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Wikimedians Active in Local Regions of the United States


WALRUS accepts organizations as members. To participate in WALRUS either join a member organization or start your own Wikimedia organization.

To get oriented to member organizations either visit their sites below or contact these representatives who make themselves available for questions. Wikimedia_United_States_Coalition#Representatives

Registered as official Wikimedia affiliate and incorporatedEdit

  1. Wikimedia New York City
  2. Wikimedia District of Columbia
  3. Cascadia Wikimedians

Registered as official Wikimedia affiliateEdit

  1. Florida Librarians of Wikipedia
  2. Georgia Piedmont Wikimedians
  3. Kentucky Wikimedians User Group
  4. New England Wikimedians
  5. North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians
  6. Ohio Wikimedians User Group
  7. Wikimedia Minnesota User Group
  8. Wikimedians of Chicago User Group
  9. Wikimedians of Colorado User Group
  10. Wikimedians of Iowa User Group
  11. Wikimedians of Los Angeles
  12. Cascadia Wikimedians

Casual organizationsEdit

  1. Allegheny Wikimedians
  2. Texas Wikimedians
  3. Wiki BUG
  4. Wikimedia Midwest
  5. Wikimedia Rocky Mountains
  6. Tennessee Wikimedians User Group

Thematic interestEdit

  1. Wiki Project Med
  2. Wikimedia LGBT+
  3. Artandfeminism
  4. WikiConference North America
  5. Wikimedians of North American Indigenous Languages User Group
  6. Wikitongues
  7. WikiWomen's User Group
  8. Women in Red

Other friendly organizationsEdit

  1. Wiki Education Foundation