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EduWiki Week!
21st Feb 2022 - 25th Feb 2022

EduWiki Week is a virtual celebration of Free Knowledge in education. It aims to showcase the value of the Wikimedia projects in education, and the amazing work of our EduWiki community and allied organisations.

Session Recordings


We organized 7 live interviews during the week focused on different topics related to global education. This was to show how our work aligns with the global education projects and goals.

Recording of the live sessions and interviews:

Community Showcase and Connection Session



Asynchronous Celebrations


During asynchronous celebrations, affiliates can use this opportunity to organize local events for their community members, teachers, and other stakeholders in the education sector. Share stories of their work on different social media platforms and share resources with others. You can organize interviews, edit-a-thons, virtual carnivals focused on the theme of education.

How to participate in asynchronous celebrations?

  • Add your event/campaign to this page here with a description of the event.
  • Use the hashtag #EduWikiWeek2022 on social media posts.

To participate, add your event/campaign below with a description of the event. Use the hashtag #EduWikiWeek2022 on social media posts



Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Education Meeting on 24th February at 15:00 UTC.

  • EduWiki Series




The purpose of this campaign is to introduce Wikipedia to various educational institutions of Armenia: 3 high schools, 1 college, and 2 universities. School and university students and teachers are an important part of our wiki community, thus, we will celebrate EduWiki Week by engaging more young people, teachers, and lecturers in the development of the "Education through Wikipedia" concept.

This event is intended for all Wikipedia editors on Serbian Wikipedia. The goal is to write as many new articles as possible about education, institutions and individuals and related subjects that are important for Serbia.

  • Wikimedia Estonia - Collection of Good Practices in Wikipedia Education – A series of interviews

To celebrate EduWiki week we want to present a collection of good practices in using Wikipedia article writing in the Estonian Universities. We have already started interviewing the lecturers who will share their experience and give good tips to their colleagues on how to easily switch Wikipedia article writing into their subjects at the university. They will also talk about their relationship with Wikipedia and other Wikipedia related educational projects. The interviews will be in Estonian but we will publish a short summary in English on EduWiki Week to highlight the best practices. The series of interviews is also meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary year of Estonian Wikipedia.

Tartu Wikiclub started in November 2021 in a small private group. It brought together people from very different backgrounds who were interested in the Wikipedia world. By today they have already written some articles on their own, uploaded hundreds of images to Wikimedia Commons, and updated Wikiquotes. In addition, there have been some fun learn-Wikipedia-sessions and interesting common discussions on Wikipedia topics.

Now it is time for Wikiclub to become public. We plan to announce the public Wikiclub meetings and invite everyone to join us. The launch week is EduWiki Week 2022.

For the past three years, Wikimedia Ukraine's biggest educational project has been the annual article contest for teachers, "Wikipedia for School" devoted to topics in Ukrainian secondary education curricula. The 2021-2022 edition of the competition runs from December 1st to February 28th. More than 250 educators subscribed to the contest news, 70 teachers participated in three webinars dedicated to the contest, and half of them went on to sign up on Wikipedia. To celebrate EduWiki week, we decided to hold one last event on 21th February at 16:00 UTC before the end of the contest. We will look through frequently asked questions and help solve difficulties with joining the contest. Because helping teachers = helping Ukrainian Wikipedia!

Projects based on herstory in high school and private experience of Polish teacher&wikipedian with writing herstories on Wikipedia - is it well worth the effort? Our outcomes will be:

  • An ensemble of inspirations for school projects
  • How to make your social media more herstorian
  • How to promote free knowledge outside of Wikipedia

When? on Wednesday 23rd February, 13:20 UTC More about speaker, Maria Weronika Kmoch, you can read in May 2021 Newsletter: [1]

North America

South America

  • Wikimedia Argentina. "Carnavaleando", campaign of open educational resources about the carnival.

The purpose of this campaign is to invite the educational community to share open educational resources on our website “Open resources for teaching”[2]. We will start the campaign by sharing “Carnavaleando”, designed by the WMAR Education and Human Rights Program. This material has didactic activities designed from images of Wikimedia Commons, to work on the carnival in Argentina. Starting from this resource, we will propose to the country's educational community to share other educational materials on the subject. Shared materials will be uploaded to the web.

What is in it for supporters?

  • Access to event tools
  • Highlight/promote their activities /high level visibility
  • Grow relationships with community and partners
  • FUN!

General information


The important dates are:

  • Registration opens:
    • February 08, 2022
  • Result of Community Showcase Session proposals:
    • February 11, 2022
  • Registration closes:
    • February 17, 2022
  • Community Showcase and Connection Session:
    • February 23, 2022, 13:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC,

Stay for the whole event or stop by for a few minutes, you’re all invited to join!

Live Interviews


We plan to organize 5 live interviews during the week focused on different topics related to global education. We aim to show how our work aligns with the global education goals.

Stay tuned for the agenda!

Community Showcase and Connection

Join us on 23rd February from 13:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC

A 4 hours long synchronous event will be organized for our community members to showcase their work. This includes 9 lightning talks for 20 minutes each and an hour-long mingling session. Presenters can use this opportunity to showcase their work, introduce new tools and gadgets to the education community, have resource walkthroughs, and others. It can be live or pre-recorded sessions.

How to participate in Community Showcase and Connection?

  • Submit your proposals before the 4th February on Meta-Wiki
  • To attend this event, registration will be open from 7th February until 17th February.
  • You can watch it Live on Facebook and YouTube.