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Ndị Otu Let's Connect

Working Group is a joint community-Foundation team that is coordinating Let’s Connect during this second phase. This team was selected based on an expression of interest on behalf of different community members and an internal selection process based on regional representation and skills set. Each working group member has specific tasks and we meet every 15 days to coordinate our work. Reach out to us if you want to know more about this innovative operational model!


Current Let's Connect Working Group Members

I am an emerging digital engagement strategist and enthusiast whose core skills are in business development, social media strategy, management, content creation and curation. I am also a Wikipedian in Ghana, leading efforts in improving Ghanaian articles on Wikipedia.
UTC +0
Learning and Evaluation Program Officer. Passionate about social movements and empowering people to determine their own change. I am mix of many cultures and grew up moving around the world, so can’t stay in any place for a long time and I always have a rucksack on my back!
UTC +1
2nd Central Bikol Wiktionary Birthday 2023 14
I am a Wikimedian from the Philippines. I am a Network Organizer of the Art+Feminism and I love cats.
Rocío Aravena
I am a History Teacher. Since 2019 I collaborate with the Wikimedia movement, first as Head of Education and Digital Literacy at Wikimedia Chile and now as a research assistant. Currently I am studying a PhD in Education and Society at the University of Barcelona. Always happy to help in whatever you need!
Gorana Gomirac WMRS
I am GLAM Manager at Wikimedia Serbia, #1Lib1RefCEE Coordinator and enthusiastic about culture and free knowledge.
Dr Lucy Hinnie
I’m a Wikimedian based in the UK, originally from Scotland though I have also lived in Canada. When I’m not on Wiki, I write about medieval Scottish literature and podcast about zombies. Cat person, through and through.
Code of Conduct explained by Chinmayee Mishra IMG 5392
Indian Wikimedian, technocrat by profession and a thinker by choice. Experienced working in community facing roles in the Wikimedia Movement. Bibiliophile, music and animal lover. Always happy to help.
South American, Lusophone, and Feminist Wikimedian. WikiMulheres+ and Wiki Movimento Brasil voluntary member.
UTC -3
A Nigerian Wikimedian, Community Coordinator Code for Africa’s Wikipedian in Residence Community, Special Advisor Wikipedia & Education User Group, Founder Kwara State Wikimedia fan club, and Communication Expert (EduWiki Collaborators 2.0). When I am not on Wiki, I am acting in my capacity as an infoprenuer, indexer, and Librarian. …Give me some pounded Yam and Egusi Soup.
I am a young farmer. I recently became a co-grower on a small farm in East Oakland, California. I started growing watermelon, pumpkins, tomatoes and so much more :) Being outside helps me re-ground with Pachamama.
GMT -7
Wikipedia’s wordsmith by day, knowledge-sharing sensi by any hour! As Director of the Wikimedians of UAE User Group, I ignite the passion for spreading knowledge in others. Let’s connect and share knowledge together ;)!
GMT +4

Former Let's Connect Working Group Members (Pilot phase)

We want to thank you for being part of this journey and Let's Connect is always your home!

Winnie Kabintie, Journalist, Gender Advocate, Wikipedia Editor
I’m a Journalist & Communications Specialist passionate about empowering youth in Media and Information Literacy.Also a committed Wikipedian and Co-Founder of the Planning Wikimedia Community UserGroup Kenya. “What you don’t know cant help you”
Florencia Guastavino Wikimedia Argentina
Florencia Guastavino (WMAR)
Project Assistant at the Education and Human Rights Program of Wikimedia Argentina. I am a teacher and I believe in learning spaces as spaces that enhance the best of each one. Always ready to support you in what you need!
Pavan during MOC 2017 Edit a thon (cropped)
Community manager, Indian language digital activist and Wikimedian. I am involved in various projects where communities, languages, and digital space intersects. Passionate about improving state of Indian languages in digital world.
Let's connect 11
Anielka Oviedo
Let's Connect team member
A Co-founder of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania, campaigns & events organizer, trainer & mentor, Product Ambassador for Swahili Community, and one of the Swahili Wikipedia administrators. Hapa kwaajili yako, Hakuna Matata!
A dedicated and energetic prorgam oriented professional! Always ready to support and collaboarte with diverse communities to reach their highest potential!
UTC +1
Founding member - Wikimedia Community Usergroup Uganda. Passionate about association football. Truth is strong enough to overcome all human sophistries.
Maciej Nadzikiewicz, 2019 (cropped)
Polish Wikimedian, experienced event manager and process architect. Currently serving on a Board of Wikimedia Europe and advising Wikimedia Poland. I am an enthusiast of volunteer-led movements and wrote my thesis about Wikipedia!.
UTC+1 (CEST in summer & CET in winter)
Let's connect 14
A Singaporean Wikimedian currently enjoying life in London.
Scann - Humans of the Commons at the Creative Commons Global Summit 2018 (40764882374)
Wikimedistas de Uruguay Program Lead. I like building bridges between communities, languages, and knowledges.

Phase 1 Let's Connect Advisory Group

The advisory group are community members that also participated in the brainstorming phase and supported the program in the initial pilot phase by offering regular guidance and feedback, and promoting Let's Connect in their communities and networks.