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विकिमीडिया आन्दोलनको संगठन तालिका
Mindmap of the Wikimedia movement (2019)

The Wikimedia movement is the totality of people, activities, and values which revolve around Wikimedia sites and projects:

साझा मूल्यमान्यता

  • a collection of values shared by individuals (freedom of speech, knowledge for everyone, community sharing, etc.);

साझा परियोजनाहरू

    • विकिपीडिया, २५० भन्दा बढी भाषाहरूमा
    • 'backstage' wikis or organizational wikis, such as this Meta-Wiki,
    • conferences, workshops, wikiacademies etc. (offline activities);

विकिमिडिया संगठनहरू

  • a collection of organizations, as well as some free electrons (individuals acting outside any group) and similar-minded organizations:

विकिमिडिया फाउन्डेसन

The owner of the trademark Wikimedia is the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). Linked to the WMF are the Wikimedia Foundation's own organs and committees:

  • बोर्ड
  • कर्मचारी
  • सल्लाहकार बोर्ड
  • Independent Committees installed by the WMF board

Wikimedia stakeholders

More generally speaking, Wikimedia stakeholders may also be part of the Wikimedia movement, i.e. readers of Wikimedia content, donors, schools, GLAM , similar-minded institutions, and companies co-operating with the Wikimedia Foundation or other Wikimedia organizations.

यो पनि हेर्नुहोस्

  • The post and the thread on foundation-l mailing list, started by Anthere, where the term and concept was launched.