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Community events June - September 2019Edit

Event reportsEdit

Monthly reportsEdit

There are 4 ways that you can get involvedEdit

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Host a Strategy SalonEdit

Strategy Salons are an opportunity for recognized Wikimedia affiliates to host in-person gatherings to discuss movement strategy. The goal of these events is to allow affiliate leaders to bring together a broad mix of affiliate members who live within their local area to have deeper conversations about one or two strategy themes that are of interest to them. Our hope is that these events not only allow for meaningful and creative discussions about our future, but to also offer affiliates opportunities to strengthen relationships and deepen engagement with their members.

We have strong interest and a high number of approved applicants - 44 total grants, 12 of which are for youth-specific events. Read more from Strategy Salons.

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Join existing discussionsEdit

Within your group or language community. Community Strategy Liaisons have been hired to lead conversations on-wiki and in social media channels for our language communities in Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, German, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Meanwhile, volunteer Organizational Strategy Liaisons are leading conversations within organized groups on movement strategy.

Conversations take place in a number of languages, and you can find out more on the preferred channels of your organized group or language community.

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Start discussions on your ownEdit

if you don’t see one on the topic or channel where you are most engaged.

  • Initiate conversations on your own, using our Community Conversations Toolkit as a guide
  • Translate scoping documents into your language
  • Connect with our Community Relations Specialist or one of our Community Strategy Liaisons for more support and to share the results of your discussions
  • Volunteer (sign up here) as the Organizational Strategy Liaison for your organized group if one does not exist already (check the list)
  • Check out our Conversation Starters: Drivers discussion guide (below, in form of a presentation). It offers new ways to assist communities in thinking about strategy. You can find explanation of some of the slides here.
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Complete our surveyEdit

which allows you to share your feedback with us directly. Click on this link to get prompted to the survey.

Timeline and FAQEdit

The next phase of community conversations will start in January.

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In a dedicated section of the FAQ page, there are answers to questions related to Community Conversations.