The strategy wikiproject is an ongoing discussion about how best to develop, assess, and update strategy for the movement -- including aligning movement-wide and entity-specific plans, and tracking proposals and opportunities and risks.



Initially drawn from past strategy docs and category:issues. Please add to this section.

Community engagement
Diversity, reach
Gender gap
Systemic bias
Recruiting editors
Controversial content
Maintenance and Management
Multimedia and Formats
Peer review
New project proposals
Problem statements
Planning and policy
Research, Editor surveys
Paid editing
Cultural institutions
GLAM projects
Government docs and data
Work with professors and students
Work with schools
Offline snapshots, static content, OWPP

Distributed infrastracture
Preserving the right to fork
Servers, models for scaling
Software, tools, Labs
Coordination and Governance
Local and global partnerships
Regional focus: Chapters
Topical focus: Thematic organizations, wikiprojects
Legal issues
Intellectual property and copyleft

Hard questions


These are persistent unsolved issues drawn from past strategy threads. please add to the lists below.

Uncontroversial issues, hard to solve


How can we encourage participation from new communities of editors?

How can we strengthen current communities without realizing the Iron Law of Oligarchy or enshrining current negative & insular tendencies?

How can we provide for fast multilingual communication, across language communities?

How should we support and expand the open Web, and the preservation of freedoms that our projects need to be successful? (NB: the WMF has $1M/year we can spend on advocacy before we have to start separating out those costs and paying taxes on them. Currently we spend none of that.)

Controversial issues, with a broad spectrum of views on how to solve


How to be more thoughtful about our impact on the lives of others

  • Being respectful of others, especially living people profiled on our projects. When does the value of a controversy outweigh the harm to its principals? When are we willing to republish and broadcast negative information that has appeared in other less prominent media?
  • Limiting harassment by editors of other editors, and by editors of article subjects
  • Providing for the needs of children using our projects (reading, editing). Comfortable spaces to contribute and edit with other children; customizable reading and writing experiences.

How to allow everyone to contribute to the best of their ability

  • Allowing experts in a field to provide feedback and peer review, without requiring them to also learn to edit and debate with the community (others can choose how to act on their feedback)
  • Helping casual readers and editors to contribute knowledge they care about, even when it is hyperlocal, or does not fit the scope of the first project they try to contribute to.

How to create a rewarding and customizable experience for readers and contributors

  • Allowing readers to set preferences for seeing/hiding NSFW content
  • Allowing editors to socialize or limit socialization as they see fit (e.g., social network features on the one hand, and killfiles on the other)

How to improve quality and attribution, while increasing awareness of limitations of content

  • Making last-edit timestamps, lists of contributing editors, and talk-page discussions visible on article pages
  • Increasing the visibility and specificity of disclaimers
  • Increasing the use of flagged revisions and similar tools
  • Developing and implementing annotation to increase visibility and specificity of comments and quality flags

How to foster the slow, steady growth of articles through long-term preservation of deleted content which has encyclopedic nature, but was removed for lack of compliance with style guidelines.

  • Using draft space as storage for deleted content for potentially viable topics and verifiable facts
  • Allowing editors access to the history of deleted pages that don't contain oversightable material
  • Encouraging merge results at deletion discussions

Long-term wishes and roadmaps


For short-term wishes, see wishes 2009, 2014.

Please gather or link to long-term wishes and strategies here.

Interested Participants




All comments and reflections are welcome here. If your community is working on its own roadmap, strategy, or other plan, please mention it here where appropriate, and link to it from the main strategy page.

How should we develop this project so that it does not itself suffer from systemic bias?

Past comments are on the talk page.