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Wikimedia LGBT+

Wikimedia LGBT+

A User Group to support the LGBT+ community
and represent LGBT+ content
across Wikimedia projects.

This is a page for organizers to add their LGBT-related events. Note whether the events are offline or online, upcoming or past.

Upcoming events


Date Type Event Contact
7. april   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2024-04-07, Wikimedia LGBT+ April Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru

Past events


Date Type Event Contact
28. marts   Wikimedia LGBT/2024/03-28, Wikimedia LGBT+ March English Meeting User:Hexatekin
3. marts   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2024-03-03, Wikimedia LGBT+ March Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru
4. februar   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2024-02-04, Wikimedia LGBT+ February Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru
24. januar   Wikimedia LGBT/2024-01-24, Wikimedia LGBT+ January User Group Meeting Hexatekin
7. januar   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2024-01-07, Wikimedia LGBT+ January Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru


Date Type Event Contact
29. december   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-12-29, Wikimedia LGBT+ December User Group Meeting User:Hexatekin
3. december   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2023-12-03, Wikimedia LGBT+ December Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru
29. november   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-11-29, Wikimedia LGBT+ November User Group Meeting User:Hexatekin
5. november   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2023-11-05, Wikimedia LGBT+ November Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru
19. oktober   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-10-19, Wikimedia LGBT+ October User Group Meeting User:Hexatekin
1. oktober   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2023-10-01, Wikimedia LGBT+ October Spanish Meeting User:Nacaru
17. september   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2023-09-17, Wikimedia LGBT+ September Spanish Meeting User:Freddy eduardo
14. september   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-09-14, Wikimedia LGBT+ September User Group Meeting User:Hexatekin
9. august   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-08-09, Wikimedia LGBT+ August User Group Meeting User:Hexatekin
30. juli   Wikimedia LGBT/Spanish/2023-07-30, Wikimedia LGBT+ July Spanish Meeting User:Freddy eduardo
12. juli   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-07-12, Wikimedia LGBT+ July User Group Meeting User:Hexatekin
30. maj   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-05-30, Wikimedia LGBT+ May User Group Meeting
12. maj – 27. maj   QW2023, Queering Wikipedia 2023
2. januar   Wikimedia LGBT/2023-01-02, Wikimedia LGBT+ January User Group Meeting


Date Type Event Contact
4. januar   Wikimedia LGBT/2022-01-04, User Group meeting
25. januar   Wikimedia LGBT/2022-01-25, User Group meeting
19. februar   Wikimedia LGBT/2022-02-19, User Group meeting
15. marts   Wikimedia LGBT/2022-03-15, User Group meeting
16. april   Wikimedia LGBT/2022-04-16, User Group meeting
17. maj   Wikimedia LGBT/2022-05-17, User Group meeting
21. oktober – 22. oktober   QW2022, Queering Wikipedia conference


Date Type Event Contact
14. maj – 16. maj   QW2021, Queering Wikipedia working days


Date Type Event Contact
21. januar   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – January 2020 FULBERT
18. februar   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – February 2020 FULBERT
19. marts   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – March 2020 FULBERT
23. april   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – April 2020 FULBERT
21. maj – 24. maj   Queering Wikipedia 2020, Linz, Austria Kawayashu
10. juli – 18. juli   Wikipedia for Peace: Queer Edit, Innsbruck, Austria Shikeishu


Date Type Event Contact
29. marts – 31. marts   Wikimedia Summit Shikeishu
22. marts – 25. marts   Wikipedia for Peace/Tunis/Write for Rights (2019) Kawayashu
22. april   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – April 2019 FULBERT
13. maj   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – May 2019 FULBERT
11. juni – 16. juni   Wikipedia for Peace/Europride Vienna Shikeishu
13. juni   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – June 2019 FULBERT
8. juli   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – July 2019 FULBERT
5. august   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – August 2019 FULBERT
16. august   Wiki LGBT+ Meetup at Wikimania 2019, Stockholm, Sweden FULBERT, Bluerasberry
18. august   Wiki LGBT+ Meetup at Wikimania 2019, Stockholm, Sweden Shikeishu, Bluerasberry, FULBERT
9. september   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – September 2019 FULBERT
7. oktober   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – October 2019 FULBERT
10. november   LGBT+ Meetup at WikiConference North America Bluerasberry
19. november   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – November 2019 FULBERT
19. december   Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group – December 2019 FULBERT