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About meEdit

Hi, I'm Owen, a queer (Q51415) British guy based just outside of London (Q84).

I've been a Wikimedian since 2004, editing mainly on the English Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons. Off-wiki, I've been involved in mySociety (Q10851773) and Open Rights Group (Q3397639), including membership of WMF's European Public Policy panel, and as a climate activist (Q61048378); for my dayjob, I am a technologist (Q51330768) at a consulting company (Q2089936) for the public sector (Q294217).

In 2021, I took on some responsibilities within the Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group, including helping organise the Queering Wikipedia 2021 Working Days, where I was joined the governance team for the User Group.

Contact meEdit

Veuillez ne pas hésiter à m’écrire en français si vous préférez.

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