EduWiki Week 2022/Submissions/Erasmus+ and minority language Wikipedias

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Erasmus+ and minority language Wikipedias

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Starting in 2022, Basque Wikimedians User Group and Wikimedia Community Ireland have partnered with Learning Hub Friesland, Afûk, and a number of schools and local partners in a 3 year EU Erasmus+ programme that will see students from the Basque Country, Friesland, and Ireland learn to edit and contribute to their language Wikipedias. By training educators and students, the students will create and improve articles relating to notable women in Basque, Frisian, and Irish.

  • Outcome of the session:
  1. Learn about this novel project aiming to work on gender gap content on minority language Wikipedias
  2. Seeking input and feedback from fellow Wikimedians
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