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Cassandra Casares
Project Coordinator, Community Development

About me

I am a native Oakland California baby and a 3rd generation Chicana and daughter of migrant farm workers. In my family, receiving an education was a privilege but also my parents dream for my siblings and I. I started at Wikimedia Foundation Inc. in 2018 as a front office work study student for the University of San Francisco where I learned valuable skills in Administration and front office work. My major was in in Environmental Studies which has shaped me to understand on how politics, economics, social interactions, health an the environment play a part in how people have access to knowledge and freedom.

In my personal time, I am a part time artist. I paint on canvas using acrylic paints. I am constantly inspired by women and mother Earth. I paint bright colored landscapes, flowers and positive body images of women.

When it is safe to travel again, I would love to pick up and visit more places around the world. Food makes me happy, so I hope to travel to try new foods and learn how to make them as well to share with my family.

My work

"Free software foremost emphasizes the right to learn and access knowledge, while open source tends to flag practical benefits" E. Gabriella Coleman. Now as the Project Coordinator for the Community Development team, I strive to create and support accessible knowledge transfer for all emerging and developed communities for the movement. To have access to a platform like the Wikimedia movement, means we can work towards the dream of creating a world in which everyone has the freedom to contribute and access knowledge in which best suits their needs and desires for themselves and their community.

I have helped finish projects for the Community Development team such as the Leadership Framework project that started in February 2020. This project helped our team and the foundation focus on how individuals and communities in the movement start, grow and perfect their Wikimedia digital literacy skills. With this framework, we can better understand where pockets of needed information for elevated and emerging communities to contribute more to the movement.

In fall of 2020 I assisted the facilitation team who lead the Universal Code of Conduct committee to submit and draft the first UCoC for the Wikimedia Movement. I am also a volunteer member for the Wikimedia Sustainability Consortium where I have help contribute and present information around Earth Day and research how to spread awareness about Climate Change at the Foundation.

Currently, the Community Development team has launched the WikiLearn Online Learning pilot where I give project support for Outreach and the courses.

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