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2021 Board Elections
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Wannan akwatin: Duba · Tattaunawa · Sauyi

Muna maraba da ƙoƙarin ku na ɗaukar muhimmin dama na gabatar da kanku amatsayin mai'takarar Kwamitin Amintattu. Cike template dake ƙasa dan gabatar da kanku amatsayin mai'takarar kujerar Zaɓen Kwamitin Amintattu na 2021. Anan ga misalin cikakken buƙata da aka cike na nema.

Za'a amsa buƙatun nema daga 00:00 9 Yuni 2021 (UTC) zuwa 23:59 29 Yuni 2021 (UTC). Kawai za'a iya gyara buƙatar neman ku ne cikin kwana 3 bayan tura buƙata, ko a ƙarshen kulle karɓar takarar a 23:59 29 Yuni 2021 (UTC). Ƙananan kura-kuran rubutu da fassara za'a amince da su bayan waɗannan lokuta. (Duba bayanai na gyara bayanai.)

Akwai tanadi na ƴan'takara da aka tanada dan taimakawa ƴantakara lokacin Zaɓen na 2021. Zaku iya tuntuɓar Board election facilitators Dan samun ƙarin bayani.

How to submit your candidacy

  1. Enter your name in the field below and click on the button
  2. Fill all the requested informations and publish the page
  3. Add your candidate page: to the candidates list

Tambayoyi daga Al'umma ga Masu'takara

Daga 9 Yuni zuwa 29 Yuni 2021, mambobi daga Wikimedia na iya tambayoyi ga masu neman takara a wannan shafi. Zaku iya yin tambayoyin ku a cikin kowace harshe; Ƴan'kwamitin Zaɓen zasu yi ƙoƙarin ganin sun fassara.

Ƙari akan tura tambaya, zaku iya goyon baya ko yin sharhi ga tambayoyin da wasu suka yi.

A ranar 30 Yuni 2021, Kwamitin Zaɓe zasu tattara dukkan tambayoyin ga ƴan'takara dan su bayar da amsar su daga 30 Yuni.

This method is being used to make this process more accessible and manageable for the candidates, translators, Elections Committee, and voters. We ask that people respect the time of all involved and please do not use the question pages to link to other pages with more questions, or contact the candidates on their talk pages or via email. Thank you in advance for your respect and courtesy.


Please do not respond to questions before the Elections Committee has posted a collated list on 30 June 2021.

It is strongly suggested that answers to questions do not exceed approximately 1600 characters per question (not counting spaces). Please do not link to another page containing an extended answer, although relevant links used for descriptive purposes are fine. Due to the number of voters and candidates, this is necessary to keep these pages readable, informative and therefore useful for voters.

Submitted Questions

Please add your questions below. Your questions can be in any language.

  1. What do candidates think about increasing the number of volunteers in Wikimedia Foundation projects and how to make it happen?
  2. Where do you personally wish to see the Board in relation to other entities of the Wikiverse (communities, affiliates, etc.) in the future (cf. e.g. Ensure Equity in Decision-making)?
  3. How will candidates connect with the community once on the Board?
  4. Explain your thoughts on transparency and communication.
  5. What are your thoughts on emerging Wikimedia communities?
  6. Why do you think you would be a good candidate for a seat on the board?
  7. Is there a connection between your professional or financial interests and the Board? If so, please describe how you can ensure this does not interfere.
  8. How should the Foundation treat foundation-run projects that incur a high amount of on-wiki opposition?
  9. Do you believe that there are limits to the scope of the Wikimedia Foundation, and if so, what are those limits?
  10. How do you envision wikis shaping the future of the internet, and how can the Wikimedia Foundation support wiki communities in order to make that vision a reality?
  11. How can we engage more experts (researchers, academia, practitioners) to join our movement?
  12. What is your opinion on the claim of autonomy by the different Wikipedia communities and the attempts that Wikimedia wants to regulate a lot now centrally?
  13. What is your opinion on the rebranding from Wikimedia to Wikipedia, which is blurring the difference?
  14. Do you feel the current structure of rules and processes of Wikipedia effectively prevents bias? As a community leader, what, if anything, do you think could be done to improve combatting bias?
  15. What do you think about the growing questioning that Wikimedia projects have globally and what would you do about it?
  16. There are several movement out there (especially that is founded by expert community) that have the same exact vision as we are (disseminating free knowledge on the Internet). But they decided to make their own platform (or using other platform) other than Wikipedia to reach their vision. What's your opinion about this? Should we try to "integrate" them to join Wikimedia, or just let them have their own independence.
  17. What are your thoughts on how the Wikimedia Foundation should engage more effectively with the Global South WikiCommunities in the near future (next 2 to 3 years)?
  18. Should the Wikimedia Projects be more involved with the UN Decade of Action (for Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement, Biodiversity Convention Targets, etc...)? And what intermediary role can or should the Wikimedia Foundation play in this regard?
  19. What are your thoughts on the future of WikiSpecies, WikiNews, Wikiversity and other smaller Wikiprojects? And how can the Wikimedia Foundation support them?
  20. Do you have any specific goals or outcomes you want to achieve during your tenure as a board member?
  21. What does diversity in the Wikimedia Community mean to you? And do you have a plan on how can it be tangibly or quantifiably be achieved? (Example: Reduction in Data Gaps)
  22. There has been a steady growth of Wikimedia Foundation expenses over the years. What are your thoughts on this matter? Should there be 5 year caps on spending?
  23. Your question here.

Collated List of Questions

On 30 June 2021, the Elections Committee will then collate the questions for the candidates to respond to beginning on 30 June.