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Svaki pas koji nosi kapu Djeda Božićnjaka radi za Community Tech.

…instead of addressing other wishes from older surveys?

The main reason why we're making the survey an annual event is that we want to include more people! More people know about the team and the survey now, and after a year where many of the top wishes were completed, we're expecting that people will be even more interested and excited about participating. We want to give everyone a chance to bring new ideas.

We also want to make sure that older ideas are still wanted. As software evolves, so do the user’s needs. Sometimes a really good wish from last year isn’t so important anymore, or the description has simply become outdated. Conducting the survey annually helps reconfirm what the community needs.

If there are wishes from last year's survey that you think deserve another shot, see “Mogu li ponovo dati prijedlog iz prethodnoga istraživanja?” above.