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Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group

Location of Myanmar
LocationMyanmar Icons-flag-mm.png
Country codeMMR
Legal statusvoluntary and non-profit organization
Approval date31 January 2020
Main officeYangon
Official language(s)Burmese
Other language(s)English
Mailing listwikimedia-mm
TwitterMyanmar Wikipedia
Myanmar Wikipedia

Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group (MMR) is a Wikimedia user group for people living in, interested in or connected to Myanmar and also its relations/connections to the neighboring countries and around the world.


  • Organize outreach program and workshop online or offline to promote Wikimedia projects in Myanmar
  • Help people in Myanmar learn how to contribute to Wikimedia projects
  • Help minority languages users in Myanmar to setup their own Wikimedia projects
  • Gather more Myanmar related data to contribute to Wikimedia projects



  • Planning to conduct seminar by Myanmar Wikipedia and Shan Wikipedia at Taunggyi, Shan State in January 2020
  • Planning to conduct seminar by Myanmar Wikipedia and Mon Wikipedia at Mawlamyaing, Mon State in February 2020
  • Co-operate with Phandeeyar Accelerator ( to conduct monthly workshop in Yangon in 2020
  • Co-operate with Ministry of Education to start off Wikipedia in Education initiative
  • Co-operate with Ministry of Culture to start GLAM-initiative in Myanmar


  • Organize Myanmar Wikipedia Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009
  • Participate at NetMonday event organized by Telenor Myanmar as Main Contributor and talk about Wikipedia to more than 2,000 University students at Dagon University, Yangon in 2014
  • Participate at similar NetMonday event and talk about Wikipedia to more than 2,000 University students at Mandalay University, Mandalay in 2014
  • Organize Wikipedia Editing Workshop at Mandalay University, Computer Science Department in 2014
  • Organize Wikipedia Seminar in Yangon, Myanmar on October 2018
  • Organize Wikipedia Seminar in Mandalay, Myanmar on November 2019
  • Organize Wikipedia Workshop in Taunggyi, Myanmar on March 2020.
  • Organize Wikipedia Online Workshop via Zoom on November 2020.

Wikimedia-logo.svg Wikimedia Projects of Languages Spoken in MyanmarEdit

Language Projects Articles Pages Edits Admins Users Active Users
Burmese Wikipedia 103,948 220,409 766,745 4 105,818 131
Wiktionary 124,305 128,603 921,774 2 8,349 11
Shan Wikipedia 12,209 28,302 56,882 1 3,429 16
Wiktionary 30,210 33,384 76,936 2 508 5
Wikivoyage 136 1,657 6,003 1 256 6
Mon Wikipedia 1,691 5,903 37,327 2 2,814 14
Wiktionary 31,520 41,065 54,702 0 788 14
Pa'O Wikipedia 2,054 4,483 22,166 1 429 22

Strategy 2021Edit

Please find the following link for Wikimedia Community User Group Strategy 2021 written in Myanmar Language.

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