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My name is Andrea Zanni, I'm 28 years old, and I live in Italy.

Background edit

In 2006 I was studying math, and I discovered Wikisource. I fell in love with the project, and after my BS I did a 2-years master in Digital Libraries, studying in Oslo, Tallinn and Parma. My dissertation was about collaborative digital libraries. I work in the digital library of University of Bologna, managing open access journals.

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Micru edit


My name is David Cuenca, I'm 29 years old. Originally from Valencia, Spain, now I live in Québec, Canada.

Background edit

I started contributing to the Catalan Wikipedia in 2004, some years later I discovered Wikisource and that is where I set camp as dedicated volunteer. I did a bachelor in electronics and a master in robotics and automation. During the last years I have worked in embedded software development, product management, man-machine interaction and currently in robotics.

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On my profile: Micru