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Maria Weronika Kmoch

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Maria Weronika Kmoch

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Independent High School named after Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijay Sinhji in Warsaw / a member of Wikimedia Poland, wikipedian

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HerStory Empowerment from Wikipedia

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Wednesday, 23rd February, 13:20 UTC

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Projects based on herstory in high school and my private experience with writing herstories on Wikipedia - is it well worth the effort? Two years after I started working in my school, I took a risk: with my second-graders we corrected Wikipedia articles about the school and other schools in our complex. I did not remember the mechanisms, because some time passed since I set up my account, so... we wrote in MS Word. Still, the best was yet to come. In the spring of 2020, I thought it would be good to use Wikipedia in education but from a different perspective, not as a source of texts or pictures. We became involved in the "(Un)known women of Wikipedia" - a project that is organised every March (because of Women's Day) and lasts all month. About 75 of my second-graders wrote biographies of selected women during online lessons. I repeated the project in 2021. In the spring, about 70 second-grade students wrote their articles on lessons an in autumn 15 third-graders took part in herstory-based project. They were not only writing herstories on Wikipedia, but also took lectures, met with an activist and feminist, visited to the museums. Some of us, including me, felt real empowerment based on inspiring herstories. I started writing herstory-based articles on Wikipedia as a member of the Women's Wikiproject. In September 2021 I started HerstoricSundays series on my Instagram account. Every week, I publish a story about a woman who fascinated me, whose Wikipedia biographies I wrote or expanded. Writing herstories on Wikipedia and sharing them with the world, either from the position of a teacher coordinating school projects or a private person, gives me an enormous boost, inspires, helps me in my daily struggles. If women I write about succeeded, often in much less favourable historical conditions, I can succeed too! And you can succeed too!

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1. An ensemble of inspirations for school projects 2. How to make your social media more herstorian 3. How to promote free knowledge outside of Wikipedia

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