List of globally banned users

This is a list of globally banned users, either by the community process or by the Wikimedia Foundation.

This list does not include accounts that have been globally locked on charges of cross wiki disruption, spamming, or vandalism. Such users are not globally banned, per se. If they create new accounts and are not disruptive with those accounts, they will not be locked again merely because it is discovered that they were previously globally locked.

Unsuccessful community global ban requests are also listed here.

Currently banned by the community

Currently banned by the Wikimedia Foundation

For the full log (including, for example, alternate accounts also locked under this policy), visit the WMFOffice log.

Unsuccessful community global ban requests

  • PauloHelene, closed on 3 August 2010 with global lock, explicitly not a ban. (Already globally locked before)
  • Ottava Rima, closed on 28 August 2013 with no ban.
  • DanielTom, withdrawn on 2 February 2014 while oppose comments exceeded support.
  • Reguyla, closed on 20 April 2016 as invalid. (Later WMF banned)
  • Rolodata, closed on 14 September 2016 as invalid. (Later globally locked)
  • Eeeeeewtw, closed on 3 July 2017 as invalid. (Later globally locked)
  • XPanettaa, closed on 4 July 2017 as no consensus.
  • PokestarFan, closed on 21 August 2017 as invalid.
  • INeverCry, closed on 26 October 2017 as no consensus. (Later community banned and WMF banned)
  • 2018년, closed on 27 February 2018 as invalid.
  • IPhonehurricane95, closed on 7 April 2018 as invalid. (Later globally locked)
  • WhenDatHotlineBling, closed on 18 August 2018 as invalid. (Already globally locked before; banned by the Wikimedia Foundation on March 2019)
  • Dschungelfan, closed on 25 November 2018 as invalid.
  • Lojbanist, closed on 24 December 2018 as invalid. (Later globally locked)
  • Hasive, closed on 28 March 2019 as no consensus. (Later WMF banned)
  • Meister und Margarita, closed on 1 August 2019 as no consensus.
  • LocoWiki, closed on 9 June 2020 as invalid. (Later globally locked)
  • Eric abiog, closed on 21 September 2020 as no consensus.
  • Sidowpknbkhihj, withdrawn on 22 September 2020 before consensus on global ban was formed. (Already globally locked before)
  • Marrovi (now globally locked):
  1. 1st request, closed on 2 March 2017 as no consensus.
  2. 2nd request, closed on 23 August 2020 as invalid.
  • Niveles, closed on 22 June 2022 as no consensus.
  • MegaMack02, closed on 9 August 2022 as invalid. (Later globally locked)
  • BFDIFan707 and Heraldrist (both are later globally locked)
    1. 1st request, closed on 15 September 2022 as invalid.
    2. 2nd request, closed on 29 September 2022 as invalid.
  • Александр Мотин, closed on 1 October 2022 as invalid. (Later community banned)
  • Trieu Thuan Son, closed on 9 November 2022 as withdrawn. (Later globally locked)
  • PlanespotterA320, closed on 1 December 2022 as speedily close. (Later community banned and WMF banned)
  • Livioandronico2013, closed on 5 April 2023 as no consensus. (Already globally locked before)
  • Бучач-Львів closed on 26 October 2023 as no consensus.
  • Slowking4 closed on 21 April 2024 as not sufficient consensus for a ban.
    1. Previous request, closed on 15 October 2020 as no consensus.