Community Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikidata/Improvements to the reliability of Wikidata

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  • Problem: Wikidata is often considered unreliable as a data source due to vandalism and a lack of adequate sourcing. In spite of these issues, Wikidata is still used in infoboxes across Wikipedias, even though it can be difficult for Wikipedia editors to edit Wikidata; and on many wikis references are omitted entirely from Wikidata infoboxes, making it more complicated to check the veracity of data.
  • Who would benefit: Wikidata; Wikipedia articles (infoboxes, descriptions, external database links, etc.) and other users of Wikidata data
  • Proposed solution: In order to verify existing data, it would be helpful to make sure that references used in Wikidata are shown when statements are used in Wikipedia infoboxes and the like,[note 1] and it could also be helpful to allow editors of both Wikipedia and Wikidata to add maintenance tags with a script (e.g. "[this statement] might not be true" or "needs a source"), replicating the utility of Wikipedia's venerable [citation needed]-style tags. Particularly for data which can't be verified easily using secondary sources or constraint violations, like geographic coordinates, it would also be beneficial to have tools to easily find errors (e.g. wrong coordinates) or oddities (e.g. weird precision) in the data.


  1. This would probably involve editing the Wikidata-related Lua modules for each wiki, or by creating a new module to incorporate all their features and localizing it across all wikis (there are currently multiple disparate modules in use, even on individual wikis).
  • More comments: Originally page protection enhancements were part of this proposal. These are now part of a separate proposal.
  • Phabricator tickets:
    • phab:T209242 – For Lua modules across Wikipedias, allow display of sources from Wikidata and filtering of unreferenced statements across all Wikidata infoboxes (11 November 2018)
    • phab:T209237 – Gadget for Wikidata and Wikipedia users to add maintenance tags to Wikidata items (11 November 2018)
    • phab:T209241 – Creation of software to auto-detect errors or oddities in internal or unreferenceable Wikidata statements, e.g. images, geographic coordinates (11 November 2018)
    • Related: phab:T148928 – Wikidata integration for proveit gadget (23 October 2016)
  • Proposer: Jc86035 (talk) 20:24, 29 October 2018 (UTC)


Many of the comments discuss page protection because it was originally part of the proposal before being split into Partial and multi-item protection for Wikidata items. Jc86035 (talk) 16:28, 16 November 2018 (UTC)
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