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Big Fat Brussels Meeting V

Wikimedians meet policy people


Wikimedia's 2018 policy meeting will take place on 28&29 April in Brussels. This year we will focus thematically on wrapping up the EU copyright reform and on preparing the "public sector information" reform. Wikimedians will meet a variety of policy people working in Brussels at and with the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission to learn first hand how policy is made. We will also draft at least one binding follow-up action in each participating country which the policy team in Brussels will help make happen.

Practical Information

The venue.



28 and 29 April 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)



The Fox&WEASEL - Mozilla & Wikimedia working space in Brussels
Rue du Trône 51 Troonstraat

Public transport

  • Busses: 22, 27, 34, 38, 64, 71, 80, 95
  • The metro station is "Trône/Troon"

Travel Assistance


If your chapter, user-group or organisation doesn't provide travel funding, or if you are an individual, the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU has travel budget to help you out. Please contact






Previous meetings were work...
...and fun.

On Day 0 we will meet in the evening with the earlycomers for dinner and a drink.
On Day 1 we will gain on overview of the the ongoing legislative initiatives and then spend most of the day talking to policy makers and staffers about how "Brussels works".
On Day 2 We will share the most interesting national policy actions of the past 12 months and plan activities for each participating country for the coming year.

The key desired outputs is:

  • Every participant should come up and plan at least one concrete action that will be executed in her/his country of origin with the help of the Brussels policy team.



Day 0 - Friday - 27 April

Welcome drinks @ 19:30 @ London Calling (Place de Londres/Londonplain)
(not paid for by organiser)

Day 1 - Saturday - 28 April

Meeting policy people
9:30 Walk in, coffee
10:00 Introductions, agenda
10:30 Copyright Reform Briefing
12:00 Lunch (paid for by organiser)
13:30 Meetings with policy people
16:30 Wrap-up and intro for Sunday

Day 2 - Sunday - 29 April

Consider getting a good breakfast. Snacks (sandwiches/wraps/salad) will be provided, but we won't have a proper lunch break.

Planning national and local actions
10:30 Walk in, coffee
11:00 Sharing national/local public policy activities
12:00 Dealmakers & dealbreakers of a copyright campaign
12:30 Group work - plan public policy actions in your region
14:30 Presentation of plans
15:00 Wrap-up/end

Participant Preparation


Confirm you presence


Please sign here if you'll attend the meeting:

Confirmed by mail:

  • Justus

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