Wiki 20 Countdown/Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific event of Wiki 20 Countdown will be held on Saturday January 16 at .

Local times in Asia-Pacific:

  • 15:30 in Tehran
  • 17:30 in Kolkata
  • 19:00 in Jakarta
  • 20:00 in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines
  • 23:00 in Sydney

Kicking off a "Wiki Week" after Wikipedia 20, the program will be broadcast on Wikipedia Weekly Network simultaneously across Youtube, Facebook, and other social platforms, and will include both recorded segments and live panelists representing affiliates across ESEAP Hub, South Asian, West Asian countries and Siberian Russia. Special video presentation provided by Wikipedia Asian Month User Group & a performance from Johnny Alegre + Humanfolk of the Philippines.

See also: Wikipedia 20/Events#Asia



Interested affiliates

Please share your interested affiliate in Asia-Pacific and a contact person for your affiliate able to work on this project.