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1Lib1Ref 2021: Friday, January 15-Friday, February 5


Each year, Wikipedia's 1Lib1Ref campaign (1 librarian, 1 reference) invites every library worker around the world to add (at least) one citation to a Wikipedia article. This worldwide effort is one of the many ways library staff bring their information expertise to a wider audience. The University Libraries has always been a prolific contributor to #1lib1ref, with hundreds of citations added by our staff each year.

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Join us Live on January 28 for Citations Help


Join us live via Zoom on Thursday, January 28, from 2:00 to 4:00pm EST, for our all-staff 1Lib1Ref drop-in session!

Event details: Veteran Wikipedia editors will walk you through the citation-adding process -- perfect for those who may be first-time editors, don’t want to think too hard about it, or enjoy editing in a social environment.

  • We’ll have suggested articles you can work on aligned with the human rights theme (“20 Years Human”), but you can edit on any topic you choose.
  • Feel free to drop in at any point during the two-hour session and stay as long as you’d like.
  • This session will also include an AMA (Ask Me Anything) breakout room where LIS students can ask career and professional questions to library staff. The room will be open for participation on an opt-in basis.

Join via Zoom: Click the Zoom link to join.

Note: The live event is open only to participants with a UNC email address. Participants must be logged into Zoom with their UNC email account.

Editing Suggestions - Ideas for "20 Years Human" topics


Links to Citation Hunt searches for various human rights-related categories:

Lists of Articles that need work

  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Civil Rights Movement
    • This project has a table of Articles that are labeled by quality. Browse the lower-quality articles to find topics that interest you and that have been identified as needing work.
    • look in the “Statistics” table. Focus on articles of Quality B or lower, and Importance “High”, “Top”, or “Mid”.
    • These are articles that have been assessed as important by this Project, and that need work!
  • from Black Artists Matter Virtual Event: Suggested Article Work List, with Sources
    • each artist listed has potential sources suggested, to use as references in their page
    • browse the articles listed to find one that interests you, and check to see if the suggested references have been included

Other Articles to consider: