Translation requests/archive

Past requests. Many TR entries were removed on Feb 9/10 2006 from their templates; not all were archived here.

For requests from local projects, see Template:Translation requests/fromlocalreqs and its history.

2007 edit

  1. Fundraising report
      En (orig.)
    Any translation was not made.

2006 edit

  1. Wikimedia press releases/Wikimedia Foundation board reorganised
    Expected date: 2006/11/3
    Latest Foundation press release about reshuffling of position on the Board.
    Done: Es, Fr, Ja
    Requested: Es, Ru, Zh ...
  2. Projects' template update
    Expected date: 2006/10/31
    part of Wikimedia:Home; Wikiversity is being featured!
    Done: De, Es, Fr, It, Ni, Ru, Ja, Pt
     : Fi, Pl, Zh
  3. Funddrive notice
    Default (see above)
    General matching donor notice for future
    Requested: Any
  4. Give the gift of knowledge - message from Anthere as fundraiser
     : Ar, Cs, De, En (orig.), Es, Fr, He, Hu, Ja, Nl, Pt, Ro, Sv, Zh, Gl
      : Fr, It
      : Bg
      : Any (read more)
  5. Executive Director FAQ (related issue to the below)
    100% English, español, français, Deutsch, 中文, 日本語
    Needed: ...
  6. Short description for new Translation page
    Requested: All languages which aren't featured yet.
  7. Wikimedia Foundation "Board" page website September update
  8. Election results 2006
  9. wikija-l summary about Election 2006. From Japanese to English (and only).
  10. Help:How to start a new Wikipedia could sure use translation into French—we've just started up a Wikipedia in Norman, and many of the new users may not speak English, but will likely speak French, so it would be good to have a French version of that page. The Jade Knight 08:48, 27 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  11. Wikimania Awards. Requested: Es, Fr, Ja, Zh ... Wikimania website is your workspace (everyone can edit).
  12. Wikimedia:Press releases/Wikimedia Foundation Announces Interim Executive Director (issued on June 12, 2006: being grobally distributed)
    100% en (orig), es, fr, it, ja, pl, zh
    Requested: De, Nl, Ru
  13. Travel scholarships for Wikimania
    100% English, 中文, 中文(臺灣)
    Needed: Es, Fr, Ja, ... Go to workplace!
  14. June notice for Wikimania
    100% en (orig), es, ja
    Needed: all
    for sitenotice.
  15. 1,000,000th article press release orig. En
    100%: en:(orig.), Ar:, Cs:, Cy:, De:, Es:, It:, Nl:, Pt:, Sl:, Zh:,
    75%+: Ja:
    initial outline needed (~25%): Fi, Ru, ...
    needs review: Fr: (100% done)

2005 edit

  • nl.wiktionary is making a collection of "Thank you" in languages as many as possible. Some of them also will serve to the Foundation Wiki. Give a look on wikt:nl:dank u! Thank you. --Aphaia | WQ2翻訳中 | talk 18:51, 31 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  1. Wikimania Media Comp sticker
    See Translators' noticeboard for details.
  2. WMF news for WMF site
  1. Privacy policy, 2005 version. orig. En
    100%: en:(orig.), Ar:, Es:, Fr:, Fi:, It:, Ja:, Mk:, Nl:, Pt:, Ro:, Sl:, Sr:, Sv:, Vi:, Ru:
    75%+: Zhs:, Zht
  2. Wikimedia Quarto January edition Release date: March 19 2005
    • Newsletter vol.2
      • Moved: de:, en:, fr:, it:, es:, cs:, pl:, pt:
      • 100%:
      • 60%+: ja:, nl:
      • On-going (25%+):, hu;, ro:, ru:, sv:, zh:
      • initial outline needed (~25%): ar:, eo:, he:, hi:, id:, no:, sv:
    • Release message
      • 100%: Cs, De, En, Es, Fr, It, Ja, Nl, Pl, Pt
      • Needed in all languages:
    News-en, all
    Election result
    100%, Uploaded: en (orig.)
    needed: de, es, fi, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, zh ...
  3. Wikimania "Sponsors" for Wikimania site
    100%: en (orig.), eo, nl, pl, zh.
    75%: Es, Needed: Ar, Ru. See also the request page.
  4. Wikimania 2005 stuffs
  5. Board election 2005. See also Election notice translations 2005.
  6. Wikimania reservation policy
    100%: en, es, fr, it
    75%+: de, ja
    needed: ar, eo, nl, pl, zh
  7. Wikimania 2005 banner
    • This banner needs the text on it translated. Up to 10 languages are required. For further information, see Wikimania:Banner.
      • Done: en:, de:(orig.), fr:, eo:, it:, ja:, nl:, es:, ru:, sv:, pl:, da:, zh:
      • Needed: other major Wikimedia languages:
  8. Wikimania 2005 : city choice :
    1. The city chosen for the Wikimania 2005 was Frankfurt. It would be interesting that the page Wikimania:City be translated to bring more information to all future participants.
      • Done: de:, en:, es:, fr:, it:, ro:
  9. Wikimedia Commons '100,000th file' press release (original in English)
  10. German Wikipedia DVD
    • Info for German Wikipedia DVD, released on April (part of WMF Home)

2004 edit

  1. Wikimedia newsletter, Volume 1: Original is complete. Please help translate the first foundation newsletter into your languages. Original content in en.
    • done: : de:, en:, es:, fr:, it:, ja:, pl:, sv:, zh:
    • 75%+ :
    • 50%+ : ar:, 25%+ : nl:, ko:, 10%+ : no:
    • Initial outline needed : bg:, da:, he:, ro:, ru:
  2. Wikimedia newsletter release message : Announcement on Wikimedia Quarto vol. 1. All translations are put on a same page. Needed in all langs.
    • done - de, en, eo, es, fr, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, ro, sv, ru, zh
    • Large languages without translations: Da, He, No
  3. New upload form: Elements on three new pages, to be used for image uploads, need translating.
    • 95%+ (needing final sentences and proofreading): cy:, de:(orig)*, en:, es:, id:, it:, ja:, ko:, nl:, pl:, sv:, wa:, zh: (* the De version has changed recently; others need updating).
    • Partly-finished translations needing work: Bg, Da, Fr
    • Large languages without translations: Eo, He, No (as of Aug 31)
  4. Wikimedia fundraising pages : ar:, cs:, de:, en:, es:, fr:, he:, it:, ja:, ko:, pl:, sv:, zh: - see [1] newest version
    • Work needed: all other langs... review of these four. Deadline: fundraiser to start early next week.
  5. Site-wide fundraising notice
  6. 1 million-article press release : released from September 20, 2004.
    • 95%+ : ar:, cs:, da:, de:, en:(orig), he:, is:, it:, ja:, nl:, no:, pl:, ro:, sv:, zh:     80%+ : bg:, es:, ko:, lb:, vi:
    • Translations needed : fi:, fr:, ru:

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