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Pajenn 8

Ger degemer
Notennoù dibenn
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Gwelet ivez Deiziataer.


8-11 Jimmy e Jeruzalem ha Tel Aviv, Israel.
21-22 Jimmy e Cambridge, Massachusetts (Blogging, kazetennerezh ha kredusted: Tachenn emgann ha tachenn foran)


9 Jimmy e Palo Alto (heuliad prezegennoù e Stanford University)
16 Jimmy e Helsinki, Finland (Nokia : Internet, ur savlec’h evit ur c’hrouiñ talvoudus)
20-22 Jimmy e St. Petersburg, Florida (Kendalc’h war kazetennerezh hag aferioù: Strategiezhioù a-zoare, divizoù Son)
26-27 Jimmy e Brusel, Belgia (FOSDEM)


3 Abadenn skingomz lec’hel gant Jimmy e Tampa, Florida
5 Chemnitzer Linuxtage
10 Cebit 2005
14-17 Jimmy e ETech e San Diego, Kalifornia
17 Buchmesse Leipzig(-20)
18 Jimmy e Barcelona (CCC darvoud war ar Sevenadur Frank)
21-26 Jimmy er C’hendalc’h Doors of Perception 8 e New Delhi
26 Emgav Londrez


14-17 Anthere en Helsinki, Finland (PixelAche}
18-20 Angela e Pretoria, Suafrika (FLOSS)
18-21 Jimmy e Santa Clara, Kalifornia (MySQL Users Conference)
25-26 Jimmy e Harvard Law School, Boston, Massachusetts
27 Jimmy e Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania
28-29 Jimmy e New York, (Kendalc’h Gel New York 2005)
5 Jimmy e MIT Media Lab (Digital Life Sponsor Meeting)
10-15 Jimmy e Zagreb, Kroatia ha Beograd, Serbia.
30-31 Jimmy en Amsterdam, An Izelvoioù, Kendalc’h (Holland Open war ar meziantoù frank)


2 Jimmy e Hamburg, Alamagn (Deutscher Trendtag (Devezh Alamagn war ar Gizioù)
3 Jimmy e Dresden, Alamagn (Wikipedia-Tag)
10-11 Jimmy e Kopenhagen, Danmark (Reboot7)
15-18 Jimmy e Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
21-23 Jimmy e Karlsruhe, Alamagn (LinuxTag)
24 Jimmy e Donostia, Euskal-Herria (Darvoud war ar Sevenadur Frank)
27 Jimmy e Chicago, Illinois (American Library Association conference)


5-9 Jimmy e Dijon, Frañs (RMLL)
12-15 Jimmy en Oxford, Breizh-Veur (TEDGLOBAL)
14-18 Jimmy e Barcelona, Katalonia (Darvoud war ar Sevenadur Frank)


1-4 Wikimania:Hacking Days
5-7 Wikimania (Emvod-meur)
10 Emgav UE
23 Jimmy a ginnig Wikipedia da Best Buy ha Geek Squad


16 Jimmy e Depaul University, Chicago, Illinois (Kaozeadenn diwar-benn Wikipedia ha Wikikeloù)
20-23 Jimmy e Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (ICML9)
28-29 Jimmy e MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Kendalc’h war an Teknologiezhioù o tont war wel e MIT)
Un almanak svedad eus 1712
Clockwork of an old spring-cover clock
Woodcut from the 16th century History of the Nordic peoples, by Olaus Magnus, supposedly depicting the astronomical clock in Uppsala Cathedral, which was later destroyed in a fire.
Station Clock in Musée d'Orsay
Wearth, KayEss, Media lib and Ahoerstemeier meeting in Thailand on 15th January 2005

Kalø Castle in Denmark, build in 1313.
By Malene Thyssen
A rich gold sari and woven fabric.
By Hautala
Westminster Tube station on the London Underground.
By ChrisO
Buddha figure overgrown by fig in Wat Mahatat in Ayutthaya historic park, Thailand.
By Ahoerstemeier
Root Canal procedure: unhealthy tooth, drilling, filing with endofile, rubber filling and crown.
By Jeremy Kemp
A bee collecting pollen at the Del Mar fairgrounds.
By MarkSweep
Nuclear detonation from the "Tumbler Snapper" test series.
By Deglr6328
Costumed musicians in New Orleans during a Mardi Gras festival, 2003.
By Infrogmation
A dolphin surfs the wake of a research boat on the Banana River - near the Kennedy Space Center.
(Photo from NASA). By Solipsist
A Sawfly orchid in St. Elm, Mallorca.
By Orchi
A 2.5 kg brick is supported on top of a piece of aerogel weighing only 2 grams.
(Photo from NASA). By rian0918
Schematic illustration of an egg.
By Horst Frank
180° panorama of Alhambra court yard.
By Bernd Untiedt
Cherry tree in spring bloom.
By Barfooz


The Road Ahead

Expansion. Revision. Publication. Next-generation Trolls. Year Five . A great many things lurk just around the corner; new chapters, new publications, new groups of readers and researchers. What can we do with all of them; how will the community manage? Finding out is half the excitement.


On a dark office evening,
Sat down in my chair.
Sharp smell of stale coffee
Circling round in the air.
Suddenly on the webpage
There came a flickering light.
My head grew heavy, and my sight grew dim;
I had to stop for the night.
There it was in the link list:
"Edit page; you'll do well"
And I was thinking to myself
This could be Heaven or this could be Hell!
Then it lit up the quickbar
And it showed me the way.
There were pages begging clean-up;
I thought I heard them say-ay:

Welcome to the Hotel Wikipedia
Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
So much empty space...
Plenty of work at the Hotel Wikipedia
Any time of year
You can find us here...

Many links in the Portal
Disambigs won't suffice
And users said,
We are all just prisoners here
Of our own device.
And in the Most Requested
The list of pages increased;
They edit it with their steely knives
But they just can't kill the beast.
Last thing I remember,
I couldn't take any more.
I had to find the hyperlink back
to the life I had before
Relax, said the Rambot,
We are programmed to receive.
You can log out any time you like
But your work can never leave.

Welcome to the Hotel Wikipedia
Such a lovely place
So much empty space
They're typing it in at the Hotel Wikipedia
Things that you can do—
Revert vandals, too—

— gant Elf (war don "Hotel California")