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Zagreb Meeting 2023 — first in-person meeting of the Steering Committee (SC) members and employees of the CEE Hub, which was held on 31st of March and 1st of April 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The first day of the meeting (31 March 2023) as well as the first half of the second day (1 April 2023) were attended by the SC and staff members. The second half of the second day (1 April 2023) was open to the wider group of the CEE Hub, CEE Hub advisors and all persons interested in the CEE Hub from the countries neighboring Croatia (Wikimedians from Slovenia and Montenegro)

At the meeting, the SC members along with the employees of the CEE Hub, successfully completed a list of all planned activities which the CEE Hub will focus on during the year. This new list replaced the initially planned activities listed in the grant proposal. Activities were divided into three pillars, the same as originally planned activities: Administrative, Programmatic and Communication.

Participants edit

All of the Steering Committee members except Anton Protsiuk (who was attending the meeting online) participated in the meeting together with two current employees of the CEE Hub (Barbara Klen and Toni Ristovski).

Second day of the meeting was also attended by one CEE Hub advisor, Natalia Szafran-Kozakovska, who participated in the open discussions with wider group and the participants from the region.

Background edit

Presentation of the hub proposal from February 28th, 2022

The main goal of this meeting was to discuss activities which were proposed in the CEE Hub grant application (as this proposal was written one year before the actual project implementation). The main outcome of the meeting was a new detailed project implementation plan together with the new project timeline for 2023.

Agenda edit

Friday, 31st of March edit


Saturday, 1st of April edit

  • Short term/long term: CEE Hub Governance
  • Sessions for the wider group: Hub short term conclusions
  • Public event Wikimedia MeetUp

Discussion edit

This meeting was dedicated to discussing the initial programme of the CEE Hub, focusing on three pillars: administrative, programmatic and communication. These three pillars represent the support which the CEE Hub staff is providing to the CEE communities in the form of numerous activities and sub-activities (e.g. support while writing grant applications, organising learning clinics, purchasing on demand promo materials).

Although further and more detailed elaboration of activities which were a part of the initial CEE Hub grant proposal was the main point of the discussion, during this meeting we debated other topics as well: CEE Hub support for CEE Spring, CEE Meeting 2023 and 2024, and Wikimania 2024, cooperation with others and the CEE Hub budget.

During the second day we commenced analyzing the current and future governance model of the CEE Hub focusing mainly on examining how the SC members should be elected and how to organize the voting system. Also, a very important part of the discussions was the CEE Hub vision - what and where we want to be in the future.

Conclusions edit

This meeting provided enough time to open discussion about all important and open questions. Unfortunately there was not enough time to conclude all discussions. Therefore the SC members decided to continue working on the following topics:

  • CEE Hub Vision
  • Governance model of the CEE Hub
  • CEE Hub support for cross regional events and meetings (such as CEE Spring, CEE Meeting, Wikimania)

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