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Meta-Wiki is supposed to be multilingual, but as of July 2004 it was 85% English (as of January 2005, an influx of new German pages, Japanese & French translations, and translator-work has improved this to perhaps 75%). Wikimedia, if it is to maintain a coherent image and policy-set across the world, and to benefit from the input of its many members (It is already the case that the majority of WM users do not natively speak/read english!), needs to ramp up its multilingual efforts.

Help Meta become more multilingual! Add content in your native language.

Multilingual information

Though a certain page tends to be monolingual, we can provide information to speakers of other languages, too. sic


You can add a sidebar of page summary, it describes the purpose of page, like this page. Please translate the text in the sidebar into the languages you know, and add links below into pages on multilingualism on the WPs you frequent. Encourage colleagues who don't write in English to contribute their thoughts/ideas on this page and its Talk: page in their own language.

We think important documents are better to have such summary sidebar multingual.


You can add an abstract of page with {{Abstract}}. Abstract is useful when the page treats a complicated issue and you want to give more information than one line description.


If you are proficient in more than one language, add yourself to the list of translators (and see also There is also an English Wikipedia available). You may also be interested in the discussion of the translation process.

Managing your language project

Inviting language diversity

Send out notes to all the language-groups you know! Get them to support their favorite languages by expanding the CC-BY-SA corpus of their written forms.

Articles, resources, etc. on indigenous langs

  1. Inuktitut keyboard, Inuktitut converter, Inuktitut transliterator, Inuktitut transcoder
  2. Languagegeek site dedicated to the promotion of indigenous languages
  3. Learn Yoruba!

Testing resources, etc. on indigenous langs

  1. Indigenous, jar

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