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North Carolina Wikipedians (formally North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians) is a Wikimedia user group approved by the Affiliations Committee in May 2015. We have hosted dozens of edit-a-thons in North Carolina and we have plans for future events.

We are interested in increasing and improving Wikipedia coverage of currently underrepresented groups, supporting the integration of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Commons into K-12 and university instruction, and hosting collaborative events. We have fostered relationships with universities and organizations throughout the research triangle. The group in 2019 decided to include all areas of the state including eastern and western North Carolina, through renaming the group as North Carolina Wikipedians.

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Movement Strategy ConversationEdit

The North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians User Group has been invited to endorse the Wikimedia movement strategy. We are overdue in responding to this invitation, so please weigh in with any thoughts by 22 January 2018.

A summary of our Cycle 2 conversation was submitted on 12 June 2017.


In 2015, Kasey Baker and Frank Jones led a hands-on workshop about Disputed Notability at WikiConference USA. Sodapopinski7 served as a project mentor for a group of students in an American Indian history course at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who were working to increase and improve accurate information in Wikipedia about topics related to the Lumbee Indian tribe.

In 2016, Frank Jones represented the North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. Also, Kasey Baker and Frank Jones represented our group at the WikiConference North America events in San Diego, CA. Sodapopinski7 coordinated the efforts of several librarians and faculty members at the University of North Carolina to host six Wikipedia edit-a-thons.

In January-February 2017, Sodapopinski7 led the University of North Carolina (UNC) Library staff in a #1lib1ref project. The UNC Library competed with the Duke University Library to see which library could contribute the highest number of Wikipedia edits during the project, which lasted from January 18 to February 3. During #1lib1ref, Sodapopinski7 led three workshops for UNC library staff, most of them first-time editors, to learn how to add citations to Wikipedia. At the end of the project, the UNC Library's citation total was 204. Duke Library's citation total was 29. Sodapopinski7 plans to extend the 2018 #1lib1ref competition to two other universities in the Research Triangle.

In April 2017, Sodapopinski7 represented the North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. With Thtriumph, Sodapopinski7 organized and hosted a September Wikipedia edit-a-thon in partnership with a girl's math camp, with the theme of women mathematicians. Sodapopinski7 also served as a course guide in the OCLC Wikipedia + Libraries online course for public librarians in fall 2017.

In 2018, Sodapopinski7 presented in a WebJunction webinar for librarians about the 2017 #1lib1ref project. For the 2018 #1lib1ref project, Sodapopinski7 coordinated a four-way competition between university libraries and library schools in the North Carolina Research Triangle, and led an introductory editing session for librarians at North Carolina Central University. On March 22, 2018, No misunderstanding and librarians from North Carolina Central University hosted a history edit-a-thon at the James E. Shepard Memorial Library. In April 2018, Sodapopinski7 and No misunderstanding attended Wikimedia Conference.

In 2018 Kasey Baker username, Kayz911 help assist the AFROCrowd's Edit-A-thon in Asheville North Carolina. This event was designed to expand the history of African American History in Western North Carolina in a partnership with the University of North Carolina Asheville center for diversity education, this edit-a-thon and record-a-thon took place at the 121st Baird family reunion. For mor information on the event, what we edited and recorderd vist:

In 2018, November 9th, Kasey Baker username, Kayz911 and Frank Jones received a rapid grant to host an Edit-A-Thon in Western North Carolina to expand the history of the Holocaust at Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College as a follow up to the Holocaust Survivor Walter Ziffer speaking at ABTech. Having almost 40 people attend, between students, administrators and faculty, many articles were submitted and content added as part of the event:

Two of the featured articles from this event can be seen here: 1. 2.

In February 2020, No misunderstanding helped support the AFROCrowd's Hip Hop Edit-A-thon in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event was themed to align with Wikipedia’s Wiki Project Hip Hop, a project that seeks to expand coverage on topics significant to hip hop culture. In December 2020, No misunderstanding was on the conference planning commmittee for WikiConference North America/2020, which was virtual due to COVID-19.


Local EventsEdit

Check out our local meetup landing page for information about upcoming edit-a-thons and other events and activities.

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