you. We understand that is not a quick job, but we have limited volunteer resources. Please understand we are 100% volunteers to complete sending hundreds of cards.
  • Q: Hvis jeg ikke modtager postkortene i tre måneder, hvad skal jeg så gøre?
    A: Due to the unreliable mail service in various countries, it may be possible that you don't get the postcards on time. However, we assure you that we have sent and dispatched the postcards. Please understand that this is a common issue in postcard sending.
  • Q: I live in or I am from one of the postcard-sending countries or regions. Can I choose to not get a postcard from that country or region?
    A: We will give you the option when we collect the address. You can choose one country or region that you don't want your postcard sent from.
  • Q: If I create 15 articles, will 2 postcards sent to me by parcel of the post office?
    A: Hvert postkort vil blive sendt seperat
  • Q: Kan postkort spores?
    A: No. All the postcards will be sent as regular airmail, and not as registered. International registered mail is much expensive and our budget can’t afford it.
  • Q: Should I describe my name and address in alphabet, or can I write it in characters of my language?
    A: Address collection form asks you both one of alphabet and one of your language. Some affiliates will print out addresses in local languages of recipients. However, some systems don’t prepare all the fonts over the world. So please do remember to include your address in English alphabet.

Wikipedia Asian Ambassadors

  • Q: If I achieve the most number of articles in more than one Wikipedia, do I get multiple titles of the "Ambassador"?
    A: You will have the title on each language version of Wikipedia where you achieve the most number of articles, while the second person on the Wikipedia you contribute fewer articles will also be honored as "Wikipedia Asian Ambassadors".
  • Q: What do I get from being honored as "Wikipedia Asian Ambassadors"?
    A: You will receive an additional postcard and a digital certificate! The certificate is made by stock paper, and we will scan it and send it to you. We will also copy it in regular paper and send it to you through the first class mail.
  • Q: What if there are more than two people who contribute the greatest number of articles in one version of Wikipedia?
    A: There will be only one Ambassador on each language version of Wikipedia, so the Wikipedians who contribute the same amount of articles will be re-ranked by their bytes count of total articles they created. (expanded article won't count at here.) We will consider giving the title to an additional person if the contribution is far more than average.


  • Q: If I write a featured article, does it mean more points?
    A: No. This is not an article competition. However, we do encourage you to write a better quality article.
  • Q: Will my edit before November be counted from editing draft page or user subpage?
    A: No. However, you can move the content from the draft page instead of moving the draft page.
  • Q: Jeg bor ikke i et asiatisk land. Kan jeg stadig deltage?
    A: Yes. There is no limit on that. The project welcomes participants from all over the world to increase Wikipedia's coverage of Asia.
  • Q: Can an IP user participate? (In other words, can users participate without having a registered Wikipedia account?)
    A: Due to the restriction of wmflab and our tool, IP users cannot participate. We strongly recommend that you register an account, which actually protects your privacy. Registration is simple and free.
  • Q: If an article subject (person) is Asian but not born in Asia, will it count?
    A: No. But a person who is born in Asia but gets his/her notability outside Asia will count. (For example, a person born in Thailand who is famous for accomplishments in Europe or Africa will count.)
  • Q: If an article subject (person) is not Asian but his work contributes to promote Asian culture, will it count?
    A: Yes. People who get their notability only in Asia while born outside Asia can count. (For example, a journalist not of Asian ancestry who was born in an African, American, or European country but is famous only in Japan due to appearing on a Japanese news program would count.)
  • Q: Kan jeg oversætte artikler fra andre sprog?
    A: Yes. As long as these Asia-related articles are new to the Wikipedia for which you are translating them, they will count.
  • Q: Er en liste kvalificeret?
    A: No. Due to the complicated nature of selecting which kind of list are eligible and which are not, for simplicity of the rules, lists are not eligible. But in some Wikipedias if the list article is promoted as a featured list then it can be counted.
  • Q: How about transcontinental countries?
    A: Yes, but only the Asian parts of these countries. These countries include Egypt, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands. If you submit an article that is not on this list, you may talk to you local organizer and to determine if it counts for Asia.
  • Q: May I provide my previous posted articles for the contest?
    A: No, the articles have to be created and finished during the Wikipedia Asian Month. The purpose of the project is to develop new articles.
  • Q: How can I withdraw/remove my wrongly submitted article from the Fountain?
    A: Ask the local jury to delete it. If they can't, contact the tool developer.


  • Q: Min hjemwiki er ikke på listen men det er allerede november?
    A: You can start to run this event on your local Wikipedia any time before end of November (you don't want to launch it in last few days in November though). You can find all resources on Meta. Please Contact User:Li-Yun Lin or leave a message on this talk page to get help, and let us know you are in.