Гранти:Конференційні гранти/Комітет

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Комітет підтримки конференцій
Conference and Event Fund grants are reviewed by a volunteer committee.


Would you like to join the committee? Right now we are looking for 3 new Conference Fund Committee members to be part of the team! If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in becoming a Conference Fund committee member, please fill out this Google Form survey application by June 3rd 2024.

Please review the guidelines for engagement on the committee orientation page before applying.


The committee always has at least 5 members. Each member each serves until they become inactive or request to leave the committee. The current committee is:

  1. Mervat
  2. Kevin
  3. Discott

Questions about joining the committee? Contact conferencegrants wikimedia org

Membership criteria


  • Reasonable facility with English, for reviewing and discussing grant proposals.
  • Experience with the Wikimedia movement, having planned or attended at least one Wikimedia conference event.
  • Experience with Wikimedia programs.
  • Understanding of diversity, including cultural, linguistic, and gender differences.
  • Commitment to the Friendly Space Expectations, and to engaging in supportive dialogue with applicants and grantees.
  • Consistent record of constructive engagement in community discussions, and an orientation toward collaborative problem solving.

Desirable (but not required):

  • Experience in a leadership role with a volunteer-focused organization.
  • Experience planning events or conferences, or significant experience reviewing other types of grant proposals.
  • Relevant skills for planning successful events, including community consultation, funds management, project management, legal or accounting experience, conference program development experience.

Other criteria notes:

  • Members may apply for a Conference Grant themselves, but they will recuse themselves from reviewing proposals until their own proposal has been reviewed to completion.
  • Members may serve concurrently on this committee in addition to the Simple APG Committee and the Project Grants Committee. They may not serve on both the Funds Dissemination Committee and the Conference Grants Committee.
  • Current staff of chapters or the Wikimedia Foundation can participate on this committee in a volunteer capacity.