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Phabricator project: Trust and Safety

信頼と安全 (T&S、旧称Community Advocacyまたは支援と安全略称SuSa) は利用者の安全を守る対策を想定し、構築し – 必要に応じて – 以下の人員を配置します。すなわち法務、製品、調査、学習と評価の各部門を統合する戦略の開発設計ならびに実施に責任を負います。リスクを積極的に軽減するとともに、オンラインおよびオフラインコミュニティ全体の安全性を事件発生時に管理する戦略の開発設計と実施に当たります。信託と安全チームはコミュニティ関与部門の一員であり、法務部門と緊密に協力しています。このチームは包括的で思いやりと信頼性がある「信頼と安全」のサービスを、財団とそれが支援するボランティアのコミュニティや提携団体に提供することを目指していますが、現実には、「火消し」にも多くの時間を費やしています。




The Wikimedia Foundation aims to defer to local and global community processes to govern on-wiki interactions. However, at times, we must step in to protect the safety and integrity of our users, our contributors, and the public. We support a healthy environment on our projects through several work areas. Among other measures, we receive and handle reports of major safety issues on Wikimedia projects, including suicide threats, threats of violence, and child pornography. We also own the policies regarding Wikimedia Foundation bans of users from the projects and from Foundation-funded or supported events, and we work with other Foundation teams to address concerns about user privacy and freedom that do not necessarily rise to the level of bans.

As a part of the Foundation’s commitment to respect community autonomy, the Trust & Safety team does not handle general community or community-member disputes that may be addressed through community processes, nor does it serve as an appeal venue for community-made policies and decisions. While we are happy to assist community members in need of help, many times that help will consist of assisting the person to find the right community venue to solve their problem.

Flowchart detailing the investigation workflow when evaluating a request for an Office action

Regular workflows include:

Direct community support

In close collaboration with Audiences and Legal as part of the Community Health Initiative, projects undertaken by the Policy team include researching harassment and behavioral issues – conducting discussions with contributors and stakeholders, and analyzing data on how various Wikimedia communities handle issues. We have also developed multiple training modules on best practices for dealing with online harassment and on event safety, and worked with the Community Resources team to streamline these for use at in-person events.

Other regular workflows include:

Internal support

We provide guidance, advice and support to Foundation staff, the Board, and committees. We assist staff routinely with community and content related concerns, including processing DMCA takedown and notification requirements and, where necessary, responding to search warrants and legally valid subpoenas. We help onboard new staff about community norms and practices, and we manage requests for advanced user rights required for staff members to do their work by assessing needs and liaising with the stewards.

Regular workflows include:

  • Supporting Executives: the Executive Director, the Executive Office, Jimmy Wales.
  • Liaison work: to the election committee, the cross-wiki Ombudsman Commission, the Code of Conduct Committee, and other WMF teams.
  • Supporting the staff: Advanced privileges and user rights for staff, community on-boarding
  • Legal support: DMCA takedown and notification requirements, search warrant and subpoena compliance