Grants:IEG/Elaborate Wikisource strategic vision/Timeline

Timeline for Elaborate Wikisource strategic vision

Timeline Date
Set up "Wikisource vision development" pages, contact language communities, ask for a local coordinator, present the drafts to the communities. During April 2013
Consensus building, priority setting, assess resources . By then we should know if we can count on Wikidata for short term goals or if it is more for the long term that needs WMF for code reviewing. Till end of May 2013
Create the main WS Vision document. During June
Rally for community support. During July
Wikimania, present vision, approach WMF and other organizations. August
Split the tasks between: a) tasks that can be done by Wikisource developers and volunteers, b) tasks that can be done by mentorships (if so, look for mentors), c) tasks that could be done by paid developers on a second IEG. September
Final report. October

Monthly updates


Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.


  • 28 Jan: Initial IEG application


  • 11 Feb: The team has been contacting several users already involved in sister projects and cross wiki issues. Several people who contributed to the Wikisource roadmap had been approached for feedbacks and comments to the grant proposal. Moreover, a hangout has taken place between the team and OKN supporters involved in Open Humanities, for further improvement and discussion about possible collaborations between the Wikimedia movement and OKN within the scope of the present grant.
  • 15 Feb: After a meeting with Siko, the team has decided to reshape the grant proposal more accordingly to eligibility criteria. The proposal won't plan now any involvement from WMF tech staff. Of course, many things have changed and it is possible that some users who endorsed the first draft won't endorse this one. We have thus edited the section below.
  • 17 Feb: Added activities, roadmap, and clarified measures of success.
  • 20 Feb:
    • Global site message informing all Wikisources about this IEG (sent by Siko).
    • Draft for mappings between different metadata schemas.











Both of us participated in Wikimania, and discussed with several people regarding several projects.

  • the WikiProject Open Access is kicking off, we started a new mailing list and many projects are in progress. Wikisource-wise, it is very important that we take contacts with publishers and GLAMs. On the other hand, not all the Wikisource communities would accept digital documents, and this is why we are gonna ask them about this in the survey. Also, we discovered a new Latex extension for Mediawiki that could be very useful for this.
  • related to OA, we spoke also with the WikiProject Med. They are really interested in takling mediacal and health information on Wikipedia, and thus they are interestedn in all free license scientific and medical literature, which should be Wikisource domain.
  • we followed many talks about "users data", and met Dario Taraborelli from Wikimedia Foundation Analytics. Dario showed us the WikiMetrics tool that will be deployed in the following months, and this is something we gotta keep an eye on. Wikisource doesn't have metrics about usage, so gathering data will surely be useful.


  • initial contact with ORCID, though this contact will be more useful for OA.
  • Draft of the Wikisource community survey. Implementation in Qualtrics.
  • Final answers to the AffCom Questions for the Wikisource User Group. Apparently, it's on :-)
  • Involvement of User:Kcoyle, from Open Library, in Wikidata.



Extension request


We would like to request the IEG committee to extend the schedule of the IEG grant by a month, from the 31st of October to the 30th of November.
At the moment, we are asking feedback from the community for a Wikisource survey. The survey would serve to gather crucial data that will be used to write up the strategic document. We are also asking for the survey to be translated in several languages, to have a major reach. This is of course taking some time. As we will ask for community feedback as well for that draft, we foresee that there will be delays. Moreover, we expect to have all the documentation from the Google Summer of Code projects by October. Thus, it would be much easier for us to have time of gathering all the the feedback and deliver a document which has received some consensus. --Aubrey (talk) 10:43, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

This request for a 1-month extension is approved! We appreciate the additional time needed to get community input and complete the survey well and wish you best of luck with this. Your IEG will now end on November 1 2013, and the final report is due no later than December 1 2013. Cheers, Siko (WMF) (talk) 18:22, 15 October 2013 (UTC)