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 Trust & Safety Resources Programs and Processes 

Evaluation and reporting:

Phabricator project: Trust and Safety

信任与安全(英语:Trust and Safety,简称T&S,曾称社群支持、SuSa和支持与安全)是用于识别、建立并酌情确保用户安全的员工流程,设计、开发和执行一项战略,该战略整合了法律、产品、工程、研究、学习和评估,以便在发生事故时主动降低风险并管理在线和离线社区的整体安全。信任和安全是社群彈性和永續發展部門的一部分且為法律团队的側翼。我们的目标是为基金会及其支持的志愿者社区和附属机构提供富有同情心,可靠和全面的信任和安全服务,但我们的大部分时间也只是用于“消防”。有关团队的更多信息,请参见我们的概述














  • 支持高管:执行董事,执行办公室,吉米威尔士。
  • 联络工作选举委员会,跨维基申诉专员委员会行为守则委员会和其他WMF团队。
  • 支持员工:员工的高级特权和用户权限
  • 法律支持:DMCA删除和通知要求,搜查令和传票合规性

Office actions workflow

Flowchart detailing how to report a Wikimedia-related incident
More information: Office actions

Part of the Trust and Safety team's responsibility within the Wikimedia Foundation is to undertake office actions. These articles are rare, and performed pursuant to the Terms of Use, typically as a last resort. Office actions are used to handle privacy violations, child protection, copyright infringement, systematic harassment, and other violations of the Terms of Use that cannot be handled through community-governed processes.

The process leading up to an office action varies considerably based on the action and the circumstances surrounding it. The strongest actions in common use are those taken against users of the websites, typically in the form of global or event bans. These actions are the result of user conduct investigations undertaken by T&S Specialists, which go through a rigorous review cycle as documented in the flowchart to the right.

Other office actions can include deletions of illegal material. This typically consists of sensitive images of minors which violate the laws of the United States. T&S also performs deletions to satisfy the Foundation's DMCA Policy, an archive of which is maintained on Foundation wiki.


In September 2020, a case review committee was created to allow directly involved community members to request review of a community committee of Trust & Safety behavioral investigation outcomes. This committee is equipped to review certain office actions on appeal from individuals directly involved in the case (as the requesting or sanctioned party). For more information, see Office actions#Appeals. This will remain in place until a permanent process is created through the Universal Code of Conduct conversations in 2021.